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Mw3 santas slayground event trailer

Mw3 santas slayground event trailer

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that we're going to go over the brand new blog and trailer that Call of Duty has just dropped for the brand new Christmas event. This event is going to take place today at 10:00 a. Right now you are viewing the trailer, which pretty much showcases all the brand new content and everything to expect from it.

The content is going to span across multiplayer, including War Zone as well as zombies; you'll see short clips. There's going to be a bunch of different things going on with brand new modes showcasing the brand new maps, some new cosmetics, as well as the new Santa. Na's operator skin See a little bit of what the war zone map officially looks like with the Santa Slay ride.

Resurgence the captured the tree event, and there's just so much going on with this, but other than that, they dropped that blog, and they said season 1 locked and loaded codm. Miss comes early with the Santa Slay Ground event in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as well as the war zone. Let's celebrate the festivities.

They begin early with the upcoming KMAS event this year. The Halloween spirit has bled over into the winter holidays with the appearance of Santa.

Codmas content for multiplayer

Codmas content for multiplayer

Here to spread horror and fear to the operators of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, battle the Abomination, and celebrate the season of giving with new holiday themes, maps, modes, challenges, and rewards. The CMAs event takes place on December 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard time, and it will go all the way up until January 3rd, where a brand new event will take over that, and then it goes into Slay Ground, which is multiplayer zombies in War Zone.

It says Seasons, eating Stinos, is here to terrorize all who would disobey him. Prove your worth by completing up to eight challenges in the Santa Sligh Ground in-game event to earn prizes more impressive than a lump of coal. Get rewards like consumable items and cosmetics such as the Christmas skull calling card and the execution, finishing move, and weapon blueprint.

cod mw3 bundles

SL operator skin, so they are giving some good rewards. The El Secution that we talked about is actually going to be a reward, so that's some really good news right there, and there's also going to be an operator skin. They said you can play across new themed maps and modes as you complete the challenges in multiplayer zombies and War Zone.

They said there's going to be themed maps and limited time modes in multiplayer. So this is our official look at the ship. Miss, they provided a couple photos. You see, the shipment pretty much got an update; it's not the same one. It's going to be a 6x6 holiday map that looks like it's a location straight out of Antarctica.

We sort of talked about this as well as I showed the early gameplay yesterday, but they said toast to the New Year in this winter-themed high-rise decked with lights, garlands, and festive flare. The battle takes place at night for a new gameplay experience, so bring your best and celebrate on the victory screen.

There are going to be brand new modes, which they provide photos of. They said infectious holiday, so play Infected in a lobby full of Santa Claus operators. Infected players will transform into the zombie Santa skin, combine cheerfulness with combat prowess to retain those rosy cheeks against the undead Menace, and then you have a snowfight.

This is the photo that they provide in this gunfight iteration. The first two rounds are decided by a snowball fight. These snowballs hit hard, so stay light on your feet and capture the suspiciously yellow snowball in the center of the map for a one-hit elimination.

Codmas content for zombies

Codmas content for zombies

At the Reg loadouts return in the third round, players can still lose snowballs throughout the entire map, and then they also mentioned CMAs in zombies, so you can see this photo here that they provide; it says encounter new seasonal enemy models and updated infil music and collect snowballs around the map, which can be used to launch deadly attacks; it doesn't seem like there's anything other than like the cosmetics; it doesn't seem like there's any challenges or stuff like that involved; and then they say slay ride Resurgence comes to the war zone.

Warzone santas slayground event

Play a limited-time slay ride. Resurgence playlist during the K Miss event for a chance to earn a high-quality loot by decorating trees and taking on Santa in an ambush on the seasonal train. Here's a photo that they ended up providing. You can see there's a brand new operator. This guy with horns—we've never seen this guy in a bundle before.

cod mw3 holiday event

This could potentially be the free reward that you get, and then there's the slay ride. They provided another photo, and they said to take the fight to Santa aboard the train traveling through Yucatan and succeed in toppling the king of Christmas to earn powerful in-game Loot and an emblem proving your prowess, and then there's decal halls.

They also show another photo of this, and then there's a completely different operator that we never saw before as well, so I'm guessing that with this new update they're going to be adding a bunch of brand new operators for us, but it says deploy to one of six decta Hol tree-themed capture points marked on the tack map in Slay Ride.

Resurgence and looting with high-tier gear right at the start of the match, standing next to the tree with no opponents nearby, will begin the festive decorating. The tree can be upgraded to tier 2 or fully decorated at tier 3, improving the value of the loot. The more decorated your tree, the better the weapons, kill streaks, and in-game cash you'll earn in return. Be on the lookout for other codus-related secrets around the map while completing these events, so there's probably going to be some sort of Easter egg, and then they mentioned there's going to be a new year event, so this is going to be the vortex event.

Mw3 vortex event & maps

Mw3 vortex event & maps

They provided a photo, and they said to enter the Flames of the Vortex to fight for cataclysmic rewards.

In this event, players will progress through 15 different rewards by playing in the Vortex theme. Maps to Satan's Quarry and Spard, and they provide photos of what these maps look like, so this is pretty much Russ getting remastered and turned into like a zombie-looking map, or it's remix basically, and then you have Satan's Quarry, that's going to be remixed as well from Quarry, and it looks insane.

These maps honestly look really good, and then you have the third one, which is going to be Spore Yard, so this brand new mode is going to be bringing in the ray gun. I'm going to be making a dedicated article talking about this entire event and what to expect out of it, but it's a very big event that's going to be taking place right after this brand new holiday update, and this is just everything here.

HUGE Santa's Slayground Event Update! FREE Operator, Elfsecution, MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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