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So guys, the DP50 that you're watching in the background is my absolute favorite class in the game, not my favorite gun. I actually like the MCW. I like the SVA, and I like all that, but it is my favorite class because anytime I want to absolutely go off and have zero recoil whatsoever, this is the class I'm going to be using.

Now that you guys are watching the game, you can already see how overpowered this thing is. To get into the actual class setup for this one, there's quite a few different things that we're going to have to look at, so basically what I would say is make the class. We got it right here, and as you guys saw, the gameplay is definitely, definitely overpowered, so first off, this is the class setup.

best class

We have all the attachments here. Really great and if you guys want to go for it I'm going to move my face go ahead head and actually take a screenshot do what you got to do this is the first class in the article and we'll go ahead and make this a little bigger again and I'll talk about the attachments and why we're going for it and how it actually has, no recoil whatsoever so the first attachment is going to be the Jack BFB muzzle and this one right here gives you gun kick control, it gives you vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control and it gives you a lot of it okay so you definitely want to have that attachment on and then we're going to go for the barrel which is the lore 9 heavy barrel and this one right here Gives You Bullet velocity and range, gun kick control recoil control and firing aim stability.

So again, it's another really good one, and as you guys can see, there's a lot of stuff that gives us recoil control in this class, and it's pretty worth it. Now we're going to lose a bit of ads with a lot of these attachments, but it's still pretty quick, so I wouldn't worry about the ads too much.

Now the underbarrel is the hex 40 grip, and this one right here gives you hip fire spread, recoil control, and tax stand spread. The reason I want this is because, up close, I want to hit those hit-fire shots really nice and really easily, and it does actually go ahead and do that. We got 45 rounds max; it's going to make the gun kick control, but it is what it is, and then finally, the MO 40 stock for gun kick control.

best class setup

But the best part about it is that you get gun kick control, but you also get ad speed, so that's a pretty good mix. You get movement speed, and you get sprint speed as well, but now you're losing some. Yeah, what was I going to say? Yeah, you're losing some sprint to fire speed. I was going to say ads again, which kind of stinks, but it's kind of worth it.

You guys are watching the game play like I go off on this class consistently. This is my search class, this is my war zone class, and this is my multi-play regular. Respawn, class i use it for literally everything, so go ahead and use it. The next weapon on this list, guys, is one that I'm sure you guys are going to like as well, and that is the Rival 9, now the Rival 9.

It's a bit of a weird class. I'll be completely honest with you guys. You guys are looking at it. It has a sight. You don't need to run a site on it, and I wouldn't really recommend always running a site on it. But I'm just not a fan of the iron sights on the Rival 9, so that's why I have this right here.

best gun

You guys know it's the Jack Glassless Optic, which is probably one of the best ones in the game. I didn't like it at first, but it has really grown on me ever since, and I keep using it. Overall, this class is really good now. There are a few things that I would suggest changing on it, and we'll get into that, so first off, let's show you guys the actual class that I'm talking about, and this is it right here.

This is all the attachments again. I'll move my face just so you guys can kind of Go ahead, take your screenshots, and do what you have to do. As you can see, it is a stockless mod on this class, which we will make an optional one of, and we'll get into that in just a second, so let's move on to this right here.

best guns

The Jack BF again we're going to want to run that it's overpowered, it's going to give you barely any recoil whatsoever, and because we have the stockless mod on the Jack BFB muzzle, it's going to be something that you need to run the other variant of this mod. If you want to run the other variant of this class, you don't need the Jack BFB muzzle, but I would recommend it because the amount of recoil control on it is really nice.

An attachment that you don't want to change and that you want to keep running is the Rival 38e. Fire Starter barrel, and this one's great because you're getting Sprint to fire speed, you're getting Sprint speed, you're getting ad speed, and you're getting movement speed, and you're only losing a little bit of recoil control, aiming idle sway, which once you start shooting doesn't matter, and firing aim stability, which does matter when you shoot, but overall, not bad whatsoever.


Now this class right here is, if it has recoil, it's mostly visual, so I wouldn't worry about that. Like I said, we got the Jack glassless optic on it; you don't need to run it; I recommend running it because, well, personally, the iron sight—at least I find it really, really bad. Then we got the Rival Vice assault grip for gun kick control, which gives you quite a bit; it also gives you recoil control and firing stability that we just lost before we're getting it back with this one right here, but the best part is you're getting all of that recoil control, gun kick control, all that kind of stuff without losing any sprint of fire without losing any abs.

And I think that's actually really good, and again, the stockless mod is going to be the final attachment. Now this one's great if you want speed; you're getting aim walking speed hip fire and attack stand spread. Sprint to fire speed ads speed literally everything, but make it optional. If you guys don't care about the speed that much because you are getting quite a bit of recoil with this.

class setup

I would recommend the Exf Close Quarters assault stock, and that one's going to give you guys gun kick control and recoil control, so pretty much as you guys can see right here, you got the Exf Close Quarters assault stock or the actual stock list mod. You guys could choose which one you wanted. I would recommend the stockist because we're running the Jack BFB anyways, so it doesn't really matter, or you guys could run the Close Quarters, which again, is really good if you just mostly care about recoil control and all that kind of stuff, so yeah, do what you got to do, use what you got to use; it is what it is.

Another weapon on this list is going to the MCW. This isn't an MCW class that I would say is the best MCW class, but it is one that I will say is the best for a lot of different reasons. Ranges, I was going to say missions. I don't know why I was going to say that, but it's good for a lot of different ranges.

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