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That's just really nice so this is the gun right here as you guys can see we're going to go ahead and shoot it there's barely any recoil to it if anything most of the recoil, is visual it's so easy to hit targets so easy to draw people pretty quick as well I mean for having a big mag and stuff like that we got 50 we got a drum mag, on this thing, and it's still really nice to draw people with it so yeah it's going to be it right there now obviously we got some things you guys could go ahead and copy here if you need to like the Infantry vest we got steem thermite munition box assault gloves cover sneakers ghosts and then my core 45, for this class I will move my face here so you guys can actually go ahead and see the whole entire class this is my secondary for the core 45.

Probably one of the best core 45 classes there is. I love this class, guys. I love it, but let's get into the X RK, the XRK, and the MTZ class because this is the nice one that I want to talk about. The first attachment is going to be the Jack BFB muzzle, all right? This is going to give you guys a lot of recoil control that you really need on this weapon.

Now, the reason we're running this is because we're going to be running a lot of other stuff that gives us more ads, focuses more on Sprint to Fire, and all that kind of stuff, so having this on is going to be really nice. It gives you 55 recoil gun kick, 20 horizontal recoil, and 35 vertical recoil; it's really nice, and then we got the MTZ, Vldl.

best class

3568 barrel it's say that five times as fast as you can it's so tough these names are so weird but anyways this one gives you that ads speed it gives you that Sprint to fire speed and it gives you sprint speed it's really nice you're actually getting seven ads, and you're getting eight Sprint to fire which I think is worth it and the reason for that is because we're going to have the 50 round drums on this class this one's going to be taking away quite a bit of everything it's taken away 12 ads and Tak away two Sprint to fire so it's pretty heavy, but in all fairness we're throwing on other attachments to kind of counter that we got the Jack glassless optic as well for an optic on this gun now this one right here it takes away ads guys takes away 2% ads it sucks, but it's a nice optic site it's a nice one I didn't like it at first when it first came out but it is what it is it is a nice one and then for the final attachment we got the rear grip which is the Rival Ace grip this going to give you that ads speed it's going to give you more Sprint of fire speed movement speed aim walking speed let's move my face here so you guys can see that and you can see exactly what I'm talking about the movement speed goes up by four ads, goes up by four ads movement speed goes up by four and Sprint to fire as well goes up by four now you guys want to see the class setup without my face in the way this is the entire class setup for the MTZ 556, right here this is probably, one of my favorite guns in the entire game I love it it's good it's really nice but it's not my rebirth Island gun and I play a lot of rebirth especially ranked rebirth, this ain't it this ain't it but it's still good on multiplayer going to number two we got the striker 9 not to be confused with the striker the striker 9 in my opinion, is the better weapon to be using all right look at this right here you guys are going to see it is fast it doesn't shoot slow it is accurate you guys already watching the gameplay in the background and stuff here you can see like it looks like it has recoil and stuff but in the actual gameplay in the background it has no recoil whatsoever I'll show you guys you guys you guys will see what I'm talking about right here so the actual class setup for this is going to be the Jack BFB, again this one's going to be really nice you're going to get that gun kit control vertical horizontal all that you already know the deal is 55 20 35, that's what you're getting for this right here in terms of recoil control we're losing 13 ads in Sprint of fire but it's kind of worth it it's kind of worth it after that we're going to run the striker Elite long barrel and this one's great cuz you're getting 12, effective damage range 13 minimum damage range and 15 bullet velocity but you're also getting recoil gun kick at six horizontal and vertical both at nine which is great in my opinion you're losing no ads but you are losing 9% Sprint to fire so it's pretty crazy but this gun already has a pretty decent.

best class setup

Sprint to fire right off the rib so I wouldn't mind actually losing a little more of that and just in case we got the vlk, laser 7 megawatt here to give us 5% ads and Sprint to fire back on this gun just in case we need it it's going to be good right there now we're not positive in Sprint to fire yet but it's not bad let's be honest it's not bad at all 40 round mags is going to take some of that stuff away again one Sprint of fire really nothing just one, you barely even notice it when playing the game six ads that one's a little a little high but it ain't too bad and then finally we got the RB crotalus, assault stock this one's crazy because you're getting gun kick control but you're also getting recoil control but the best part of it is you're getting those two with firing aim stability that takes away a lot, of that visual recoil but you're also getting ads, that's crazy you're actually getting ads this you're getting 5% ads with this recoil gun kick 12, and then it's just really nice and then the firing aim stability you can't see when you actually look into it here it doesn't show it here but it is there and it is really good let's move the face you guys could actually go ahead and get the actual class setup for this right here really nice class really good class and I just honest to God I like this one a lot now let's move on to the gun that I said I didn't think.

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I would be adding into this article that's the M4 guys the M4why am I adding an M4 into this well there's actually two reasons one, this thing is going to get a very good buff soon I have a feeling I have a feeling it's going to get a buff because they're going to bring a conversion can aftermarket parts to this weapon eventually I think sometime this season so it's going to be a viable option but number two it's ground Loot on rebirth the M4 is literally ground loot they're going to make this gun usable again and it's really good like this class right here obviously the Modern Warfare 2 guns have a little more visual recoil than the Modern Warfare 3 guns, but it doesn't miss, it doesn't miss it has a very fast fire rate, and it's just overall an amazing.

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Weapon to be using, so let's get into the actual class setup of the Jack BFB. For the first time ever on the M4, you couldn't do it before. You couldn't put this on because it was only in Modern Warfare 2 with this gun, and then when it came to this game, the Jack BFB wasn't here originally. Well, here it is, guys.

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