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All right guys, so today we're going to be having a look at everything in regards to Modern Warfare 3 and all the upcoming events that include season one reloaded, and beyond that, there is a lot of stuff that is coming into Call of Duty, a lot of crossovers. There's a lot of excitement in regards to The Walking Dead, Godzilla, and Kong returning.

We've got the likes of the boys event coming up, and of course we've got season one reloaded right around the corner now with season one reloaded. I've done a full article on that; it was my previous article, so if you haven't checked that out, feel free to do so. We've got new DLC weapons, a new 6v6 map, and new game modes in War Zone.

There's a lot of stuff that's coming with that, so you definitely want to make sure you check that out and get ready for it, because there's going to be some insane stuff that you guys can get completely free in regards to rewards. You don't want to miss a single article here on the channel, and I am also giving away 2,400 Cod points if you're interested.

cod the walking dead event

So the vortex event is one of our first events that is coming, and this is actually probably already out now as of my posting this article. It's a very good event that has been hyped up quite a bit from Call of Duty, so obviously you want to make sure you're going ahead and playing that and getting all the rewards you can benefit from with it as well.

This was supposed to be coming with season one reloaded, but they've actually fetched it out a little bit earlier as we do have the main event of season one reloaded, which is the boys. Now the boys are going to have their own limited-time game modes, which are souped up, and a few of us are on there as well.

We're also going to have a huge update as well, so you're going to be able to get the lights of a train firecracker and other bundles in the Star as well, which is pretty awesome, so there's going to be a lot of stuff coming in regards to the boys, and that is literally in a couple of weeks time. We will be seeing that on the 17th of this month, and then we do have season 2 right around the corner as well, so we normally get season one reloaded, which normally lasts around about a month, and then we will get a countdown timer on our battle pass on how long till we will see season 2 now.


Season 2 is predicted to come out anywhere between the 17th of February and the 21st of February, so it's going to be interesting to see when that actually drops, like, once we get the reloaded. We will get a countdown and timer, and then we will get a bit of a road map coming a bit closer the more information that comes out regarding season 2 and the road map.

Well, event, should I say, the brand new season of Walking Dead: The Ones Who Lived will actually be released on February 25th, so this is all in regards to Mich. And those are going to be the main operators coming in for that. Also, that's what the series is all about. Potentially, we could see other operators coming in, like Daryl Carol, Negan, and maybe Maggie.

mw3 event

I'm not too sure exactly what's going to be happening, but when this was leaked, it was actually leaked before season 1 was announced and we had the road map, and this was leaked with the same information in regards to the boys event that's coming up and also the June bundles that we actually got in the June event as well, so all this is from the same source; it's all in the same files, so this will be coming.

If this doesn't come, then I'll be very surprised, but it should be coming around that time, and obviously The Walking Dead is a very big franchise, and I'm surprised we've not seen something anytime sooner in regards to The Walking Dead coming in. Call of Duty, especially with the Call of Duty zombies being a big thing, and obviously.

I think this would carry on to the next Call of Duty as it is going to be a Treyarch game, and Treyarch are pretty much the founders of everything zombie in Call of Duty. Now we've also got Godzilla, and Kong is coming as well; that's going to be returning. Now it is rumored that there are a few little bits in the files, but nothing is set in stone.

mw3 michonne

There is the brand new finishing move the ye finishing move but that's not being finalized; it doesn't even have an actual finalized name. I'll throw some footage up on the screen of what that looks like, but there is a brand new film coming out in April as well, so this will be around the time of season three, and we know what Call of Duty is like; they like to have one big main event each season, so this could be their season 3 main event.

Don't get me wrong, the previous codzilla. Vers Kong in the first war zone wasn't a great event; it was something that Call of Duty had never done any kind of event like this before, so it was good practice for him to start doing events and then work on them and gradually get better, so this could be really, really good, and I'm actually looking forward to potentially seeing that coming as well.

Like I say, it will be coming around season three time in April, as that's when the brand new film will be coming out and then also returning, which is a fan favorite. rebirth Island is actually going to be coming out in June of this year, so that should be around the time of season 4, so when season 4 does drop, we will hopefully be seeing rebirth filing.

mw3 michonne operator

Now, that should probably be one of the main things on the road map that we'll see that'll probably be coming right away at the beginning of launch, probably along with some new DLC maps, etc. But that is going to be coming; they are going to be keeping it pretty much exactly the same as it was before.

There's going to be some new jump spots, climb spots, and maybe some new zipline spots just to help the movement work and flow a lot better. Obviously, we have the brand new movement system where you can slide, cancel, reload, etc., so it's going to be a lot smoother to play than we have had previously.

Obviously, we've had the old movement system, which was pretty bland and boring, and the movement was very sluggish to get around the map, so that's going to be a huge advantage. Having this kind of movement in the brand new game mode of Rebirth Island, well, it's not brand new; it's returning. Like I said, they're just going to be improving the lighting of the graphics, jump spots, and movement spots in there as well, which is pretty awesome.

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