News - How To Get A Free And Easy Nuke Warzone 2 With No Skill Needed

Mw3 tips and tricks multiplayer

Mw3 tips and tricks multiplayer

In today's article, I will be sharing with you how to get the easiest nuke possible. Here in Modern Warfare 3, the proof of this is what you're seeing in the background, which is a game playay of the brand new mode called Jugger. I'll be discussing that more in today's article and talking about how this game mode is your ticket to a free and easy nuke here in Modern Warfare 3.

Pretty much regardless of skill level, so yes, what you're seeing in the background is the Mar gameplay of me getting the nuke, my first and only nuke here in Modern Warfare 3, and this game mode is going to be your ticket to getting a free and easy nuke in Modern Warfare 3 now. Yes, of course, there are other players who can, you know, take advantage of this and get the nuke as well, but again, it is almost regardless of skill level that you can get the nuke quite easily in this game mode right now.


Mod for free, so definitely take advantage of this. While in this Jugos gameplay, the Jugos Sorry playlist is available, so what you're seeing is the Jugg playlist.

Mw3 easy nuke tips

It is simply a Juggernaut game mode where everyone spawns in with set classes, so you can't make your own classes. It has set classes that you have to use as default; some have shotguns, some have battle rifles; they're all themed around this Warhammer event, of course, as you know the Warhammer.

What you call it is store bundles and stuff, and everything that goes into this event has to do with Warhammer, and this game is no exception. It is basically a juggernaut. You get obviously juggernauts like Health, which is crazy, like probably 1,500 health or something. It takes a lot of bullets to kill these, you know, juggernauts, essentially.

However, what you are seeing in the background is basically me with a melee weapon. With this melee weapon, you cannot spawn. With it, what happens is that at the start of the game, in the middle of the map, whichever map you play on, which is typically a small map, will be Rio or Dash House Shipus.

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Any of the small maps in the game that are in this playlist, basically in the middle of the map, will have this melee weapon, and this melee weapon allows you to one-shot Juggernaut. regardless does not matter at all of the current health situation, you will be able to one-shot melee that Juggernaut.

As you can see. I'm racking up kills quite quickly, and also, when you melee these people, you also get a they drop a shield basically like as you do in war zones, you know, when you drop an armor plate, they drop an armor plate, and when you're meleeing them, you basically melee into the armor plate so you get an instant health regeneration.

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So all you have to do is go around meeting people. be a little bit smart of course you can't just go running up to people constantly because if you run into, let's say a crowd of four or so that's four people who can shoot at you at once they're probably going to be able to you know take you down before you're able to melee all four of them but if you get into these situations where you're against one person like that or even you know people not looking at you like this as well, it is very easy to just melee them get the armor plate and then boom you'll back up to full health and just running around the map going crazy and meleeing these people to get yourself a free nuke and like I said you're going to see that in this game play here all I do is just run up to these people I play a little bit smart I try not to run into you know a cluster of people, but what you have to do for this is simply play this game mode Get the melee weapon, run, and play either of the maps that this is best on or Shipus. Or Dash house those are the two maps you want to play on to get this the easiest way to do it those two maps simply because they are so small that you know the enemy can't really you know distance themselves from you and you can just run into them as you can see I've got people constantly shooting me all the time constantly, but because I could just melee them over and over again I get the armor plate I re I you know rejuvenate my health, and I'm back up to you know fight again and as you can see we got the nuke like that you saw in this game play there was almost no skill involved it was the easiest nuke it's the best way to get the nuke right now model for free regardless of skill levels simply tips and tricks play on Dash House or Shipus.

Mw3 multiplayer tips and tricks for getting the nuke

Mw3 multiplayer tips and tricks for getting the nuke

Get the melee weapon. Play a little bit smart. Use the third person obviously to your advantage, which is in this game mode that you are able to see in the third person. Look around corners, try and target one or two people in close proximity, and as simple as that, you will earn a free nuke—an easy nuke here in Modern Warfare 3.

How To Get A FREE And EASY Nuke In MW3 With NO SKILL Needed! Hope u enjoy today's video sharing how you can get a free and easy mw3 nuke with no skill needed as I share some mw3 tips and tricks in multiplayer in the brand new juggermosh gamemode and how this new mw3 gamemode will help you get a very easy modern warfare 3 nuke in multiplayer with my mw3 multiplayer tips and tricks.
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