News - More Warzone 2 Updates: Dragon Event, Free Rewards & Exclusive Operators Releasing



Let's go through the new MW3 update. In today's article, there's a new Dragon event with a bunch of free rewards, exclusive operators, camos, and much more.

Mw3 season 2 new multiplayer updates & overall season review

The multiplayer content, the war zone content, and, I guess, the lack of zombie content—I think overall it's a decent update. For multiplayer, we have a small map M pit with Stash House rust shipment and meat, which is really cool to see there, and there's a lot of other future playlists coming as well when Dos House is added for season 2 reloaded.

We'll have another small map added to the rotation, and I love the smallest midsize Maps are honestly super fast and super fun, so I definitely can't wait for that to be added very soon, but First up here, we have a new monster energy operator that leaked out.

New monster energy x call of duty exclusive operator!

modern warfare 3

This is so interesting, so of course we have the Monster Energy MW3 Promo, where if you bought a bunch of Monster Energy cans and submitted your receipt on their website, you would get a ton of extra Double XP.

double weapon XP, but more importantly, the exclusive Monster Energy operators. Cosmetics, camos, stuff like that pretty cool stuff there, and there's another Monster Energy operator releasing. Kind of interesting, but leakers are saying it might not just be the same type of promotion that we saw before.

The Warfare Forum says don't think this is a monster freebie promotion; it's a monster-themed operator bundle. It has a store bundle number, so I very much doubt it's going to be free. The operator skin is for the leaked operator-labeled bike, and the leaked execution is there as well. It's still cool to see some more Monster Energy collabs for Call of Duty.

I feel like they do go together a lot, and the content you get isn't that bad now. Hopefully you get some cool weapon blueprints, as well as some cool green monster energy tracers and stuff like that. I feel like it could be a decent bundle, so once we get more information on that, I'll be sure to update you guys on the channel, but also.

New free access to modern warfare 3 multiplayer & zombies

New free access to modern warfare 3 multiplayer & zombies

What's happening right now is MW3. The free trial period is from February 8 until the 12th, so what you'll be able to play for free are nine multiplayer maps.

We have Highrise, Rusty Meat Shipment. Stash House terminal, Rio, Karachi, scrapyard, A pretty good selection of maps, honestly. Five MP modes: TDM hardpoint dominance. Kill confirmed and team gun games, and also the full Modern Warfare Zombies experience, which you'll be able to check out for free, which is funny because they didn't add any new content to the mode.

I guess if you've never played it before, it's still cool to check it out. I do think it's a pretty solid mode overall, so that's the free access period. If you don't have MW3, you'll be able to go into the store and download it for free, and then obviously, in a couple days, you can't play anymore and you'll have to delete that entire install.

So it's a lot to install the entire MW3 game pretty much just to play for a couple days, but it is cool if you don't have it and you want to check it out for free.

New mw3 sale␦ is modern warfare 3 dying??

That's what we have here from now until February 12th, and alongside This also means that MW3 is also on sale for all platforms, through next week up to 30% off so I guess they want people to check it out for free with a free trial and then potentially buy it for a disc account if they so please, which is interesting because does this mean that MW3 isn't selling that well?

They want to get some more sales up. Is it not doing that well? Not necessarily sometimes they do these discounts after launch just because it doesn't hurt to have more people buy the game. I guess, but it is interesting to see them do sales like these, and we already had MW3 sales a couple weeks ago, so I don't know if I mean MW3.

Early preview: year of the dragon mw3 dlc event

Early preview: year of the dragon mw3 dlc event

But for some new content, we do have another event releasing, the Year of the Dragon event, which is being teased in the event menu right now, but we have an early preview. Of the event, the rewards we're getting, and much more. Up on screen, here we have the Year of the Dragon. Start the new lunar year off with a bang with this field rep event.

Earn XP in the game to unlock rewards. Equip the emperor skin from the full-kit dragon soul Lunar New Year bundle for a boost, which is actually live in the store right now. I'll break that down in a second. The rewards we're getting here Of course, in a normal XP progression event, we have a majestic warrior and weapon sticker here.

Double XP Lantern Knights decal. A double-weapon XP token, a charm here, another large decal. A pretty cool gilded Emperor, we have a callon card Dragon Glow double battle pass XP, and then the dragon scales Universal Camo, which is okay. I guess, but another event, there again are these events too crazy.

No, it's a simple XP pression event, but it is still fun to grind for something. In the past, we didn't have any events, and you were kind of just playing mindlessly leveling up your weapons, which is good, but having another thing to grind for and another reason to play the game, even if it's just some minor cosmetics, is still cool to see and Of course, here's the full-kit Dragon Lunar New Year bundle in the store right now, unfortunately.

Mw3 full kit dragon: lunar new year bundle overview

Mw3 full kit dragon: lunar new year bundle overview

It costs 3, 000 C points, which is a bit insane. There is a lot of content here, but 3, 000 C points is a lot, man. It does come with a jabber Emperor Operator skin, which we'll preview here. It's pretty cool skin; it's definitely interesting; and it's pretty vibrant as well. Cool vibe I would say we have a shotgun blueprint here with Year of the Dragon tracers.

Let's preview the tracers first to see how they're looking. They look like an orange—actually, a pretty vibrant orange. Look at that one more time. Okay, pretty cool, and then we have an HRM 9 blueprint as well, the same type of shotgun. Well, actually, no, the shotgun looks a lot better. We'll preview this one here.

That green effect is pretty cool, and then this one is a little more dull and not my favorite. There we have an equipment skin. So in this bundle, you're getting a dragon wall equipment skin. That's kind of crazy; that's actually pretty cool. They should do more of these, honestly. Fire breather, Okay, this is for the wheelson, right, and then we have the burning dragon here, equipment skin Thermite, and a thunder dragon equipment skin here.

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