News - How To Farm Rare Items Easy Warzone 2 Zombies Solo. After Update

Here's another article, so if you don't know already, Call of Duty just released an update that improved the loot spawn when you complete contracts in the dark ether zone. Let's talk about what you want to take with you. You want to take in decoys, throw knives, and run an energy mine. Of course we're taking in the Snak shots because, in my opinion, they're the most powerful weapons right now.

Here's the class setup. If you don't already know it, the kimbo's down there now, and the rest of the stuff you're going to need, you're going to want to have at least an epic ether tool. Okay. I wouldn't go in there with anything less if you have a legendary, but even better, you want to make sure it's pack-a-punched to Tier 3 before you go in as well, so if you have any crystals, take them in to make it easier, and you also want to run the main perks at the bare minimum.

Juggernog, speed collar, and stamina up I also have a previous article where I show how to go in the dark ether zone with no classified items, so I'll link that right now if you guys don't have the armor plates or anything like that. If you want to get them to show that it is possible, you don't need to have gold armor plates, an EA blade, or a dog bone.

But if you have done that already and do have plates or anything else, I would recommend putting the plates on the dog bone and using the eer blade. In today's article, I only had the plates before you went into the rift. You're going to want to have at least three self-revivals and about six to eight Casmirs.

If you don't know where to find them, you can buy them from the T3 buy station for $5, 000. Without further ado, let's get straight into the article, all right? So once you get your signature and you get all your Casmir, you want to head to the rift, located here. All right, you want to make sure you come to the front side because it's just a normal sign, spend it, and then open your map.

Hold a triangle vote. Yes, and away we go, all right, so you just want to follow exactly what I do. You want to go over here now. You don't need the monkeys, but I found them when I was farming, so I'm going to bring them in. You could use decoys instead, and you have your casm as well, so just dodge all the zombies, and you're going to head to this building, turn around, and throw off the ladder.

Grab this, bounty. Just wait until the animation stops, jump, fly off, and follow my route. We're going to turn around and take out these dogs. Head to the zip line, and as soon as we get to the top, we will have our first rocket. I'm going to throw a monkey here through this tower and up another ladder.

Now I'll equip the Casmir, and we'll take that self if we can. Actually, we won't worry about it. You only want to loot if it's safe; otherwise, don't risk it. I put down a mine to diffuse this. Run up here now. What I like to do at the start is I like to sit here. They can't actually hit you, but they can throw meat, so you just want to make sure you don't take out the ones that are shooting at you, and I can't take that.

I already have one; if you need one, you take it all right, so straight up the stairs from here you can extract if you want. I would recommend it if you're solo, just because the escort contract is a bit crazy, so you just come straight up here and go through the rift, and that's it. You've got all your loot, but I'm going to try and do the escort, so let's see what happens.

Time up the ladder and through the portal, so as you can see from the article, the escort mission is no joke. I wouldn't even bother doing it. I really appreciate it, and as always, I'll catch you guys in the next

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