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Let's go through to get all 20 new free rewards for the Day Zero event, what content is usable in MW3, the War Zone mobile launch, and much more, but first off, War Zone Mobile.

Warzone mobile global launch this week!

It comes out this Thursday, March 21st. We'll be doing a lot for the game on this channel, but I'll have much more War Zone mobile articles on my second channel.

New day zero event details!

Event points Now again, this is all happening. In War Zone Mobile, the EP that you earn tracks toward individual rewards and will be added to the total community EP score to unlock Day Zero zones. A zone is cleared once players have collectively accumulated the required community EP displayed in the game, so there are two separate events happening at the same time, pretty much an individual event and a community event as well, but they're both kind of tied to the same type of event point, you know, system.

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Event points are earned by playing any mode and completing event actions in a contested zone. The amount of EP earned varies based on the action completed, so event actions that reward event points include opening a supply box or a zero supply drop, which eliminates an enemy player from completing a contract.

Using a kill streak Landing a head shot or purchasing items from buy stations is pretty standard stuff there, and when warming up for your Battle Royale matches in Wars of Mobile's multiplayer mode, you'll earn EP for every elimination, though a lesser amount compared to eliminating enemies. In Battle Royale, which does make a lot of sense there, and for Day Zero supply drops here, earn event points more quickly by acquiring items and gear from a special day Zero supply drop awarding.

Better loot, cash XP, and EP compared to opening a traditional supply box Day Zero supply drops are periodically dropped into active zones and show up on the radar as a crate icon. When the event begins, the first zone will activate. Complete the above actions when inside an active zone to earn event points.

As the event goes on, the next zone will activate as the community EP milestones are reached. Day Zero features both community and individual rewards. All players will have the opportunity to claim the earned community rewards at the end of the event, and individual rewards are given based on the total number of event points that you specifically contribute to the Greater Community total.

So before we break down all the event rewards, we're getting here the cosmetics available in MW3. War Zone and War Zone Mobile quick shot to my partner Apex giving PCS a huge price decrease on all parts and all types of PCS over there really solid stuff. Be sure to check it out, guys.

All 20 new event rewards for day zero revealed!

All 20 new event rewards for day zero revealed!

Golden Flame X12 weapon blueprint clear Zone 4, heavy thunder M4 weapon blueprint clear Zone 5, and the golden Phantom Ghost operator skin clear Zone 6, and here's a visualization of all the rewards we're getting as well as some of them that they marketed in MW3 itself. We talked about that on the channel a couple days ago; it's shown in the Cod HQ.

These are the community rewards here, so they are only available and accessible through War Zone Mobile, but once you unlock them in War Zone Mobile, you'll be able to use them across all three games: the mobile game MW3, and War Zone as well, which is pretty sick. Now there's another set of rewards that just got revealed that are only usable.

In War Zone Mobile, we have the Crimson Blaze Emblem. The Nightmare Rift CLA card The Forsaken Past emblem tearing me apart sticker demon claw combat knife weapon blueprint last word charm hell scraper LTV vehicle skin nightmare infero large decal. Crimson print X12 weapon blueprint, the vengeful devil King large decal, raging Blaze M4 weapon blueprint, and the Bloody Reaper, ghost operator, and here's our first look at this new ghost operator, a very similar vibe to the golden Phantom operator we're getting but instead with a red theme here, which does look pretty sick but unfortunately again only usable in a war zone mobile, which sucks, but it is what it is. I guess hopefully in the future you can bring this over to MW3 and War Zone as well, and of course, don't forget that if you do pre-register for War Zone Mobile, there's also.

The ghost condemned operator is still available!

The ghost condemned operator is still available!

Another ghost operator skin you can get is the ghost condemned operator, which is like the base version. Of all these ghost skins here now, it's still unclear if they're going to be usable in MW3 or just War Zone Mobile.

Chances are it's going to just be war zone mobile, based on what we're seeing. I think the golden Phantom operator is just the one skin you can use across all games, but it would be fire as well. To get that ghost condemned skin in the base game, we did get leaked gameplay, as I mentioned of ghost condemned in MW3, in the main operator menu, which means that it's in the files of the base game, so it should theoretically be usable.

How to get all new rewards easily!

Here, the community earns a reward for each zone that is cleared, while individual players also earn specific rewards listed above that are accessible as soon as you earn them. As the event progresses and more event points are earned individually and collectively, the rewards get better for each respective zone.


Rewards can be claimed as soon as the zone has been cleared. All rewards can be claimed in the event store up until April 3rd at 9:00 a. M pacific Time rewards must be claimed within Waro Mobile, but once claimed again, they can be used across Waro Mobile MW3 and War Zone as well. So again, this is a War Zone mobile event; you have to get the game to play it, but overall, for the community event for the Golden Phantom Operator, you don't really have to participate; just download the game and get active in it.

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And what if the community overall gets the event points to unlock all the zones, which I'm pretty sure is going to happen? You'll just get them automatically. To get that content, you really don't have to participate. But if you want the individual, rewards, for the bloody Reaper ghost operator, and all the other cosmetics that go along with that, you actually have to play the game and get event points, and you know, unlock that stuff, but again, it's only usable in War Zone Mobile, so if you're going to play War Zone Mobile, then you could grind for it, and that would make sense to unlock that content.

But if you're not really planning on playing War Zone Mobile, just download the game, connect to your Activision account to the actual app, and just kind of participate; maybe play a little bit to contribute, but I'm very sure that the community. I will play this game a ton and will unlock all the zones, and you know, eventually unlock the ghost Phantom, the golden Phantom operator for all players who are playing War Zone Mobile, and have the activation account connected as well.

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