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This is how you can complete the red worm boss fight while keeping your Tombstone so you can duplicate items to use during the fight, not lose your maximum money Tombstone, and put new items you get from the red worm loot in your Tombstone. As you know, I don't like to waste time or clickbait while still giving you a full, detailed guide, so I like the article.

Subscribe if you aren't already, and let's get into this first. This guide is for anyone who already has a tombstone and wants to keep it while doing the fight. You can get everything you need for the fight because this glitch has no restrictions on it except time, so I highly recommend that you use a scorcher pack to level three to travel across the map extremely fast.

This step is absolutely required after you beat the worm because you need to get over to your set tombstone. Com They're 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use gray for 5% off. As soon as you beat the boss, you have very limited time, so everything you do from here is extremely important for you to keep your Tombstone.

duplication glitch

You are going to need to grab all of the loot very quickly and take anything that you want to put in your tombstone with you in your inventory. You also need to keep track of your durable gas mask's health, so you need to make sure you go over to an ammo box to refill it before you go over to the graveyard to get your set tombstone.

modern warfare 3 zombies

Now you're going to use your scorcher to get over to your Tombstone by holding down charge, and don't let go of it until it does three launches. This will give you the Superman flying effect you're then going to pull your parachute and then cut it immediately afterwards and charge your scorcher again to continue your momentum while flying you're going to hold it down for about 3 seconds each time and you will Traverse the map super fast when you get over to your Tombstone, again make sure that you refill your gas mask at a ammo crate before it breaks otherwise you're going to die now personally I don't need the schematic in my Tombstone so I decided to drop it and I'm simply going to take everything out of my Tombstone, cuz those are the items that I want at this point whatever you have in your inventory, after you crumble your Tombstone, is what will be in your next Tombstone, since we already have the tombstone perk equipped so you can hold old items from your Tombstone, or add the new loot you got from the worm into your inventory, and that's what you will have in your next Tombstone.

Now you're going to do the same scorcher trick to get over to the bad signal portal. You need to make sure that you have the bad signal mission active before you start your game, and again, you need to refill your gas mask on your way over to the portal so that you don't die. So use your map to find ammo crates along your way.

Once at the portal, you are going to activate it, then immediately go into the water and stay underwater. As you can see, the game timer is running down, so all of the steps after killing the boss are required to be done as fast as possible. You are going to wait underwater until your breath bar turns red, and as soon as it does, you will pull up your map to vote yes to teleport.

mw3 tombstone glitch

If done correctly, you are going to die right before the portal animation. It is then going to have the eliminated screen over the purple portal animation, and you are going to force close your game as soon as you see the portal animation. Start if you're on console; if you play on PC, then you need to wait for the portal animation to go away, and then you will alt-f4.

As soon as you see the purple portal animation end, when you reload your game, you will have all of the items you had in your inventory now in your gear. You can either unequip them if you want them in your stash, or you can just leave them like I did and use them in your next game. This is also how I was able to use all of these items for the worm boss and then still have my tombstones, set to use them once again to duplicate.

mw3 zombies duplication glitch

Now, as you can see, when I load into my next game, my Tombstone is still at the graveyard, and it would have the new items that I got from the red worm if I changed my Tombstone, but since I didn't, it's the same items that I had before in the last game either way. Either way, I never clickbait, so you know that if you follow all the steps I showed, you will be all good.

Click on the full, detailed guide on the solo duplication glitch on your screen right now.

This is how you can Keep your tombstone with max money after beating the red worm boss.
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