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Let's take an early look at the Walking Dead DLC event in MW3. We have leaked gameplay, all the free rewards, the Mastery Camo Operator event details, and much more. We'll go through all the information in today's article. we saw Yesterday we got a lot of updates here, including ranked play for MW3 multiplayer, and War Zone should be fully back online, which is good to see.

We have a progression tracking fix for all platforms as well. In addition to this fix, players will now earn double skulls in the hord hunt event. The Double XP Weekend has also been extended until 8:00 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, February 27th, which is cool to see Modern Warfare 3 zombies fully back online as well, so all of the issues we saw yesterday should be fully fixed here.

There is one issue, though, that I saw a lot of you guys talking about yesterday. GM, if you need cheap C points, rare unlock codes, ZOM schematics, Mastery camos, and much more, There's a bunch of stuff over there. War Zone, and zombies. We have a bunch of new events as well as operators releasing it; it looks to be a pretty decent reloaded update now, usually.


Those reveals happen on a Wednesday, which is exactly a week before the update comes out, but of course The Walking Dead event is going to be this upcoming Wednesday, so they may do it on a Thursday the day after, or maybe they'll just do the same day as a big reveal, and then right after the reveal happens, we have The Walking Dead event, so the actual timing might be different, but for a quick reminder, regardless, this season is expected to release on Wednesday.

March 6th, at these times up on screen, which is in a little over a week from now, of course, so we'll of course be covering all the content. We're getting free rewards and much more for season 2; reload it, but for our final event, a part of the first half of season 2, it's The Walking Dead, which begins again this Wednesday.

February 28th, here, and lasts until March 6; we're getting 10 total rewards here. I feel, is an IP that is deserving of a much bigger event where we have a Walking Dead LTM in multiplayer. War Zone zombies are walking around all that cool stuff. Of course, we just had zombies on Fortune's Keep, and we still have some right now happening.

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There are a lot of zombie events happening, but I feel like The Walking Dead is the one thing you would want to do a zombie event for because the show is literally about killing zombies, especially for MW3. Zombies having some type of cool Walking Dead LTM specifically for that mood, would have been so cool would have made so much sense and would have garnered a lot of hype in my opinion, and they're not doing that so maybe we'll have a part two Walking Dead event in the near future and we actually get all that stuff we'll see very soon but for this event here we do have an early look at all the free rewards we're getting so this leaked clip here shows a template of the Year of the Dragon event we got a couple weeks back but all the rewards that show up here are the rewards we're getting for The Walking Dead event so the first one here is the Brave Man weapon sticker, a double XP token, a red machete large decal.

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A double-weapon XP token, we have a Lucille charm, here Carl's favorite large decal, a Sheriff Deputy Rick emblem, and here a don't open Dead Inside calling card. A double battle pass XP token and a barbed and dangerous camo, and this is not the camo that we're getting. Of course, this is the previous dragon scales camo, but we do have a look at the Barb and dangerous camo, which again is cool.

Is it vibrant? Is it the best camo we've seen? No, but it's free, and hopefully it just isn't a million XP to get because if it's a decent amount of XP, then it is kind of worth it. Again, it's a cool update. It's a cool collaboration, but I still feel like this event, especially for The Walking Dead, should have been much bigger than what it is right now.

Of course, as part of this event, we're also getting the Tracer Pack Walking Dead Michonne, Operator bundle, which we have a full early preview of here. Let's break down this bundle. If you have the Michael operator equipped while playing this event, you'll get extra XP towards completing the event, which is cool to see, but for the bundle here, it costs 2400 C points.

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Pretty standard here; you're getting the base Mone operator. We have a bunch of blueprints as well, so all the blueprints come with death and decay tracers. And a Michael's specialty death effect—a cool red look there. The first weapon blueprint is for the MCW. A decent look there is pretty lowkey, but the blood effect is kind of cool.

A longbow blueprint, as well as a dual kadachi blueprint, so lowkey blueprints Pretty solid there. You're getting a weapon sticker as well. Believe a little longer, a large decal. The ones who live a weapon charm here. Mike. And I think there's one more, it seems, but we're not getting a preview of that, but regardless, a bunch of cosmetics, and I'll play a clip of a bunch of her finishing moves as well, so a pretty decent bundle overall for 2400 comp points.

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Now, it would have been cooler. Honestly, if the entire season 2 battle pass was a Walking Dead theme where we had the Rick Rymes operator, the Michonne operator, as well as the base operators, let's say, but then a bunch of other characters from the show we could see here. Event fatigue, and I know that in the past we didn't have as many events as we do now, and I still think more events Weekly events or biweekly events are much more engaging and fun than no events at all, because at least there's a reason to play.

There's always something to grind for, even if it's a Mastery camo, blueprint, or even an operator skin that might not be that cool, but it's acceptable enough to grind for. It's still better than nothing. For MW2 and past games, we had events, but we have to wait longer periods of time to play those events now for MW3.

A lot of events are great, but they're the same type of events every single time. An XP progression event is a challenge event with some pretty basic challenges. You know, I mean, it's just nothing different. It seems like it's just the same type of event with a different look, a different crossover, and a different collab, so I don't know if we're getting an event.

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Maybe not maybe you guys disagree with me. I still think that what we're getting right now is much better than what we've ever seen in the past. Honestly, more events like this are just better and more fun than nothing, but is it getting a bit old and tiresome? Do they need to come up with a new event format?

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