News - Entire Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Update Road Map. New Rewards, Events & Zombies



Let's go through the entire MW3 season 2 reloaded update and update all the rewards we're getting, events operators, new zombie multiplayer war zone content, and much more.

Season 2 reloaded release date, times & early download

Season 2 Reloaded is releasing on Wednesday, March 6th, on all platforms. These times up on screen are pretty standard release times.

For all platforms now, did it work for everyone?


New dlc weapons releasing in mw3 season 2 reloaded

New dlc weapons releasing in mw3 season 2 reloaded

We have two new weapons releasing for this reloaded update. The first one is the S-SOA subverter battle rifle, available through a weekly challenge chamber in 762. This hard-hitting rifle dominates at mid- to long-ranges thanks to a low fire rate and predictable recoil. Sounds pretty cool, and a soul render, melee weapon, as well as a cool sword here.

Call duty says you'll be able to get this through redacted, which usually refers to a classified battle pass sector that will be with the reloaded update, and of course you don't need to buy the battle pass to get access to this classified sector. There'll be a bunch of challenges to complete to get this Soul-Render melee weapon.

We'll go through the best ways to get that when the update does go live in a couple of days, and we also should be getting some more aftermarket parts as well, which is pretty standard, but now.

Huge warhammer 40k event: operators, rewards & more

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For some events and operators, the first big one that we've talked a lot about on the channel is the upcoming Warhammer 40K Crossover one event with a Mastery camo, three operator bundles, two finishing moves, and one melee attachment, and there may be more releasing as well, so first off, a look at the operators we're getting.

We only have two operators here, but they're both really, really sick. The Vibes here overall we have a look at the finishing moves as well. A lot of cool stuff here I mean this looks like a pretty solid event at least the operator skins now obviously these will most likely just be in bundles but it would be cool if we get a free operator reward, a part of this event as well so far we're at least getting this Universal Mastery camo with a cool, blue and yellow color scheme there not too bad now leers are saying this will last 2 weeks and will begin on March 13th so a bit after the reloaded update so a twoe event usually means that it's going to be a much bigger deal than just a normal XP progression event this seems like a challenge event we'll go through more details on that as it gets a revealed there's also a right Shield skin as well part of this event so a lot of interesting stuff and this may be tied to the upcoming Jugger. Mode, which is interesting because they don't specifically say in the blog post that the juger mode is related to the Warhammer, event but you could clearly see the resemblance there it would end up making a lot L of sense And for another event here happening a bit earlier, it's another Dune event rule of fate.

New dune: rule of fate event with free operator skin

New dune: rule of fate event with free operator skin

It will begin on March 6th, right when the reload update goes live, and it'll last about one week. So a bit of a smaller event here, probably an XP progression event, but there is going to be an operator releasing. A part of this event, but apparently according to leakers, this is actually not a bundle operator; this is a free reward, potentially a Mastery skin that you get for completing the event, which is going to be for the existing Dune operator.

That's kind of interesting, so I like that they're doing more free operator skins. We'll see how it actually works very soon, but it's still pretty cool.

Vortex: decay␙s realm event maps, operators & rewards

Another event here, which I'm actually pretty excited for, is the vortex decay's realm event, so it seems like we're getting this Horseman Decay operator bundle alongside this event.


This will just be an XP progression event to where you know you get XP, you get cosmetics. And if you have the Horseman operator equipped, you'll get more XP towards the event. I mean, I appreciate the uniqueness of the camo. Is it the best-looking camo? Not really, but it definitely fits the vibe of the event.

This one we don't have a date for just yet, but it seems like it'll be later on in the reloaded update, probably around late March before season 3 releases, and we are getting some map variants as part of this event as well. We have a variant of terminal called Airborne. This one looks so cool, so just like the previous Vortex event, we have map reskins.

I love when they do this here; it makes it so much more interesting, and we'll have specific normal modes on these maps as well, so it's the same type of mode; we're not going to have a ray gun. It's not going to be that crazy, but it's still going to have a pretty cool vibe overall, and there's another one called Skidrow, which has an overgrown look to it and is also pretty sick.

The Airborne One honestly looks a lot better, so I can't wait to play those ones again. We'll break down all the details of that event when it finally releases in a couple of weeks, and for more.

More multiplayer maps releasing in season 2 reloaded

More multiplayer maps releasing in season 2 reloaded

MP Maps: Here we are getting one more for this season's Dos House returns, but it's a different look from what we saw in Vanguard; it's on top of a skyscraper. I love this Vibe overall, so it's the same layout as the Vanguard version of Dot's House, which I actually talked about on the channel.

If that returned, that would be a super fun Close Quarters map from Vanguard, probably one of the better maps we saw in that game. It would be a good addition to MW3, and they're doing just that, but with a brighter, different atmosphere. I can't wait for that one, and the maps we saw thus far for season 2 are pretty solid.

The uniquely made MP maps from season 1 as well. Slammer has been doing a pretty good job making MP maps, so I can't wait to see what other maps they're going to make for future seasons.

All new modes in mw3 multiplayer

But for MP modes as well, we're getting a Jugger mode. As I mentioned, this one's pretty cool. Power at the expense of becoming the biggest threat on the battlefield.

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Drop your adversary and inspect the remains with great care, grab armor from the fallen, and bulk yourself up. Also, check the health bar above your enemy's head and ensure the head shots matter, as this damage is increased apart from the cranial weak spot. Your armor is impressive, enough to prevent any kind of fall damage; in fact, dropping from a tall enough structure creates a ground pound, an area of effect stun, so you can jump off the cliff on Afghan, for example, not die and actually affect people around you, which is really cool.

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