News - 50. Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Operators & Dlc Weapons. Early Gameplay Showcase



We just got a bunch of surprise leaks for season 2 reloaded early gameplay of the new weapon blueprints, operators, events, and much more. Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new.

New mw3 operator menu update

But first off, a pretty cool change in the operator menu: you'll now be able to see how many different skins there are for the operator.

I'm pretty sure it's the skins in total; it could just be how many different skins you personally own, but still, regardless, a pretty cool quality of life changes over there for other skins.

More mw3 equipment skins

As well, we're getting a new cluster mine skin crab bomb, which is pretty interesting. There's also a trophy system skin, and of course, for the Warhammer event, two separate Juggernaut skins, which is pretty interesting now before we break down some more stuff.


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Gold ghost condemned operator skin in mw3

The first one is a really cool ghost skin, which actually looks very similar to the Ghost Condemned Operator.

It's the same type of mask but a gold, almost black cell look here, so I wonder if they're doing this because of the Ghost Condemned Operator and if this will be the version you get in MW3. War Zone, and the actual ghost condemned one is only for War Zone Mobile. Super interesting stuff, and hopefully this is a free skin for War Zone Mobile's release and not a paid operator that releases alongside. Of that, we'll see very soon when it does release at the end of March, but it's still a solid skin overall.

King kong operator & event returning

King kong operator & event returning

This one here is not the best quality, but it's a King Kong-themed operator, which is teasing, of course, the return of the Kong Godzilla event that we saw back during Caldera during the Vanguard days.

Of course, we talked about on this channel that event being leaked out and returning, and we're getting this operator skin alongside of it as well, which is pretty cool, and there's other weapon blueprints for this event that we'll talk about later on.

New warhammer 40k event operator skins

In this article, we have some operator skins we're getting for the upcoming Warhammer 40, 000.

The first one is a doc skin; we have a Scorch skin, a blue version, and then a red version of that as well, so unfortunately. The Juggernaut Warhammer skins that we talked about on the channel seem to be just for the Juggernaut kill streak. I guess, or the Juggernaut mode that's releasing very soon, or Jugger M mode.

I should say, so that's a skin you'll only be able to use there, but the actual operator skins themselves will be for scorch dock and probably some other operators we don't know of just yet, which these operators Skins are still pretty cool and have solid looks, but it would have been much better if we could actually use the Juggernaut skins themselves in normal MP.

Maybe we'll still be able to. We'll see very soon. I'll be sure to update you guys on that.

All new season 2 reloaded operator skins!

All new season 2 reloaded operator skins!

But overall, solid stuff, Next year, we will have a new macaroon, Skin. I would love to see more macaroon skins here. I feel like they're taking forever to give us more skins from guys we saw in MW 3's campaign. There's so many cool operator skins and themes we saw in this year's campaign that they just don't bring over to this game the blue prison suit outfit whatever that was in the verance, mission of the campaign that''s fire to have in normal MP and war zone, so I'm waiting for all that, but this is still a decent new macarov, kin.

Overall, we have two new Bantam skins here as well. The first one is a pigeon-head type of skin, which is pretty interesting, and the right one here is just a green type of soldier. Maybe for the Warhammer event; actually, the next one here is a new BBQ, ghilly suit operator skin. Okay, we have a new Alpine skin, potentially for Warhammer as well.

modern warfare 3

Pretty cool another Alpine skin is here. Okay, we have a new Raptor skin, a by-line skin here, another B skin, and that's what we have right now for leaked images. We do have a gameplay clip, however, of another operator releasing a neutron very soon. This one is pretty cool. Here is the glowing green operator we talked about on the channel that will be releasing very soon, probably as some type of bundle.

This would be Fire as a free Mastery reward, but it'll most likely be a bundle that is Sol overall, and originally we did think this was going to be that Champions Quest operator. I might have mentioned that on the channel, so that is obviously my mistake and a lot of people's mistake as well, but it's actually going to be a bundle operator coming very soon for season 2 reloaded.

Also here is a gameplay preview of the new Safeguard operator, which is going to be a free operator skin you get for the day z r event for War Zone Mobile, which you should be able to use again in MW3, and War Zone as well. We'll have more articles going through how to get this skin when the event happens on the channel, so stay tuned for that.

Two new season 2 reloaded dlc weapons showcase

Two new season 2 reloaded dlc weapons showcase

But now, for some weapons, here are new blueprints and a bunch of stuff for the season to reload. The first one is the SOA subverter. The new battle rifle releasing the first image is just the base weapon; the second one is a blueprint. Here, pretty cool. Another blueprint here called Flavor Blaster, pretty cool, and then a gameplay clip in the firing range of the weapon again, so it looks pretty solid, and now, of course, we're also getting the melee weapon, the soul render.


The first one is just a base look at the weapon, now a weapon blueprint, the flesh terror with Gore Hammer dismemberment effects, so obviously for the Warhammer event. I'm assuming here next one again the same type of dismemberment effect for the Warhammer bundles as well, but a blue look. Okay, we have a Harkin long sword for that Harkin bundle we talked about on the channel that's pretty solid; there's a super cool blackout look, and then finally a killing blow look as well, so this seems to be a pretty interesting weapon blueprint.

A gameplay clip as well, actually of the base Soul render sword, looks to be really solid, and then a Warhammer blueprint Soul render sword as well. Again, this looks to be a pretty solid melee weapon. I feel like we haven't seen enough new melee weapons in this game, so this one should be a welcome addition for most people.

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