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There's now a way to get early access to new content releasing an MW3, we'll go through how to do that plus more free rewards dropping right now and much more in this article, but first off, here we have the War Zone Mobile Global release now live for all regions.

Multiple free cod rewards to claim right now!

Super fun game, honestly; it's definitely a little buggy right now.

We'll talk about the issues with the game later on in the article, but I think playing on Ver Dan Rebirth Island on a mobile device is a pretty fun experience overall, and even if you're not really interested in War Zone Mobile, there's a lot of other content-free skins and stuff like that you can use in MW3, and War Zone as well.

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So the first one is happening right now: the War Zone Mobile Watch Rewards, where if you just watch any official stream that has War Zone Mobile drops on YouTube. Twitch, or Tik Tok, you could get a conic Vapor operator skin, which I think is super cool. A d zero charm and a d zero longbow blueprint, so the stream I've been watching is the main YouTube stream.

Of course, make sure your Activision is connected to YouTube for a couple hours, and all those rewards should be loaded into your account pretty simply there. Of course, tomorrow is the official d0 event, where you have to play War Zone Mobile to get these rewards here, but once you unlock them, you can use them in MW3 and War Zone as well, so you're getting that ghostly golden Phantom operator skin.

the X12 Golden Flame blueprint, an M4 Heavy Thunder blueprint, another emblem, vinyl, and player card—so cool stuff there. You have to play War Zone Mobile, but you can get it in other games and, of course, in War Zone Mobile specifically. There are other rewards that you can get right now. There's a new daily login event with a pretty cool soap skin, only usable in War Zone Mobile, and there's also the ghost-condemned operator skin that I got on my second channel.


But there are a lot of War Zone Mobile exclusive rewards that I'll be breaking down again on the second channel now, as you guys probably know. Cod is very susceptible to bad connections and pings. A great way to fix this issue is by using a Gear Up booster, which is specifically designed to enhance your network environment if you play normally.

If you have bad connection issues and over 100 pings, Gear Up will cut that in half, which of course makes a huge difference. I have a pretty decent connection, but I still went from a 40 to 50 ping to as low as 10. It's super easy to use on a PC. Just install the program and look up Call of Duty.

Click on the PC version, select your region, give me one to boost, and that's it. If you're on the console, there's a game router called Hyperv. That will help your connection drastically as well. Just like the PC program, there's also an app for mobile devices. You could use this for COD mobile and, of course, War Zone mobile.

There's a bot lobby feature made specifically for COD that allows you to simulate being in a different part of the world, which gets you a better overall score. All while still enjoying the same fast matchmaking, speed, and low latency as before, you could switch servers whenever you wanted your network connection, and it will finally be stable.

You'll have the lowest possible ping, which is super easy to use with just one click, and your game is boosted, so it's safe to use.

Get early access to future mw3 content!

Get early access to future mw3 content!

Some more stuff is here. We got to talk about what's going on in War Zone Mobile. There's a lot of interesting stuff happening in the Arsenal Store here, so the first one is that you can now unlock a nine-times-am scope through the War Zone Mobile Arsenal Store. If you guys don't know how this works here, pretty much as you play any War Zone Mobile multiplayer match, War Zone Verance Rebirth, whatever it is, you'll get different Arsenal points or coins.

I guess they're called whatever they're called; they're super easy to get. You just play, and you just normally get them, kind of like how you get Battle Pass tokens, and you could go there and just unlock any item of your choosing. Even items that aren't even out yet, so I feel like Wars of Mobile is going to be this game here that's going to have a lot of content either out of early access or on purpose for whatever reason that you can obviously use an MW3 and War Zone as well.

The first one is this amp site here, which apparently was available in private matches.

A new best way to level up all new weapons & parts for mw3!

A new best way to level up all new weapons & parts for mw3!

And normal war zone experience. I mean, here's another example: R says that unlike MW2. MW3, and War Zone, there is no level cap per game in War Zone Mobile, so for the current titles, the most levels you could gain in a single game are eight, and then your XP gain is depreciated. It's lowered massively.

And again, for War Zone Mobile, theoretically, it wouldn't be capped, so you could probably get so many weapons done and so many items unlocked. Super quickly that you can bring over and use in MW3, and war zone so again I guess they're doing this to make it easier for the mobile players, but I feel like they might realize that people are going to try to game the system to get content early to get content faster, so maybe they'll Nerf it in some type of way, but regardless, this is how it should be anyway.

Warzone mobile teases future godzilla mw3 update!

Warzone mobile teases future godzilla mw3 update!

For the base game, capping levels per game is annoying, so we'll see what ends up happening with that, but it's still pretty cool out of War Zone mobile, and now for another example of War Zone mobile giving us some early sneak peeks at For unknown reasons, the MW3 beta skin for Jabber is named Godzilla, so more proof that a Godzilla bundle could release in season 3 as a part of the Monster Verse collaboration with Call of Duty.

So cool stuff. Of course, we talked about a Godzilla finishing move that got leaked out and how that could release in the game very soon, at least in a bundle, maybe in an event as well at some point very soon, but again. War Zone Mobile is just revealing early content. Now, it would be crazy if you could actually get the Godzilla operator skin and use it early in War Zone Mobile, something that is also available or will be available in the base games as well.

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I do see that happening, so as I said, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on instances here of War Zone Mobile giving us early access to future content as well as all that good stuff. Finally, hear.

Updates needed for warzone mobile (first impressions)

Forzo mobile first impressions from Jgod; he talks about Rebirth Island here specifically, so it performed well on the iPad and worked seamlessly with OBS and HDMI.

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