News - How To Open The New Dark Aether Rift Easy. Warzone 2 Zombies (new Easter Egg)

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Here's another article, so in today's article, I'm going to show you all the steps it takes to open the new dark ether so you can go inside and get those new schematics. If you watch my last article, you'll know that if you complete the Act 4 mission, at the end it drops the gold drum, but we have to get three other items that will drop purple in the dark ether, and then we have to turn them gold.

So in today's article, I'm going to walk you guys through how to do that without further ado. So you're going to want to head to the counter. Mission, and before you come in. I would recommend that you bring in that reception can, just because one of the missions you have to take out spores is like an infested stronghold, and if you don't have that, it makes it really hard to see.

I would also bring in a weapon like an AR or an SMG that allows you to get head shots, just because. There's one of the things we're going to be doing to get one of the items. You're going to have to get a series of head shots, so if you bring in something like a ray gun or some sort of wonder weapon or a launcher, you're not going to be able to get the head shots.

easter egg

So as long as you have those two things, it's pretty straightforward, so I'm going to head there, and I'll catch you when I get there. All right, we're here, so I just want to jump straight in, open them, and vote. Yes, and let's. Go, all right. so like I said there's three more items we have to get four all up so we can activate the dark and going in farm schematics, and the first one is the soony spawn in right on the ship all right so Synergy spawn in you look left you'll see this, ship you want to get to the top of it so you want to head down here priority is to find a way out of thissed place but there are terminous forces trapped nearby if we cannot P aside in these circumstances then we are little and you'll head to this truck all right so once you get here you want to jump on top of the building, and you want to wait until the truck lowers low enough that you can get in it like that you want jump on the, boat and if we head around to the.

how to

Back down here, you'll find our first mission, so we activate the seal. Now it's going to be an instant kill drop. What we want to do is grab the fact that when the zombies spawn, we want to melee them while they're in the ring. And it's going to feed the little tower, and it's going to drop our reward first, the first set of gear, the gloves, so that's done.

The next one is, up here, there's like a socker fielding; we're going to head that way. Sorry, it's not the soccer field; the soccer field's the next one all right, so once you're here on the map, you want to go ahead and activate the second. On the pillar here, it is all right, so you activate it, and then check the ring all right, so it's naal, so we have to look to see if those plates are there.

You can grab them for one of these, and we want to look for n, so there it is, and we're just going to start killing, killing all the zombies in the ring until it changes color from naal. Killing, keep killing, watching the ring still fire, so we're good. All right now, it's changed to frost, so we go on to look for the frost, cry, and freeze.


Grab that, put that on, and then we start killing him with it. Out, that's it. We grab our last item—boom, miror. Okay, now you have to escape, so we have to head back to the mission. It was somewhere here. Finish the mission. Exel I won't make you guys watch that because I've shown you how to do it in a previous article, so I'll catch you in the next bit all right.

So now that we have all our purple items, we have to turn them gold, so there's three locations on the map, one being the boxing gym here, the next one's at the firing range, and the other ones at the church that I believe is up here somewhere. I think it's here. We're going to go there anyway, so I'm going to pop the items I brought in with me, Quick, and I think I'll head straight to the boxing gym.

All right, I'll catch you guys when we get there. So we're coming up on the building now. It's this spot right here. You want to go into the middle bit where that boxing ring is, so head in here if you go through these doors. Middle Ah yeah, so you hit that one, hit this, hit that, and then you have to melee this, and then it should be gold.

new dark aether rift

There it is; that's the item, the gloves, all right. Go back to our vehicle all right, so the next one's the fire range, the closest one, so pretty sure it's there we're going to head there this one same thing you're going to like start the offering and then you're going to have to go shoot some targets so all right now we're at the firing range you want to come up to this target here off do the offering again and now all these targets are going to light up and you just have to go shoot them till they turn red.


Him, that's it only one; this was how you first saw us; all right now we have them more gold all right; so now that you have your four gold items, including the drum that you got from completing the Act 4 mission, going to head to this dark ether Rift on the map, so we're going to go there now and we're going to place them all around just like we did when we opened the first dark ether, so our boss is going to spawn the same thing, take him out, and just like that, you'll have access to the dark ether 2 if that's what you want to call it all right, so you want to head into the storm, you'll see the pylons just want to match them up.

There it is, just a mimic easy, boom all. Right, that's it. It's open, just like that. That's how you open the dark ether. Whatever it's called. I don't know what we're calling this thing. We got two, now we got that one, and we got this one, so now, just like before, you could use this signal to go in and complete the dark ether.

You won't get the schematics, though. You'll have to get an elder dark ether and come back and do that, but you will be able to loot them by doing the bounties. You just won't unlock the schematics, so you obviously have to go in and use this one. Get an elder sigil, come out, and then you can go back in and do that.

I'll make a article on that anyway, as well as the best method to farm all the items. I just wanted to show you guys how you can unlock it so you can go in, and that's that. I really appreciate it. As always, I'll catch you guys in the next

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