News - This Makes The Vr-11 Overpowered Warzone 2 Zombies (duplication Glitch Mwz)

easy blueprints mw3 zombies

The Wonder WF was the best out of those three; the ray gun was pretty bad, and the scorcher was pretty good as well, but I have heard that the VR1 11 is absolutely insane when you do this glitch with it, so what we're going to be doing today is we're going to be going straight in. I do have a VR11 case with a legendary a for tool in my Tombstone, so we're going to be going ahead and using the Wonderf and the VR11.

We're going to be supercharging them by adding on the legendary AA TOS with the Juggernaut glitch, and we're pretty much just going to go in the Tier 3 Zone and wreak havoc. This is going to make the Tier 3 Zone feel like Tier 1. With both of these Wonder Weapons, the Wonder WF is going to work as really good crowd control, and then with the VR11.

It's just absolutely insane. When you do this method with it, you guys are going to see that it pretty much takes out Mega Abominations. With, I think, two or three hits, you guys can also take these weapons into the dark epha, and they're really op in there as well. As you guys know, I can't currently go into the dark epoch because of my tombstone.

easy schematics mw3 zombies

I do have all the schematics in my Tombstone, and I can't risk losing them, so when we do finish the holiday period and we get into the New Year's. I will be getting rid of all of those schematics, so that's when you guys will see a lot more dark EA, articles, guides, and stuff like that, so without further ado, we're just going to be going straight in game.

I do have the rayon plans here, so I will be dropping them for someone, but when you guys are doing this method, you don't need to bring in much; you just need to bring in the wonder weapon that you want to do it with and then obviously a legendary. AP tool: if you guys are wanting to do this with two separate Wonder Weapons, then you're going to have to bring in two separate apol, and obviously you'll need a jugal as well, so you're going to have to go ahead and get that 10, 000.

Essence, but if you guys have a tombstone that's pretty stacked, then you guys will be able to go in and pretty much just do this straight off the bat, so without further ado, let's just head straight into the game and I'll show you guys how powerful it is. These Wonder Weapons are when you guys actually go ahead and add these legendary tools to them because they're crazy, and it's essentially making the gun a pack-a-punch, level four, which is just crazy in my opinion.

easy schematics mwz

Without further ado, let's just head straight into the game. As you guys can see, we are in a new game. I had to bring in the scorcher case for this game simply because the game that we did load into with the Wonder Waffle Case was lagging really badly, was getting a really bad latency drop, and was lagging all over the place.

It was pretty much unplayable. So I just had to go ahead and fill, but I did actually pop the case before we filled it, so now we don't have a wonder waffle. I'm getting really frustrated with this game, guys. It's stopping the creative flow that I have, for example. If I didn't have this Tombstone on the map right now and I only had one vr11 and one Wonder Off case, I no longer would be able to make this article, and that should never be the case.


They need to sort out this game; they need to sort out all of these issues. I made a whole article about it the day before, and I just really want them to fix it because this is getting really bad now. Okay, so we're finally here, thanks to the scorcher, who got us here quite quickly. We will just take these items real quick; we'll equip them, and then we do have a few schematics here; we will have to hand them out and come back and break the rest of them when we do get our large backpack.

So for now, we're just going to head straight into Tier 3. We're going to go to the buy station, and we're going to stack ourselves up with the things that we need, for example, a free plate there, the large backpack, and we also need to get a few Juggernauts and a few self-revivals just so we're safe.

From there, we'll go ahead and do the method with the gun, and then I'll be able to show you guys how good it actually is, so there is a guy. Here, he's got free plates; he's got everything that I need; amazing; he's even got juggernauts; that's perfect; you can't go wrong with it. Can I equip one of these there?

godmode glitch mwz

Okay, so what else is here? Free plates and large backpacks? I'm sure I saw a just-kill streak. I don't have to buy one. Let's just spend the money. We have loads of money. Anyway, let's get a few self-revivals just in case we also lose our blade. For some reason, I did xfill using the story xfill, so I'm not sure why my blad's gone.

That is something to think about and look into. Okay, so we have our self-revivals, we have our jugal, and we're just going to come right over here as this is a safe zone in Tier 3. If you guys didn't know, then now you do know that this is a safe area. The zombies won't come up here; they will throw meat, but you should be okay, so in order to do this, it's actually really easy.

Now, the weapon that you're going to be doing first is going to be the weapon that's in the secondary slot. It's always going to work on the weapon that's in the secondary slot, so for example, if I only wanted to do it on the vr11. I have to make sure that the vr11 is in the secondary slot where the scorcher is; otherwise, it's not going to work.

mw3 zombies

It's really simple to do, so we're going to be doing the scorcher first, so what you guys want to do is just call in your dragonaut kill streak, like. Now, while that's coming in, you do want to throw down both of your weapons like so, and then you just want to wait until this comes in and then pick it up, and then that will pretty much be stage one of this complete.

mw3 zombies easy schematics

We're going to go ahead and grab this. Essentially, all you guys are going to want to do is wait until the time for this runs out, and then when this runs out, you guys will see that whatever gun you had in your secondary slot so for us it was the scorcher. That gun be duplicated, and it will be in your hands and then it will now be in the first slot and not the second slot of your backpack so when this runs out I'll show you guys exactly what I mean so as you guys can see it did actually work on the vr11 for some reason instead of the scorcher normally it works on the secondary gun but it seems like it worked on the first gun this time so we're going to go ahead and as you guys can see it's actually got no Rarity, so we're going to go ahead and put that legendary AA tool on it and that's essentially how you're going to be able to supercharge, the weapon so now we're going to pick up the scorcher so to be totally honest with you guys I don't think I'm going to be doing this method with the scorcher.

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