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is in the description; now just a quick warning: when it comes to your insured weapons, bring in two of them. It does not matter if you're not going to lose them, but there is a way you can lose them, and I'll show you how to avoid that in the article. Now, you're also going to bring in any of your Wonder Weapons that you want to make super OP, and remember, don't forget the legendary I almost forgot to make sure to put a Molotov in your class as well.

This is very important when you're in the game. Go over to an ammo café and get yourself an extra Molotov. Just in case you fail this glitch, now you have a few choices here. You can either do some contracts and save up or get yourself a self-revive. From one of the tier 2 bu stations or a tier 3 bu station, it costs you 5, 000 Essence points for one of them, or you can bring a friend in with you to revive you, or you can bring a dog bone in if you have one and use the dog to revive.

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Now, when you're ready, you're going to go over and activate one of the raid weapon stashes, contracts, And you want to make sure you also have a jug on you. I forgot to mention that when you get over to the Vault you do not want to go ahead and open it you want to throw a Molotov, at the ground at your feet once you throw this right before you're about to die press the button to open up the safe well put the drill onto the safe to start opening it and what's going to happen is it's going to start the animation and it's going to down you this is the point where you want to use yourself revive or get your dog to revive you or a friend, and once you've done that and you get back up you will notice you have another slot, this is basically mu kick now mu kick is not in the game but this is the way we're going to get it you now have a third weapon slot and we can use this to our advantage.

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Now you want to activate any of your Wonder Weapons that you want to make completely, and make sure you do not do what I did because I found out the hard way that if you die, you do lose this glitch. Okay, so at this point, you're now going to want to open up your backpack and see what weapon is in your second weapon slot.

Now that weapon is the one you're going to switch to; in my case, it is a random-ass pistol. You want to bring out that weapon, and you want to activate your legendary ether tool on that actual weapon. Okay, so once you've activated this on your second weapon, you're indeed ready to finish the glitch.

As I said, don't do what I did; do not die accidentally. Because even if you plead for help and get revived, then that's going to unglitch this, and you will no longer have free weapon slots; it will just go ahead and take your weapons off you, which is actually really sad, so watch out for that. And yeah, so I did lose my scorcher from this, so I had to sadly start again now.

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As I said, you will need a jug for this. For the next step, that's literally the last step of this glitch. You will need a jug, and you can get that from Tier 3 by going to a buying station and buying it. We'll see how much it is right here. Also remember, if you die while doing this glitch, you'll also lose any current Tombstone you have on you.

So we're going to go in, and I'm going to do this again real quick, but this time I'm going to do it with a Ron instead of the scorcher because, sadly. I did not have any scorchers left, so we just simply go into the game. We go over, start the contract, throw the molotov at the floor quickly, and interact with the vault right before I die.

And this time I'm actually going to get my dog to revive me, so it's a good thing that I did just to show you that this also works when you get the dog to revive you as well, or you can go ahead and get a friend to revive you, and because I died last game. I brought a friend in with me and the dog, just in case I was not having that happen to me again.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

So as you can see, I've got a third weapon slot, and this time I'm going to actually use the ray gun. I'm going to activate my legendary ether tool on my secondary weapon slot that I have. As you can see, it's gold, which means it's worked, so what I want to do now is throw my jug. The jug that I bought at the buy station I've now brought with me.

I brought it in, and I'm now going to throw it on the floor. Once I've thrown that, I want to bring out the wonder weapon. Make sure the wonder weapon that you want to glitch out is in your hands when you pick up this jug. So I'm going to switch to my ray gun, and I'm going to go up to the jug, and I'm going to equip it.

It's as simple as that: when you get over to The Jug and you actually equip it, you just want to play through and let the timer run out on The Jug itself. And when the jug does run out, you will actually notice in the bottom corner that the gun is now gold. That's actually so cool that it's no longer gray anymore, so this makes it insanely OP now.

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What you can do is just go around and kill with this gun if you like, but if you have a Flawless Aium Crystal and you activate that, this makes the gun even more OP. This is like Pack-a-Punch, Tier 4. Now you don't actually have to have a crystal; you can just go to a pack-a-punch machine and do it there if you have enough Essence, and this just makes the gun absolutely deadly; it does it for every single wonder weapon in the game.

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