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Use code Neon for 10% off at checkout. I recommend doing this glitch at your own risk. This is game-breaking. This is an old-style neon article. I thought you knew what to screw with. I'm a glitching channel, so I'm going to make glitching articles. No matter what it is, I'm just going to post it.

fastest max weapon level

So what you want to do for this glitch is that it's not just your ordinary out-of-map glitch, okay on multiplayer. This is more than that; this is going to get you an insane nuke very quickly, and it's very easy to do. I'm going to show you exactly how this can get you a nuke right away. You will literally see right here that you can go on top of this map on six stars, and as I said, I know you're probably thinking neon.

I know this is an out-of-the-box glitch, but usually they're rubbish, and you just stand there for ages waiting for one person to get into your sights before you can actually kill them. Well, yeah, it is at the start, but this glitch can become insanely op. When you get to a certain spot, as you can see, right now you can actually go underneath the whole map, and it is insanely broken.

This is not for everyone, but you can do this in hardcore, and you're not obviously going to have a high chance of getting banned or anything like that, and you can go for an easy nuke instantly. This is going to be insanely good for weapon XP rank. XP camos, like your full-on camo grind your event, camo that's on right now when you need XP for that now, this is all really good for it and because it's hardcore.

modern warfare 3

Nobody's going to know where you're actually getting shot from, so you can go in here and get all these kills without people knowing you're actually in this glitch. Now I'm going to be showing you soon in this article how you can actually do this every single time without messing up because it's one of those glitches that you're going to want to practice before you actually do it, and I'm going to show you how you can actually practice it and show you the best ways to get into this to make it insanely easy for you.

As you can see right there, I got an insane Nook, and it did not take me that long at all. The best game mode to do this in is domination, but I don't think that in that game mode there was domination. So that was a shorter game mode, and it just shows you how quick you can actually do this, so as you can see right there, that's how you actually get into the glitch on Six-Star.

modern warfare 3 glitches

It's a timing-related glitch, but I'm going to show you how you can actually do it without needing the timer there, and you can practice doing it to make the most out of this glitch. I recommend getting a weapon and a loadout that will go ahead and give you a lot of bullets within your mag, but you're obviously going to use any gun that you want to work on for weapon XP.

So it's actually completely up to you; you can do it with a sniper. As you can see right here, I tried it with a sniper. Eventually, I did run out of ammo, but don't worry, I've got a little solution. For you to get some extra kills after you run out of ammo, if you're using a gun with a really small mag, you're going to also need to get yourself a deployable.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

Cover and put that on your class as well so what you want to do everyone is come over to this location on the map and you're wanting to jump down onto this barrier over to your right and you want to make your way around and slide into this Gap right here right before the time runs out, and doing that every single game will allow you to actually get in here and get a bunch of kills now you're probably also thinking neon but how am I going to get this map all lot well that's actually a good thing because season 3 Mosh Pit is actually out right now and this map is very popular on it and this does get put into rotation, a lot on this little moshpit, game mode so just like a neon article like an old style version of me I thought I would explain this whole glitch first and tell you how this can actually be useful and also warn you that this is at your own risk if you do this okay because there is a chance if you do get caught you're going to possibly get banned or Shadow band or anything like that but.

That's the same with all glitches. You know what I mean, like all glitches can actually get you in trouble. You can also use the sentry gun in this glitch. This is what I was talking about with Ammo. If you run out of ammo and you get a sentry gun, you can actually keep placing it down, and you can get a bunch of kills.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

You can even go inside the camera view of the sentry gun and get tons of kills with that as well. It's insane op this is the most OP out of map glitch I've ever seen, ever since like the Cold War days. Anyway, let's talk in more detail about how to do this and practice it a lot more. I've already shown you how to do the glitch, but I'm going to also show you how you can practice it.

Going to the C games Put the time limit up to 45 minutes and put your field upgrade on times 10, spawn into the game, and put down a tactical insert. You want to jump off the edge now. When you jump off the edge and die, press pause and hover over Change Team. As soon as your tactical intelligence goes to zero, you want to actually change teams and then repick your class again.

Once you've done that, you want to change your class, put a deployable cover on it, and kill yourself one more time. Now, with that method that we just did there with the tactical insertion, it's going to allow you to not die now or get any sort of timer. When trying and practicing this glitch, come to this location right here, and the best way to do this is on this rail.

modern warfare iii

You want to look and jump directly at that wall, and it will automatically make you fall underneath onto the little rail. Stay up against the wall, turn right, and jump onto the little platform. Make your way over to this section right here. You will see this bit go over to the left, and you will get through.

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