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I'm going to show you a crazy way that you can use the Tombstone glitch to get an insane amount of weapon levels and camos and literally unlock anything you want in zombies. And lastly, if you want zombie schematics, zombies camos multiplayer, camos operator skins multiplayer bot lobbies, or even better, all the guns in the game MaxRank, then check out {601}.

He has tons of good reviews, he's safe and trusted, and quick check them out. Use code neon for 10% off. There are a few ways to do this. You can either get a friend or someone in my Discord to drop you a bunch of the turret circuits, and then you can use the Tombstone glitch to keep them by either doing the method where you go ahead and shoot the symbols on the wall to keep your Tombstone, or there is the other way that's also useful as well, but I'll show you this way.

First, of course, you can shoot the symbols on the tombstone and go back over to the dark portal. Activate it, then run as fast as you can back over to the portal you just opened. Then run out of bounds, and just when your timer hits 2 seconds to accept the vote for the dark ether, you want to accept it when it goes to 2 seconds, run out of bounds, and when it gives you the black screen after Squad eliminated, the portal screen has come up.

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Just quit your application, come back on, and this way you will notice. With the Tombstone glitch, that's the way it is right now. You will keep anything you have on you, but the turret mods will disappear. Any turret mods that you get dropped on will disappear, but don't worry, they'll still be in your tombstone, along with anything else you put in there as well.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Now, that's one way to save your tombstone. I'll show you the other way now as well. Now I'm going to get unlimited Essence for this glitch that I'm going to be showing you because the unlimited Essence is very useful. Now the other way to save your Tombstone, is you can drink Tombstone, perk itself, or a can it doesn't matter if you bring one in then if you actually down yourself and completely give up if you've got a friend there with you they can just revive you and that will set your Tombstone, for the next game with all the essence you had in it and all the items you had in it as well before you actually downed yourself and gave up you can do this solo as well you can literally just die in front of a random player ple for help and get them to revive you as well that also works so it's completely up to you and what you want to do now when doing it this way you will actually have to die at the end of each game and get the eliminated, screen along with all the XP, popping up now there is a downside to doing it this way and that is you will lose your large backpack.

But this method is very crucial as well when it comes to the glitch I'm going to be showing you. So now you know the two ways to save your tombstone and how they work. You know what to put on a weapon that you want to get weapon levels on, and you just place that on your equipped loadout for your insured weapon.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

Now, when you go into a game either way, no matter what tombstone or method you have used, you will see your tombstone on the map. You can go over to it and loot it now if you've done the method where you actually got someone to revive you and you left the game and died. Then, unfortunately, you will not have a large backpack or anything, so just leave your tombstone there and grab the essence out of it.

Go to a Tier 3 byy station and buy yourself a large backpack and a Level 3 vest. Go back towards your tombstone, and now you can completely crumble it. That's it, and you can do the method now for keeping your tombstone, such as going in at tier three and giving up. Now this is a solar way of doing it.

You can just get a random person to revive you, and now I just said thank you to them. I teabagged them because that's the way of saying thanks. Now it is on Call of Duty. I can now buy myself a self-res or find one off the floor like I did right there, so I don't actually end up dying again, and I can also pack-a-punch my guns now and go over and get perks, which is really good.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

All of that is possible because of my Max Essence. At this point, you can look on the map and look for any turrets that's next to xils or any turrets that are next to any Outlast locations. Now this can be different every single game, and you will get lucky sometimes, and sometimes you will get unlucky, and you'll have to try in a different game.

After messing around with this. I found the best location for it to be in tier two with the actual X fills themselves, so you go over to the turret and you can place the turret mods into the actual turret itself. Then, right away, just activate the XML. Look at how perfect that is. The turret is facing directly on the xfill, and as soon as you activate the xfill and you've got any weapon in your hand that you want to get weapon levels on, you can actually just level it up like crazy.

You will have unlimited zombie spawns when you're doing this xfill over and over again, and it won't be long until you start seeing those juicy XP flowing in for the weapons. This gun was level one at the start of the game; it was level two right away. I've not used it; I just went ahead and brought it into this game for the first time, and you will see the number of weapon levels I'm going to get from doing this.

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Once you activate the xville, you can head back up on top of the location where the turret is and activate a double weapon XP token if you like; if it's not needed, sit there AFK, so you can activate the actual xfill. Go up, just sit next to the turret, and go AFK. By the way, you're a legend, and you can just see the XP start to flow in.

You will level up your weapon like mad now. I ended up getting, I think, 11 or 12 weapon levels. You can go to the ammo crates to refill your ammo, so you've got unlimited ammo, and you can just keep coming back to this area, and you can have unlimited zombies and unlimited XP for your weapon, and you can just keep rinsing, repeating this over and over again.

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This location was actually really good because it spawned extra zombies underneath this tunnel right here. I found out after I was doing it for a while that there's actually zombies underneath this tunnel, and you can just kill them after activating the xfill. So the chopper will go ahead and land, and all of the zombies on the top end of this tunnel will get killed by the turret, and everything underneath this will spawn a lot of manglers.

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