News - A Huge First Look At Warzone 2 Season 3 Content Update. Rebirth Island, Aw Weapons & More



Here's our first look at the season 3 content update. Rebirth is advanced warfare weapons and much more; let's break it all down in.

Mw3 season 3 release date info

This article is now based on the current season 2 battle pass. The expected release date for season 3 is Wednesday, April 3rd, which is less than a month from today.

Pretty soon we'll be getting official marketing a blog post breaking down exactly all the content we're getting, but we already know and we have some early gameplay images of some of the content we'll go through in this article. Pretty exciting stuff is here. Season 2 Reloaded was okay, but I'm definitely looking forward to season 3 and a quick reminder.

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Rebirth island early images & zombies map??

modern warfare 3

First up regarding rebirth ISS returning, we got some initial confirmation from Call of Duty at Cnex that Fortune's Keep and Rebirth would come back, which was a big surprise to a lot of people but did make sense as you know Fortnite had a lot of success with the you know OG map returning.

OG weapons, and content stuff like that. Call of Duty probably wanted to do that as well, which makes sense there, and those are some pretty solid Overall. I think Fortune's Keep was not around long enough; it was available for like six or seven months right during Vanguard, so that map was pretty underrated.

And I'm having a lot of fun playing on it in, you know, 2024. And of course, rebirth is a classic that a lot of people want to see return, and it is returning. In MW3, now we don't know exactly when Fortune Keep just came out. A month ago, right at the beginning of season 2, no one was expecting rebirth to release, so soon we thought season 4 or maybe season 5, but based on recent leaks, it is releasing.


During season 3, potentially season 3's launch in the beginning of April, which is so crazy, and of course, just recently, we got an early image of Rebirth Island in MW3, which almost confirms that it is releasing season 3 very soon. When you start to get early images like this in the files, that means it's up next there.

I'm very excited for the fact that Rebirth Island is going to be a great addition to War Zone, but there are some differences here. It seems like there is a crack or some type of map change here; it's not going to be exactly what it was back during War Zone 1, which I'm completely fine with. I saw some people saying, No, I want Rebirth to be the exact same.

I don't mind there being some different POI changes in the earthquake, crack, or some type of explosion on a building, as long as the general layout is the same, but there are some slight alterations. That shouldn't be a big deal. On rebirth, if there are some slight POI changes, would you like that, would you hate it, or do you not really care?

mw3 2023

Of course, we do want to see Rebirth Island in Zombies. Is that going to happen? I would say no at this point. I mean, we originally thought that MW3, zombies, would follow a similar format to that of DMZ, where anytime There was a new war zone resurgence map last year that would also get added right into DMZ, along with the other locations as well, like Building 21, so we thought maybe for this year we would get, of course.

Ersan. Zombie, but also Vond. Del Zombie ashika Island, and Fortune keep and eventually rebirth Island, but since we have nothing in zombies right now, I doubt they're going to start randomly with rebirth Island. Although it would be super cool, that's pretty much mobbing the dead zombies on a large scale.

It just seems like they're not going to do it, which is so unfortunate. And even the dark ether Rift locations are all just pois from Al Masra's Warzone map last year. The first one was the Fortress area of Alaza; the one we just got was S City; and apparently a new one is going to be Zarell hydroelectric.

Pretty much, you know what I mean, so all the dark-ether Rift locations are not even new as well. It looks like we're going to stay in Alaza for all the future ones, so Rebirth Island, although it would be so sick as a zombie edition, looks like it's not happening, but maybe I'm wrong.

Advanced warfare weapons leaked for season 3

Advanced warfare weapons leaked for season 3

Maybe they'll surprise us; we'll see very soon, but now for the advanced Warfare side of things here, this is so cool, so the season 3 launch weapons should be the MP9, full auto pistol, the B 27 AR, the Moors sniper rifle, and the compound bow, so not all advanced Warfare weapons, but still pretty sick.

MP9, I guess similar to that from MW3, is cool, the Bal the Moors that's so fire, and the compound boat as well. There's a pretty solid selection here of weapons, and of course there were other Advanced Warfare weapons that did leak out, supposedly. The asm1 and the EM1 were scrapped from season 3, and now the EM1 I don't care as much, honestly, like it was a cool weapon we saw in AW; we also saw it in Vanguard, surprisingly, but I don't mind then not returning, but the asm1.

mw3 beta

It was such an iconic weapon, and it was so fun to use SMG Man, the Sm1 Spyz. I was so sick that I talked about in a previous article that it would be cool if they brought the Speaky Z as a blueprint into MW3. Now obviously, that could be a way to win, so maybe it could be a free blueprint as part of an advanced Warfare-themed event that would be a good compromise, and the battle 27 as well, bringing back the OG obsidian.

Steed would be so sick, but make sure it's not paid to win. Make sure it's not from a bundle; it's actually a free reward that everyone can grind for, but once you get it, it is really good. Just exactly how it was back in the Advanced Warfare type of weapon. It's so fun to use a cool look as well.

So, I mean, I really hope for a lot of awesome, themed stuff here. The weapons are cool. I can't wait for that, but of course there's so much more they could do here. They have to at least bring back one OG Advanced Warfare map. If there's ever time to do it, it would be now for MW3, SL chamber games just brought back Dos House from Vanguard.

I mean, they need to bring back an advanced warfare map. I know it's weird because Advanced Warfare had the EXO suits and the maps were made for EXO jumps and stuff like that, so you do have to alter the maps a little bit, but there are still so many cool maps that would be fire to see in MW3, just to name a few.

Here we have Ascend. Atlas Gorge, Instinct here, Bolab, was a great one that would definitely work a comeback. Perplex was cool, although that required a lot of boost jumping, honestly, Defender. Detroit Recovery Retreat Riot was sick; what are some other ones? Horizon Terrace, of course, was so cool.

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