News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2: Deep Cover Story Gameplay 4k Uhd 60fps


Well, Marov travels fast only if he wants it too. You think he's working for the Kremlin. I wouldn't be surprised. I have a contact. You might know the answer. I need transport where the ARCL military base is heavily guarded. Can you do it to stop Mararo? Of course, I need to get in and back out.

I could go upside-down quickly. I specialize in upside-down. That's what I'm afraid of. Who's your contact? Yuri volov yuri's on the payroll. Yuri never took a dime. That's Yuri when do we leave? Copy, watch you, the Yankee eyes on the base are approaching now. Watcher, shit's about to get real.

Keep a low profile and put it away. Right suppressors are for assassins. This is a diplomat. Raj tries hard to walk onto an enemy base without a gun, ready Yuri should have sent you his location by now. Affirmative Aram Administrative building near the handgun Look for a satellite station; you won't have much time to be there.

I have a problem and need a security key card to access you. As a spy, I bet I could find one of them—an officer, anyone entering or exiting—like we have one good call. Look for an officer leaving the building. See a major leaving the entrance. He's not alone. It sounds like you found your mark.


Follow him and get his key. Bravo, last one there. Bravo, your signals. We come again in the blind. We have two missiles incoming for the AR base. They have a killer group of warheads. If you are there, get out. This could be it's. Not there's another one, coming we have to go we cannot you together as we go.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Deep Cover Story Gameplay 4K UHD 60fps. . Experience the amazing gameplay in 4K UHD 60fps HDR.
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