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Let's break down the Modern Warfare 3 season 1 reloaded update. We'll go through all the maps, weapon modes, new events, free rewards, and releasing.

Season 1 reloaded release date & file sizes

Expected to release on Wednesday. January 17th and the download file sizes should be around 10 to 15. Maybe 20 GB Max although sometimes as we've seen for previous reloaded updates like season 5 reloaded we had a 50 GB download size which was only that big to further optimize the files now for MW3, it seems like file sizes are a lot smaller, a lot better optimized but it may end up having another issue so I'll break down specific file sizes as we get closer to the release of this update but before we break down some more content here I got to mention if you guys still need to unlock some of the new MW3, camos such as Interstellar Borealis and much more check out Mitch Cactus for some easy lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock the camos super fast or just get instant delivery pre-made accounts with those Mastery camos they're the biggest and most reliable sellers with heaps of brand new offerings for MW3, with completely safe and legitimate services for Xbox PlayStation.

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New mw3 multiplayer maps releasing in season 1 reloaded

New mw3 multiplayer maps releasing in season 1 reloaded

In this update, the first one, Call of Duty, was already revealed in their blog post, and a little clip in the gameplay trailer was Rio, which looks like a pretty solid map. We have a look at the map here, and then also some overviews of different parts of the map. The tack map as well looks standard—a midsized map based on what we've seen with meat and grease.

I feel like this could be another pretty solid map, and I definitely want to see other remakes in the future from MW3 2011. Since the game is called MW3, and of course we just talked about some Advanced Warfare remix, those types of maps would be super sick because those are maps that haven't really been remade or remastered.

modern warfare 3

But I definitely like what Sledgehammer is doing with the uniquely made MP maps. They're going pretty hard if they don't end up releasing any more remakes for this game. I'm completely fine with that. I mean, it seems like Sledgehammer is making some pretty good, uniquely made MP maps, so I hope to see more of those in the future.

That would be really cool, of course.

New zombies in multiplayer ␜vortex␝ mode releasing

Now for other maps as well, we're getting zombified versions of some of the existing MW2 and OG maps for this Vortex mode. So first up, what is the Vortex mode all about? In this free-for-all mode, one player spawns in with the infamous zombie wonder weapon, the one-shot ray gun.

Whoever eliminates the operator with a ray gun becomes the new owner of this powerful and otherworldly map. Pistol Vortex takes place on three remixed MP Maps Satan's Quarry, spard, and Tanis and we have some early looks here at these Maps they look so insanely cool having these in mp using the rean in mp first of all is an insane concept super glad that they're doing this here and honestly, these Maps would be fire to have in MW3 zombies, you know as like little mini round base maps for example kind of like an onslaught type of vibe to where back in Cold War you could play Zombies on pretty much all the Cold War MP Maps they could do a similar thing here especially with the maps actually looking like a zombie map you know in Cold War the MP Maps looked the exact same way in Zombies as they did an MP.

Here, it looks so insane. I mean, they did a lot of work on the sky and other parts of the map just to give it a zombie. Vibe bringing that into zombies as well would be insane, but at least for MP, it should be a really cool update.

New mw3 war maps finally releasing??

New mw3 war maps finally releasing??

This is just a leak, so not confirmed for the reloaded update, but there are apparently more war maps in development; we have Operation Avalanche. Exodus and Cusa, and there's other objectives on these maps as well, so a convoy you must escort and protect to a dedicated location. One team will be given a list of specialist targets they must eliminate while the other team defends them.

The last objective revolves around a base of hostages with valuable intelligence. One team is trying to save the hostages while the enemy team tries to take them and fill them via helicopter. That sounds pretty interesting. I definitely want to see more love for the war mode. I think it's a super underrated mode.


It's a ton of fun. Having at least one new warm map per season would be ideal. Of course, we haven't seen any confirmed for this season 1 update; maybe we get a surprise one for the reloaded update, but hopefully at least by season 2 we have a new war map in the game, and as I've said, maybe bringing back some of the OG.

Cod World War II war maps would be fire as well.

More game modes releasing in mw3 season 1 reloaded update

A lot of those maps were super iconic, a ton of fun, and they would play pretty well in this game, but For other game modes here that were already confirmed, of course we're getting infected very soon, which is Of course. Infected is one of my favorite party mode games here.

Based on the image, it seems like we're actually getting zombies infected as well, which is definitely really cool. We're also getting team gunfights here in this 6v6 variation of gunfight played on standard MP Maps players. All receive the same randomized loadout at the start of each round; this loadout changes throughout the match.

The team that best adapts to the assigned gear is bound to land the eliminations needed to earn victory, which sounds pretty cool. I like that one's headquarters and am returning as well. This should have been here at launch, honestly, but it's going to be here for the reloaded update fight to secure the headquarters location.

Hold that position for as long as you can; respawns are disabled for the defending team. The headquarters slowly rotates around the map as the match continues, as does.

All new weapons releasing in the mw3 reloaded update!

All new weapons releasing in the mw3 reloaded update!

Ready to move, and after new weapons are released in this reloaded update, we have the HMR 9, a light yet stable 9mm SMG for close-quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly, sporting a high fire rate and excellent handling and mobility.

The HMR 9 is the perfect fit for aggressive running gun play styles: aim down sights for precise fire, or enter tack Dan and run circles around your enemies. Use gunsmith to enhance the weapon's mid-range capabilities, improve its Close Quarters performance, or a combination of the two; that's going to be pretty cool there.

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