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fastest mw3 weapon xp

If you guys are new to the channel, don't forget to drop a like. Don't forget to subscribe. We are pushing tons of Call of Duty content out for you guys. We're looking for new zombie glitches and all of that good stuff. We have some of the best droppers for MWZ schematics. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos, such as Interstellar Borealis, hard-unlocked, or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts, be sure to check out Mitch {720}.

They include tons of legitimate services for Playstation, Xbox, and PC and have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act fast. So you guys just got the new update. You guys are ready to use the Moris Sniper, or maybe the submachine gun. You're getting pumped for the battle 27 to come out, or maybe you just want to level up some guns since we still have double weapon XP, double battle pass, and all of that.

So let me show you guys how to use some of these weapons so you can see them right here on screen. I'm going to my snipers right now, and I can have a Morris right here that is locked. This means I don't have it unlocked yet because I haven't obtained it from the battle pass, but if we go to Armory, you can see right here that I already have a sniper build set up.

fastest weapon xp in mw3

The reason being that there is a bypass to be able to get tons of attachments on your weapons without even unlocking them or leveling up your weapon in the first place. So what this basically means is that I can have all the best attachments on my weapons without even having them to the max level, so we're going to go ahead and show you guys other things.

For instance, if we move over to marksman rifles, I believe I don't really use any of these. Okay, so we have the TAC M right here. You can see this is level one. This is a base build. There's nothing on this gun at all, and we're going to show you guys how to get all the good attachments on a weapon like this.

So I said we're going to use that Tac M, and we're going to show you guys how to make your way over to the war zone. Then, once you are on the war zone side, go to a private match right here. You guys don't need to have anybody with you. You guys don't need to have a minimum of 50 people in order for this to work.

level guns fast on mw3

All you need to do is create a private match. Wait for it to connect to the server. Join Squad, and once you're in here, you will see a weapons tab, so move over to your weapons tab. You can go ahead and edit. You can see this right here on the YouTube thing or on YouTube for my Morris Sniper. This is how I made my Sniper build.

All I want to do is go to edit, swap out a gun, and I'm going to move over to Marksman rifles, and then we're going to go all the way over to that stack M we were talking about; for instance, this is level one. Since we are in a private match, we can equip this and put any attachment we want on it, so we can go ahead and put that Jack BFB on there, we can put the barbells that we want, we can put a laser, we can change the optic, we can put a glassless on, maybe we want to put a rear grip or something on it, but we can max this out with everything that we want to put on it.

level guns in mw3

Now Once you have your build done for any gun in the game at all, all you need to do is save the custom mod. For instance, we're going to go ahead and save this as Help, so now that we have this saved, we are good to back out. We are going to go ahead and back all the way out to the main menu, and you saw that we saved our tacm, built with YouTube help.

Now we're going to go into multiplayer, or maybe you even want to go into War Zone, or maybe even zombies, for instance. You can go ahead and take this weapon that's not even leveled up and use it in every other game mode. Now we're going to go into multiplayer, really quick move over to our weapons, and show you guys that we have this full Tac M maxed out without even leveling it up, so we're not supposed to have it.

Let's go ahead and edit really quickly, so we are in multiplayer. Let's find this Marksman rifle, and you can see it is still level one out of 26. We haven't done anything at all, but you see, we have a new custom mod for it, so if we move over here, we can see YouTube help is right here, and we have a whole bunch of attachments on it that we're not supposed to have.

level weapons fast on mw3

Let's go ahead and equip this, and then if we look at our gunsmith, you can see all of this stuff is actually locked. But if we go to the firing range, all of these items are still on our gun, so this is going to be how you level up everything in the game and have no issues at all, so you're going to have the best weapons already on your gun, and you don't even have to work for them.

This is super, super good for all my snipers out there who don't want to have to deal with all the sweaty lobbies, especially on day one, but yes, this is going to be one of the best ways to get all of the best attachments on your weapons. At level one, you guys can keep doing this over and over, which makes it easier to level up your weapons in general.

Personally, I like this. Don't go too crazy, though. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll catch you guys in the next article,

NEW Warzone MW3 UNLOCK ALL GLITCH AFTER PATCH! Unlock All Guns Attachments.
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