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And welcome to a brand new MWZ article. Someone by the name of Durham Chief UK suggested another assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2. The Tempest Razer B Now that we've gone over four Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles, the M13 B. M13 C, and M16, and the M4 out of the ones we've tested, the M3B is definitely in the number one spot, but let's see if the Razer back can take its place.

If any of you guys have suggestions for other weapons I should check out, then be sure to drop a comment below. We tested this thing out a bit in the Tier 3 Zone before bringing it over to the Tier 5 Zone, which is the Elder Dark Eternity. Also, by doing all of these articles, I've actually collected two dog bone schematics and two golden plate schematics, so if any of you guys still need those, I'll select two winners.

Drop a comment below, and if you're lucky. I'll pick you up, bring you in for a game, drop the schematic, and you can enjoy I've got a really good build for the Razer back, but before I show you all the build. I quickly want to take a moment to thank u4gm for sponsoring this article. U4gm is a professional Call of Duty service, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics, including the new classified schematics.

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They'll even help you unlock the mastery camos if you guys are interested in this. The build I'm running for the Razer back is as follows: we've got the FT22. Rare grip for improved ads. Sprint to fire speed. The ltxc. Eclipse comb for improved ads and Sprint to fire speed as well for our barrel; we're using the 18-inch TAC 2L for some improved hipfire accuracy, bullet velocity range, and movement speed; we took the FSS olav laser for increased ads and Sprint to fire speed; and last but not least, we're using the 60-round mag.

All right, boys, we're here in the Tier 3 Zone. We got the Razer back to Pack 3. And as you can see just from shooting at zombies, man, we are frying. Right now, we have this Mega on us, which is perfect. Let's go and light that guy up. One head is already up and destroyed. Beautiful, let's get that critical spot showing; hopefully we can hit a few shots.


No, all right. Let's get some distance from the guy. Hopefully, he will use some more laser attacks here soon. Let's keep lighting him up. We've got a mimic coming in as well. a bit further, and behind me, just look at how quickly we rip through this. My mimic has no chance, man. I just turned the disciple—not the best angle, but I know it'll do.

It'll do there. We go and hit the shots that need hitting. Let's come back here and shoot some of these zombies. A nice, critical spot is glowing, man. Yeah, we are not having any issues at all with Mega. I'm loving this thing. I have another mimic right there. See if we can hit him with some more of those critical shots.

Come on, there we go. Nice he got a damn Mangler on his too. Now, all right, let's avoid that charge attack there. Go, let's light that up there. The mangler got the disciple, and the mega is pretty much almost dead, just like one more laser attack, and we'll get him. We might not even need that attack; we just need his face to glow.

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One More. Time come on, let's get some distance here, get the reload, so you're definitely super mobile with this thing, reload speed is on, point, no issues there all right, let's just back up a bit more, laser attack coming in hot, and there we go, we killed the Mega. To be honest, let's go ahead and throw that and get the reload.

A few more shots on the mimic, and even if you've got groups of zombies, man, if you've got Deadshot, you can just keep spamming your aim button, and you'll be Gucci man, just frying the zombies here, all right. Let's see what the mega dropped for us, and then we can actually go do a bounty contract.

I think after we do this bounty contract, we'll go ahead and head over to the dark ether. I actually found these two schematics here. If we find the blade schematics during this article, then I want you guys to drop a comment below if you're still looking for those schematics, and I'll pick a lucky winner and go ahead and invite you to the game and drop those things for you.

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And yeah, save you from going in there; we'll see what Target gets as a disciple. Okay, where's he going to be back there? All right, we have two leads right here. I just don't want to spend too much time in the Tier 3 Zone. We already see how much work we can do against the normal bosses; let's see how well it does against the HVTs.

And man disciples are probably the most annoying target you can fight because you get their health almost one HP, they start sucking you off, their health goes back up, it's a mess, man there we go see the disciple, got to get his attention, that's unfortunate, those were like some free critical hits on him right there, let's get a bit closer, that's why I wasn't hitting them there we go, broke his armor now though, let's get that reload, get a bit of distance by these zombies coming in.

Nice and easy. Let's back up a bit and shoot his arm. Beautiful, okay; definitely doing some work on that guy. We will actually have to go pick up some ammo here in a second. Sure, some of the zombies right here had something for me. Right there we go. Beautiful, all right there, Blade, man. I swear, disciples are so annoying.

mw3 zombies classified schematics

Keep hitting those critical shots. There we go, using our blade. Again, let's get a bit closer. Keep hitting those critical shots. There we go. He's about halfway; there's not that much more to go, so our blade is again beautiful. He's going to use his suck-off ability. There we go. Get those critical shots, beautiful man.

We're doing so much damage to this thing. The fire rate is really high. The output's on point. We're loving this thing, man, and he's literally like one HP. There we go. Nice contract, complete. Yeah, we don't need any of that, so I'll go ahead and head over to the portal. And we arrived in the Elder Dark Eternity.

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Let's go ahead and get that Mega Bombination attention. Have a little fun here with these zombies. See how well this thing performs under a lot of pressure. So we are absolutely ripping through that Mega Man. This razor back is definitely going in my top three weapons. 100%, it's not overpowered like your tiar or, you know, maybe the crossbow or the Lockwood would be, but it's so fun to use, man, and I honestly don't like using the most overpowered weapons just because it kind of gets rid of the fun of it.

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