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Huge mw3 codmas holoday update

Huge mw3 codmas holoday update

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is everything that you need to know in regards to the brand new holiday event known as the Codm Miss event or Santa Sligh Ground, and this is going to be taking place on December 20th. I'm going to section off the article into all the different topics in regards to this event because it's actually going to be very big; it's going to span across multiplayer.

War Zone, as well as zombies, and even after that, there's going to be the event tab, and there's also going to be the store update, so there's a lot going on that I'm going to be covering here for you guys in this article. We are very close to 350k. So make sure you hit that so you never miss out on any Call of Duty news or updates ever again.

Mw3 codmas update content & download

cod mw3 bundles

This update is going to take place on December 20th, which is just under a week from now. Call of Duty was mentioned a couple days before it was released. They will be dropping another blog post to cover all the details, so I'll have an updated version of this article. Most likely next week, there will also be a download that you will need to do if you are on PlayStation.

You get to download around a couple hours earlier; everyone else will have to wait until the actual update drops to download. I'm not entirely sure how big the file size is going to be; it could be anywhere from a simple 10 GB all the way up to 50 GB. I believe one of the last updates for season 1 was like 30 or so gigabytes for the entire update.

This one might be a little bit smaller than that, so just have space ready in case that update is huge. Once the download is live, you're going to have access to this brand new code. Miss Event, there's going to be a new event tab that will appear; it already is counting down in that event section; it's also available in the battle pass tab under its own sector; now it's not going to be like those sectors that get revealed; this will just take you to the event tab when it does open up, sort of like a redirect.

And it's the same way that it was with the haunting event that we received, and one thing I want to clarify is that although this update is massive, don't confuse it with the season 1 reloaded update that's going to be taking place on January 17th. This is the big event that we're receiving for season 1, and then season 1 reloaded is going to have its own events with the boys, and that's not going to take place until 2012.

So for now, that big update that's taking place next week is just a part of season 1.

Mw3 santas slayground multiplayer challenges & reward

Mw3 santas slayground multiplayer challenges & reward

Now, when the update does go live , there's going to be a bunch of different challenges that will appear in this event tab. Multiplayer is going to get its own set of challenges, and then War Zone is going to get its own set of challenges. The challenges that we have are going to be: get 40 operator melee kills with the stalker boots equipped for Santa Slay Ground Event 2; get 40 operator kills with a weapon picked up from another player; and get 100 operator kills with the QBB.

LSW event number four is going to get six operator snowball kills and a snowball gunfight; for event number five, it's going to get 40 operator headshot kills with a sniper DMR or battle rifle; and Challenge number six is going to get 30 operator kills while playing infected holiday. Challenge number seven is going to be getting five operator kills while sliding or crouching, and then the final one is going to be completing all seven event challenges, and that will unlock you a mastery reward in terms of the rewards.

With the mastery going on, my guess is it's going to be this brand new animated camo that we saw leaked with the season 1 update. Most of the camos that we ended up seeing are all affiliated with events, and it's not often that they bring camos as a part of store bundles, so I don't think that they would sell this in the store, so it would make sense that this would be a free reward for you to unlock during the holiday event, and that's probably going to be the master reward because it seems like it's the best reward that you're able to get other than these challenges.

Mw3 multiplayer holiday maps & modes

Mw3 multiplayer holiday maps & modes

Multiplayer is going to receive some brand new content, so we have two new maps that are going to be coming in. The first one is going to be Ship Miss, which's going to be available with the holiday variant of shipment that we saw with Modern Warfare 2, and then there's going to be a new one, and that's going to be called Hangover, which is going to be a holiday version of High-rise.

We got to see a couple of early clips from some YouTubers and content creators who are able to go and play Test season 1 early. This is what it looks like: It's going to have a dance floor on each side; it's looking like the time of day is a little bit later, and then there's also going to be Christmas lights and decorations.

There's probably a little bit of snow going on as well, and that's what the second map is going to be. It's probably going to have its own playlist update, so you'll get to enjoy those maps, and if you don't like them, you can avoid them and not play them. Along with that, there's also going to be two brand new modes that you're going to have access to.

The first one is going to be Snowball, Gunfight. This is a photo that they ended up showcasing, and that is going to be pretty much a regular gunfight game just with snowballs being involved and being able to eliminate other players by picking up snowballs and throwing them at them. The second mode that they confirmed through these challenges was going to be holiday-infected.

We don't really have any photos other than this one, which really doesn't look holiday-themed at all, but that is going to be one of the modes because you'll need to play that mode in order to complete one of the challenges. That's all the new stuff for just more multiplayer.

Mw3 santa gnaws ultra skin bundle

Mw3 santa gnaws ultra skin bundle

War Zone is going to get its own set of challenges, its own set of reward modes, and everything else, and then There's also going to be a store update, which I want to show you guys first, and that is going to be the Santa Ultimate Skin Operator Bundle. Here's everything that this bundle will contain, so in terms of price, it's either going to cost $400 or $2800.

Mainly for the reason that it's an Ultra skin, I'm going to guess 28, but it comes in with the undead Saint operator skin for Klouse. It says right here that it includes a finishing move called Suplex Deluxe, which I want you to just take note of because I'm going to come back to that in a second, and then there's going to be two brand new weapon blueprints.

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