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Here's what's going on, everybody; it's my pa. What I got for you today is jump spots and sidelines for meat, so if you enjoy this, help me out massively, and if you find any of these useful, which you will, that's also good to know. If you're wondering why I've got high latency and packet bursts in my top left-hand corner and all that nonsense, for whatever reason my uploads are a bit of a [__] and I'm uploading the grease one as I am doing this so that explains that so when I'm showing you things and I shoot through windows and stuff and there's a bit of latency there that's why cuz for whatever reason the minute my upload is playing silly sausages, so jump spots and the sidelines for meat there was a reason that I opened that door early on because this is just an absolute kill factory so we'll just start from here and work a way through generally when I see people trying to lock down this side Corridor here they like hop on this be and lie down here yeah that's cool that's.

Cute Hoppity Hoppity. Hoppity, and look how much better that is. Yeah, nobody looks for you up here, man. I've got away with some dirty things up here, so that is, with great power comes great responsibility. Use that balcony wisely while we're at sea. Let's just shoot these windows out real quick.

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You'll see that it just takes a second for it to go through just because, like, say, I'm uploading another article at the same time, because my favorite spot on this map is when I am defending SE. And if you've watched any of my articles this is where I got my this is where I got either I got the Swarm and the nuke when I was playing on meet here, and generally I just come check overse cuz people are just like hover down there and hover down there and whatnot they just make themselves really easy targets and this is a great spot if you want to counter that spot, if somebody is down there doing your tit in royally pop that mirror off there you go and you'll be able to see them absolutely no problem and their line of sight on you is Tiny, alternatively, shoot through the car the cars are really useful on this map, and that is a good one also from this side when people are pushing you through these main doors here at the employees only station again just shoot through there pop them through there you'll have absolutely no problem cleaning them out, now C has got the best ones as well cuz this car here is super useful, take that out take that.

It's really good for, well, getting through there isn't the best, but getting through that main line of sight down there is really, really useful. You can also do it from this side as well. Now, down back here, there are some really, really good ones. So, when you come through here, check that, and then hop on this wall and go up against the shipping container here just to see if you're not going to because the graphic wall ends about there.

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So you're not going to see fantastically well who's coming, but if you want to just peek to see if anyone's coming through, it just offers you more cover than just getting yourself killed. Back here is also an underrated spot if you can just kind of marry up the mount. You'll be able to see straight down there, and it's like saying back over there is a major spawn point.

Unfortunately. I was kind of hoping you'd be able to see through these, but unfortunately, you cannot if you're pushing from the other way; though, like I said, if my spot is here, you're getting blown up from here. If you hop on these barrels and then come to the corner, you can kind of edge yourself onto the pallet.

Edge yourself, and you'll be able to see the C flag. Very well, it'll also offer you a little bit of the element of surprise for anybody pushing through the employees-only building, and that is a decent little spot. Over to the truck, you can just jump on there from standing, as well as Hoppity Hoppity, and just hop through.

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Generally, when people are taking B, this is actually a really decent spot to be able to take that from. If you do Mount, you can't look all the way over to the right, and inside is just the absolute kill factory that is meat. In there, it's not the best, so you kind of want to go in there as little as possible if you want to get high streaks, but if anyone's taking B, you can usually hop on there to take them out.

Come up here a bit more risky. get down there be able to take them out because in inside, here generally mainly people will just camp up on this part here again it's good for if you have the a flag and they're coming from C and they're just kind of like filing through but from a you're just going to get spotted there really quickly unless you know they're going to come from there have a shotgun and you going to be able to take him out there no problem, so holy lag Batman, so if we come up here now, and we will, look at the window next.

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I think yes, because the window is very useful, so we Hoppity Hopp, and Hoppity. Hopp, okie dokie, so everyone knows about this window. You can just kind of jump up here, and you can pop through if you didn't. You know, by the way, that you're welcome. You can also hop up here on these containers, and again, the element of surprise is more than anything else, but you can.

Also, there you are did it first time I thought I was going to fail that but like Windows work both ways but you get that animation so if you just hop from there it can work that way as well without being able to grab onto it unfortunately from here you can't what would be the P well the wine glasses or the fragile glasses whatever it may be, you can't hop onto there that would be really useful but be careful cuz you'll generally get some McDougall who likes to hover around here and just wait for people to come back and take them out so that's something to just be aware of coming back through here Unfortunately, other than just being able to jump up to this, there isn't really anything that's too good for climbing on over here.

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You can't climb on the meat racks, you can't climb on the containers, and you can't climb on these stairs. This is just pretty much a no-o zone. As far as jump spots and sight lines go, there is very little to be offered here; generally, the cide is far more constructive for jump spots and sight lines other than the a side, but if you are an A and you are getting pushed back in here instead of just presenting yourself as a full Target here, what I likeheredo is hop up here and just pop over the top, just peek them, and just try and fight your way out from there, and you can also hop up here as well, that's going to offer you.

Welcome to a thrilling guide to mastering Modern Warfare 3 MW3! In this comprehensive video, we have prepared a detailed exploration of the highly coveted meat jump spots and sight lines that will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay to the next level. This MW3 guide is specially crafted to enhance your tactical awareness and strategic maneuvers within the game.
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