News - These 20 New Warzone 2 Zombies Updates Are Finally Good. All Secret Changes



There are 20 new zombie updates in MW3. They're actually pretty good. We'll break down what they are and much more in today's article.

New dark aether rift added to mw3 zombies!

Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new, but first off, Here you're going to see in the background of this article the new dark ether Rift location in S City in Al Masra and, of course, a new act for Story Mission as well, so overall.

Operation Dead Bull is tasked with investigating a new anomaly in the MW storyline. Terminous outcomes are becoming Boulder and following your squad into the dark ether. Lean on your expert guide. Serg Raven, to assess the situation and survive the dark ether, and for the rift overall, of course, keep your eyes open following the cryptic clues and complete time tasks to unlock access to the rift gate once inside, complete challenges, and survive to earn coveted rewards like the blood burner key.

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And more importantly, the Rifts are unlocked by solving a hidden quest that activates after completing the new season to reload Story Mission, so overall, my review of this mission here is pretty cool, as you know you go through on an ACV. You complete some different things you go through to get rid of some spores, in the main s City Mall which side note that mall would be so sick as a separate mini round based map but of course they just are not going to do that so many cool locations would be cool as a separate mini round based map but you know it is what it is there then you move ahead follow the ACV towards the end you end up in this area where you defeat this final boss there it's pretty much just like an EMP, electrified mangler.

It's a very, very easy mission. I mean, this is completely doable solo. I did it with a friend, but it's very doable solo, and no point did I feel, you know, overran by zombies. It really is a lot easier than the first season one reloaded Dark Eternity Mission, so I guess that's good, but at the same rate.

We'll be doing a bunch of content over there, gameplay articles on zombie secrets, and much more for this new update and for future updates as well.

Kino der toten music easter egg in season 2 reloaded!

Kino der toten music easter egg in season 2 reloaded!

I'll just include this in this article; there is actually K-tone 115 music. Easter egg exactly how it worked back in that game, you pretty much find three different, you know, 115, rocks or meditations. I guess I'll show the locations up on screen; you click to activate all of them, and that OG song will play in the game, which is so cool.

I don't know why they did that—just a little music. Easter egg I'll take it, though there's definitely some cool nostalgia there, but overall, it's decent. The Rift addition to the game is not really the craziest update, but it is still pretty cool, I guess, and of course.


Before we break down some more updates here, a quick shout-out to you for GM If you need cheap C points, rare unlock codes, zombie schematics Mastery is much more than that.

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Three new zombies schematics added


Have new acquisitions and schemes, of course, so mags of holding, skip to reload, and pull ammo directly from your weapons ammo stash so you could keep pumping out damage without needing to stop and fill up again. I got one for completing that new dark ether boss there, which is pretty cool.

We have a blood burner key as well and need a sick ride. Look no further than the blood burner key. You could summon this two-wheeler Wonder vehicle at will while cruising. Style with this nearly indestructible bike that can move across water and is fueled by the blood of zombies you flatten under its tires.

Activate the bike's ether pulse ability to blast enemies in close proximity, and for a pro tip, mastering the E bra separates the best from the rest. If you need to take a corner, use the E bra to maximize handling, and of course, the VR 11 wonder weapon. Cas schematic as well. In battle, every Ally counts bolster your numbers using the vr11 wonder weapon capable of transforming zombies into friendly mercenaries, and mercenaries into friendly zombies. Squad mates getting swarmed, you could also target allies with the VR 11, providing them with temporary immunity from zombie aggression are now next here.

New exfil streak rewards in mw3 zombies

New exfil streak rewards in mw3 zombies

We finally have containment levels in the game. Season 2 reloaded introduces containment levels and a new tiered xfill streak system that is immediately available to all players who complete contracts.

And successfully fill from the exclusion zone to increase your containment level up to 100 across 10 different tiers, so we're rewards increase as your containment level tier increases, so at tier one, level two, start with 500. Essence tier two, level five, starts with five armor plates; tier three, level eight, starts with a thousand Essence Tier 4.

Level 12: 30% discount on per-ola machine cost Tier 5. Level 20: Start with 1500 Essence Tier 6. Level 30: 30% bonus on the contract Essence rewards: Tier 7 Level 40 starts with 2500 Essence; Tier 8 Level 50: 50% discount on the mystery box cost Tier 9 level 75 starts with 5, 000 Essence, and Tier 10 level 100 20% discount on pack-and-play Punch costs are there, and players who are unable to successfully XEL will be knocked back a single tier. so pretty cool rewards there in one game that I played I got to tier three level eight which was pretty doable and of course if you complete contracts and higher tier zones you'll get more levels so a tier one contract will give you plus one containment level a tier two will give you plus two and tier three plus three as well so if you guys want to be really efficient and get all those containment levels if you can survive tier three would be the way to go if you could survive it, but for some new stuff here, of course we have the new warlord.

New keres warlord boss added

New keres warlord boss added

Caris, here a Deadly and Elusive Chemical Warfare Specialist, Caris, is set to challenge even the most prepared squads. Those brave enough to face her will find her in the killhouse at Orav Military Base. Come prepared and approach with extreme caution. Expect her fortress to be well defended by soldiers and snipers.

Turret traps, poison gas grenades, and gas masks are highly recommended. Now for a bunch of gameplay updates here for Contract that addressed the multiple instances of contract spawning in Warlord strongholds, that's pretty good for enemies here.

New mw3 zombies gameplay updates

great will no longer follow players to the final xville chopper for zombies addressed in multiple instances where zombies would be unable to target or follow a player for terminous outcomes.

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