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I'm going to show you a crazy Camo Glitch/XP glitch right now on Modern Warfare 3 zombies. This can also be done AFK as well, though if you want to get yourself zombie schematics for literally every single one of the Borealis. Camo. The Bone Collector operator skin. Mission Boosting, and so much more, check out {648}.

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So this glitch itself, for the AFK part of things, does actually include a certain attachment on your weapon. If you don't want to do it AFK, then it does not matter; you don't need this, but if you want to do this glitch AFK, then it is the Ripper attachment, and it can go on most of the guns, as long as you can put that on your gun and you've got it unlocked.

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Definitely equip that now you'll need yourself an etherium Crystal golden armor an eeper blade and also a legendary tool to make this 10 times better but it's okay you don't 100%, need that you can do it without now I recommend going into the game and going over to tier three and buying yourself an armor vest if you don't already have one this next bit you're going to need is very essential you want to go over at the Wonder Fizz and you want to get yourself PhD Flopper, now this is going to help you not be able to take any damage from the fire of the dogs, that's why this is going to be very useful so make sure to get that it's very essential, now at this point you want to just go ahead and activate and cancel contracts until you get the exact contract that we're going to be needing, it is in tier 2 and you'll see it right here you're needing this Outlast contract in this exact location.

Once you've got that, you want to pick it up and head over to the Outlast contract itself, and there's also a good little entrance here that not a lot of people might not know about, and you can just go down this hole, and yeah, you can just go straight to the contract. That way, it's very useful.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Remember that doorway because it's going to come in handy soon. It's not only the spot that I'm going to be showing you. I've got a lot more things to show you in this article if you want to activate the actual contract itself. Get it up to 90 to 95%. Then you want to open up your map and cancel the contract.

Once you've actually canceled the contract, you will see You've got unlimited zombies now. A lot of people already know about this. This is just an unlimited zombie Outlast glitch, but what we're going to be doing now is showing you how you can do this AFK. First, and then, I'm going to show you some other cool spots.

If you want to do it AFK, remember that door I talked about earlier? Go over to it and activate the saw that's on your gun. Now, if you actually hold down this trigger, the saw will just go on forever because you do not need ammo for this saw to work, so what you want to do is stand in the doorway and just hold down this trigger.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

Now, because of aim assist, it's going to automatically aim at any zombie that tries to come through and hit you, and if you really want it to, you could do this AFK for the rest of the game while putting a rubber band around your controller. This is really good for weapon XP. If you shove on a double weapon XP, you can get up to 12 weapon levels per game, and I'm not sure what it is without a double weapon XP.

I'm sure it's the same, but it just takes longer to get up there. I'm not actually entirely sure. Now there's also this spot here for camos that I found when I was messing around with this. If you go on top of this crate, yes, they'll throw meat at you if you stay around too long and not shoot them, but if you don't and you shoot them straight away when they come into the room, then you can get yourself camos.

That way, they'll just kind of pile up below you and not hit you, and you can grind out your weapon camos because of the unlimited zombies with the Outlast contract. You can also go ahead and do this unlimitedly. So it is a really good Camo Glitch SLXP, Glitch, and it's also really good for weapon levels, event XP, and all that.

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