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In today's article, I thought I'd make a article discussing why I think the price of store bundles in Call of Duty needs to change. Now, I think some of you are out of the gate, just going to agree with this flower, because obviously we want cheaper things. Everyone would love things to be free and cost 1.25, $5 wherever it costs, whatever it may be right, but I feel like Call of Duty has a big problem with store bundles being a bit too expensive now.

I'm not talking about the Battle Pass; I'm not talking specifically about the black cell bundle, because I'm not really sure about the black sell bundle. I'll discuss that today. I'm going to kind of discuss the issue, the fix that needs to be made, or the solutions. And yeah, just kind of give a talk about this discussion, kind of build up a discussion with the community.

Do you think there could be a better system in place because, for instance, there are people who play War Zone only and get store bundles, while there's also people who buy copies of MW2 or MW3.

The issue with current mw3 store bundle prices

The issue with current mw3 store bundle prices

Whatever it may be for the year and don't really get any benefit from for that so I'm going to talk about that all today but, the way this discussion kind of like bought about in my mind was I saw a tweet from a guy called Nick Pro reborn I'm going to be honest I can tell he's a YouTuber I don't know what his content is I haven't watched it but I see his tweets quite a lot Twitter does an amazing thing or X as it's called now does an amazing thing if you know showing people random tweets and I saw this one saying how the hell can anyone justify buying black cell for $30 in a $70, game when fortnite has all this for $10 and a free one and he goes up to show that fortnite of course has the new Family Guy skin with Peter Griffin and you know they get little dog and all that stuff really cool thing and it's actually surprising to me that was in their battle pass in their version of the season pass battle pass whatever is called in fortnite.


They had that in there. For1 for $10 that's amazing cuz I'm not being funny if that was in Call of Duty that's instantly a 2, 400 C Point bundle I'm not sure how much 2, 400 C points comes up to in the game probably easy 2030, maybe even 440 who knows depends what you have to buy I know they have like a funny thing with the card points where they and give you such an amount that you can buy one thing and then leaves you with leftover card points so then you have to spend a little bit more maybe like £8 on a 500 card Point bundle just to be able to get something else or something it's very sneaky it's very clever tactic you know I get what the company's doing with that with what Activision is doing with that, obviously I'm not going to talk about this on Sledgehammer behalf because this Sledgehammer is just the Builder of mw3.


And obviously, it probably has part of a say in War Zone 2 or 3 or whatever it's called now, but yeah, so Activision obviously controls what is put into the store and how it's put in the store, and they have probably an arts and design team that makes the store bundles and stuff, and I feel like now we're at a point where store bundles are just not appropriate.

I even think of black cells. I'm not sure about black sales. I'm not sure where to stand on that part; it seems cheap and, like, very quickly put together. For instance, the skins are just the same skins you get in the battle pass for 1,100 C points or 1,000 C points, whatever it costs for the season pass.

blackcell mw3

And I think K has a big problem with this now I think a lot of this stuff is overpriced, now is this going to change going to be completely honest no because the problem is you'll see it yourselves I know some of you might stay have the same standpoint that I do which is you know these are overpriced, and who was buying these and that but how many times do you load up into a game and you see a Snoop Dog skin you see a Nicki minara skin you see all these skins that cost 2, 400 Cup points 3, 000 C points now you can't tell if these people you know play if you're in war zone obviously you can't tell who's you know played MW3 and played war zone when of course this game when the Season One update goes live which by the time you see this article will probably be live anyway, but.

Snoop Dog stuff. Obviously, weed bundles sell very well on cards because they're very appropriate and serve the demographic of people who play Call of Duty, of course, but I think the bundles are overpriced. I think if we're going to be charging £70 for MW3, this is where I think the solution is, or a couple of solutions that I think, but I think the moment store bundles are overpriced.

I got any sort of 1,100 card points from a friend who bought me some as a gift, and it was only like 1,100 card points, so I bought them, but I've never used them. I've never spent a single card point on a store bundle at all because there's nothing that I feel has been good value, and. I see, we've had the problem for ages now that Call of Duty wouldn't allow you.

Like, once you play one year of Call of Duty, that's it. It doesn't carry over. Yes, you can use it in War Zone, but I don't typically play War Zone. I'm going to give War Zone 3 a try and see how good it is with the movement and stuff. If it's not good, then I'll just be going back to MW3 multiplayer, of course, but there's no value to it now.

Of course, in MW2, guns transferred over, so you got some value there if you bought MW2. Store bundles you got some value for the thing that you might have paid 2,400 card points for, but I think there's an issue with it being too much, and I think there's a good solution here because I feel like the people who are hard-working don't think the bundles are too expensive.

If you are someone who's playing Just War Zone, if you play only War Zone, the store bundles are okay; they're not great. I'm going to be honest; they're still not great. I still think they could be a little bit cheaper; they shouldn't really be costing 30 to 20; at a time, I think 10 to 15 is more reasonable.

Solution to overpriced mw3 store bundles

Solution to overpriced mw3 store bundles

You should get straight up a 50%, discount, on every single store bundle, and I mean every single store bundle whether or not that should apply to Black cell as well and the actual card pass as well maybe not the card pass cuz I feel like the season pass, is appropriate now and it actually has good content now we've gotten better and better content I've already seen season one's battle pass content is actually pretty good and I think it's very fair value especially as you get your card points back of course so once you've got the card points to be able to buy the season pass you shouldn't be buying Cod points ever again as if you're a serious grinder of course and able to complete this battle pass every season, but I think you should get a flat 50% reduction on every single store bundle so if it costs 2, 400.

MW3 Store Bundle Prices Need To Change! Hope u enjoyed today's video discussing the price of store bundles in mw3 and call of duty need to change compared to other games on the market that are currently free to play or have their own battle passseason pass. discussing the issue of the current prices of the call of duty store bundles and what we can be done to fix the issue with the current mw3 store bundle prices.
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