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Back with another article. In today's article, I'm going to explain to you guys, in my opinion, the easiest way to unlock Borealis Camo, especially if you're solo, and I'll be unlocking it live in this article. So with that being said, let's get straight into the article. So the easiest way I found to unlock the golden Enigma camo and the Ziron scale camo is if you want to do either of two methods.

You can either do the Outlast contract or you can do the Sport Control contract. So I'm going to show you first the Outlast method, so head here and grab this contract. These first two CL are pretty straightforward; you just have to follow what they tell you to do. Each gun for the golden enigma has a different challenge, but they're very straightforward, and the ziron scale just involves getting 350 kills with a pack-a-punch weapon.

I believe that's pretty straightforward as well, which both of you can do using these contracts. All right, so you want to grab the contract. Head towards it, and I'll catch you when we get there, all right? So once you arrive at the contract, you just want to start this up. Activate the PND, and then all you have to do is wait till it gets to about 50%.

And then we're going to head outside and look for the spawn point. All right now that it's at 50, we're going to head outside and we're going to look for where they're spawning, so it can be anywhere around the area. You just have to have a look around, and you'll see the kind of general direction they're running in.

And you just got to find that, so in this particular location it's normally either here or at the back, so try and find it, all right, so once you found the spawn point where they're coming from, you can just sit here and kill them all and do all the challenges you need to do for the golden Enigma or the Z zeron scal, and once you got the camos for the two weapons that you bring in, you can just fill and bring in the next two weapons.

As long as you don't finish the contract, the zombies will continue to spawn, and you can just farm the camos. I also like to run frenzy, because what it will do is attract all the zombies to you by refilling your plates. Which is really good because some of the camo challenges require you to get 10 kills in 5 seconds and stuff like that, so it can really just group them up plus decoys in case you need to group up a large group and take out more than one at a time, which is good for a headshot.

You just keep doing this rinse and repeat until you've got all your Caro challenges done, and then once you've done your Camo challenges, you can just open the map and cancel the contract. The next method I'll show you is the SPO control contract. If you can't find an Outlast or whatever's closer, you can do this one as well.

Obviously, you pick it up, head to the SP, and we're going to grab the little devices. We need six of them, and then what we're going to do is we're going to throw them on the spores, and we're not going to destroy them. In my personal opinion. Outlast is better because what can happen sometimes is that people will come along and they'll shoot the spores for you, which can slow down the zombie spawn rate, so we're just going to grab six, and then we're just going to run around and throw them on each one, but we're not going to take out the actual spores; we're just going to leave them there so the zombies can keep them.

More, all right now, they're all in place from here. We want to find a safe spot where you won't accidentally shoot the eggs, and as you can see, there's a lot of zombies coming, and we could just farm our camos like that. Eggs, all right. So once you've got your camos done, if you're using this method, you can just open the map, cancel it, and xfill.

All right now, we're going to unlock Borealis in real time. I'm going to do it with you guys. I have one weapon left, this knife, and I'm going to show you what I've been doing the easiest way I found to do that so you can get 10 special zombie kills in order to unlock it on each of the 36 weapons, and the easiest way I found a door is you come to an xfill call it in cuz every time you call in an xfill, two the three manglers will spawn, so you can get it done pretty quick, and then XV straight away, so you don't have to pack and punch anything; you can just do it with a standard weapon.

It just takes a bit longer to kill him. All right, I can already hear one, so let's take it out. 10—that's one nine more, and we've got the camo, and if you haven't seen her already, that's the serpentine camo, which looks pretty cool. But Borealis looks so much better. If you end up sometimes, this will happen as well.

For example, if you end up trying to do this and you get someone else to join in with you and they're just not going to fulfill, then just let them focus on the zombies, and then you just want to look for the manglers. So just run around, you hear them, just line up for him, and try and take him out before the random guy can That's what I do to deal with this, because it'll happen more often than not.

You'll just get a random team trying to do the same thing, so that's what I do, but normally they're just trying to fill in. Sometimes you get someone just staying there, so just see how you go. So basically, we only have one special zombie, and once the chopper leaves, we can call it back in again.

We're just going to call it straight back in, look for that next special zombie, and try to get nine more all right, so I'm going to head straight to the manga. Take him out, let the others deal with the zombies, and try to find the next special zombie. Sometimes you get lucky with three to four spawns; sometimes you only get one, but it's still the quickest method.

There is another way: if you have a pack-a-punch 2 weapon, you can go into Tier 2 and do an Outlast contract, and if you keep going in to get it to 50%, then leave, and then go back into getting it above 50%, and then leave, you can get multiple special zombies to spawn, but I found it way too time-consuming to try and get a pack-a-punch 2 weapon every time.

That means if you guys have the ability to do that, you could use that method, but I found this just as quick. Call it back in again, and look for the third special zombie, The Mangler. All right, so I'm actually going to move XVs because someone else is doing the exact same thing, and it's going to be really hard to do it at the same time, so if that happens to you and you can't get The Mangler before they do it, then just change your character.

XV, I've done this with like 35 weapons now, and it hasn't happened, so just here you guys go. I'll catch you guys when I'm at the next Exel. All right, hopefully we have this one all to ourselves. Call the chopper and see how many special zombies we get. Take out all these zombies. I don't know if it's Wasbo, but I feel like sometimes if you kill the zombies, they spawn.

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