News - A First Look At Warzone 2's New Vortex Event Coming Later Next Week. Multiplayer Event

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But said, let's jump into our discussion about the upcoming Vortex event in Modern Warfare 3.

When does the vortex event in modern warfare 3 begin?

When does the vortex event in modern warfare 3 begin?

So first and foremost, this event is going to kick off on January 3rd, likely at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time or maybe 9:00 a.m. Pacific, we've seen some events and playlist updates here happen as of 9:00 a.

m, kind of breaking tradition from that 10:00 a. M pacific time, but we still also see a lot of things happen at 10:00 a. m., so it could be one or the other. The Codas event will also last until the 3rd, but that goes until at least right now, detailed until 8:00 a. M pacific time, so a little bit of downtime where you won't have access to an event and then a new one will kick off shortly thereafter, but it's also possible that we see that time change entirely.

I mean, the CMAs event actually went live 24 hours early, so there's that we have to take into consideration, but January 3rd is like 99% of the launch time here for Vortex, and the event is upcoming.

The details of the new vortex multiplayer event in modern warfare 3

The event itself, officially speaking, is not a whole ton detailed just yet, and we'll likely have some details shared at the turn of the new year, but it said to enter the Flames of the Vortex to fight for cataclysmic rewards.

In this event, players will progress through 15 available rewards by playing in the Vortex-themed maps Tetanus Satan's Quarry and Spard. 15 available rewards to grind through likely sound like architecture. Of the events we've seen with XP-related events, given the wording of progress through the 15 available rewards and not mentioning specific challenges to complete across the board now it is possible that could not be the case and we do have 15 challenges themselves but that's something that usually challenge events last a little longer and also have content coming across Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone as we'll touch on in a second that's still up in the air a little bit now the event itself again you progress through all those rewards, the final one is going to be right now at least rumored to be the vortex.

The rumored magma camo reward in the vortex event of modern warfare 3

The rumored magma camo reward in the vortex event of modern warfare 3

Magma Camo is an animated molten lava-looking camo, which I think looks really cool. This was leaked a little while ago, and it's something that we've already showcased. We didn't get in trouble for sharing the article of it here before, so fingers crossed it's still good to showcase it again, but on screen, you'll see that camo that will be available to earn just by simply progressing through and playing through this event.

Now, it's nice that we have content coming in regards to earnable rewards, but what else? Beyond that, because Vortex seems like it's a little bit bigger than just an XP event or a challenge event, yeah, that is true on the multiplayer side of things.

The new vortex ltm (with ray gun) in modern warfare 3 multiplayer

Vortex will come along with a new limited time mode where, as it's described in this free-for-all mode, one player spawns in with the infamous zombie wonder weapon, the one-hot ray gun.

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Whoever eliminates the operator with the ray gun becomes the new owner of this powerful and otherworldly pistol. Vortex takes place on three remixed multiplayer maps: Satan's Quarry. Spard and Tetanus, so if you remember seeing clips a little while ago, maybe even still, of people with a ray gun in multiplayer. That's why now of course they've since kind of adjusted the anti-che, with this to anybody that has this early will do self-inflicting damage rather than damage on enemies so it's kind of a troll on players that end up modding this into the game but the ray gun was in the multiplayer, portion of the game's assets usable to the regular player when the time would come but up until then it shouldn't have been again cheaters were able to access that that's where those clips came from but all in all seeing this in a multiplayer mode in terms of when it's supposed to be live seems pretty cool but also I don't know if I like this because those clips I would have been driven mad if that was happening to me early, so we'll see if this is balanced or not or, as balanced I guess as a special weapon can be but with the limited time mode comes those maps of Satan's Quarry Spore yard and tetanus.

The new map variations of the vortex event in modern warfare 3 multiplayer

The new map variations of the vortex event in modern warfare 3 multiplayer

Now I don't know if I'm allowed to say technically when or at all. I'm honestly hoping this doesn't get me in any sort of trouble again, but I did double check and found out that I actually will be able to show you footage of the maps that I captured a bit closer to the launch of the event. One of the first, if not the first, of the year should feature that gameplay, from when I was able to play at Sledgehammer, preseason 1, and capturing the footage that we already showcased, again early and ahead of the launch of Modern Warfare 3 season 1 for the time being, though unfortunately all we have is those key art images and a bit of the descriptor of how they played for me.

I didn't get to play Tetanus, but I heard it was fun. But as for Spard and Satan's Quest, I loved the look of Spard. I thought the Skybox was one of the coolest things here; you can see it in the map images showcased. It's got those other worldly dark ether sort of spores; it's got the nice aquamarine, blue color.

cod mw3 vortex event

I really enjoyed the look of that one. Satan's Quy was cool and very neat, but I will say that the shadowy areas of that map may be a problem for how many different skins blend into those dark shadows we have in Moder Warfare 3. Those are probably going to be problematic. One thing that I'm curious about beyond that is if we'll see these playables outside of that Vortex LTM as well, because at Sledgehammer, we played on.

I want to say. TDM and kill confirmed of Spard and Satan's Quarry. I'll have to double check my footage here on that, but it was just standard matches, and I really liked that. Honestly, at that time when we were playing this early, we didn't have the season 1 content preview just yet. That blog came out the day later, when people were flying home and everything, so we didn't know that Rayun was going to be coming to multiplayer or anything.

I just kind of thought they were variants of the map that would be thematically released. I'd love to play with these again in say Team Deathmatch kill confirm domination whatever the case without the threat of a ray gun, or honestly, the bigger issue is just free-for-all modes. I don't play free-for-all that much, but I'd love to play and experience those maps again in the core experience in other modes.

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