News - Use These "top 5 Tips" To Win More Gunfights Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Part 1


Okay guys, so for tip number one, it's going to be improving your gun skills, so I'm going to be letting you in on a couple secrets that will instantly improve. First, change your button layout. If this is still on default, you're already doing something wrong unless you play Claw. If you don't know what that is, it's just when you use your index finger for the four buttons on the right side of the controller and you use your middle finger to shoot instead of your index finger.

Also, if you guys have paddles, then you won't need to bother changing your button layout; paddles are just buttons at the back of the controller that allow you to play without removing your thumbs off the analog. Sticks, right, so I'm now going to give you two of the best options that you can use as a button layout, one being tactical, which swaps your right stick and circle or B on Xbox around, which makes it easier to drop-shot snake if you do it right, and with the return of slly canceling, this makes it much easier, too.

And the other option you can choose is to stick and move. This is where instead of crouching and laying down with your right stick like tactical, you're actually going to be using this to jump, but you now use X or a if you're an Xbox to melee. The sticker move is great because you can jump shot without removing your thumbs from the analog sticks, which means you'll have more control in a gunfight, giving you an advantage.

Okay, so if you've decided on a button layout and you've made it this far into the article, I'm going to show you how these layouts come into play. Play, right with their botton layouts out of the way. I'm now going to show you the right technique to use in a gunfight that you probably weren't able to do before without changing your layout, or it was really difficult, so I'm now going to demonstrate this here.

Tip #2 jumpshotting

Tip #2 jumpshotting

The first thing I'm going to show you is jump-shotting and all the different types of it.

Once I do, you can see what I've shown Incorporated in the real rank match because I'm going to show you a clip of it in an actual game. First, we're going to start off with a short jump. A short jump is literally just doing a little hop to the side without much momentum. All you need to do for this is just move the left stick slightly as you're jumping, so just like this, that's all short jumping.

I'll show you it in a gun, so it literally just looks like this. Just a little hop to the side, the next thing I'm going to show you guys is a wide jump, or wide swing, as I like to call it. A wide swing is basically the opposite of a short jump; you're actually going to be running with momentum and then jumping, so a wide swing will look like.

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This is what I'm going to show you in the gun fight. Now, so what I just showed you there. I'll show you one more as well, that's a wide swing, and lastly, guys. I'm just going to show you a little hop because I know you can't be hop in this game, but you can sort of hop, so to do a hop, you just don't move and just Spam X just like that, even though you don't get much momentum like in the previous CS.

So that's all the hop. I can't really do it for too long because I don't know you won't jump as high, but I'll show you in a gun fight because I sometimes do this, like, if you notice guys, sometimes when I'm like playing. I might like a jump shot, and then I'll go into like another jump shot off of the ground with no momentum, and I'll show you one more.

For example, if you notice I'm still jumping here, sometimes it is helpful because enemies can miss their bullets if they're centered on your chest. If you're constantly jumping, then it's going to mess up the center. Okay guys, I'm going to now show you how this is all. Incorporated in a real-ranked match.

I'm going to put the clip on screen for you, so short jumps are actually really good for ralling someone without completely exposing your body, making it harder for the opponent to land shots on you. Also, most people would expect you to reach out with a wide swing, so a short jump is good if you want to.

Unpredictable, wide swings are good if you're looking to aggressively reach out to someone. I also do a little hop straight after this, making it harder for my opponent to hit me. I like to wide-swing when I sometimes ego-char someone because some people might not expect it, and because you have the momentum on your side, you have a greater chance of winning a gun fight. All-ego CH is re-challing someone when you're at a disadvantage, okay.

Tip #3 dropshotting

Tip #3 dropshotting

Next, I'm going to show you drop-shotting and where and how it should be used. Right, let's get into this. So for drop-shotting, the best time to use a drop shot is when, say, you're in a room and the enemy gets the first shots off of you.

You basically want to go into a drop shot because, one, it can throw off the enemy, and two, because they're not expecting it, it could actually put you at an advantage. So I'm going to try and show you an example here on the bot, and then I'm going to give you an actual game of mine. So yeah, as soon as he hits the shot, drop down into a drop shot.

I know that wasn't the best example of what I'm now going to show.

Tip #4 camera-ing

You guys are another reason why drop-shotting is good. Drop-shotting is good because you can actually show people what this basically is: you see the enemy before they see you. I'm going to kind of show you how this is done; it's going to be hard, but I'll show you in a BX, so say I'm in this room here.

If you actually lay down in the right position, you can actually see the enemy before they see you. Advantage: This is the best way to use a drop shot. Even if the enemy gets the first shot off, you have more of a chance of not dying if you do this because it might throw the opponent off if he's not expecting it, giving you a chance of winning the gunfight even if he shoots you first.

Tip #5 improve your aiming & centering

Tip #5 improve your aiming & centering

going to go into aiming and centering. First, we're going to start with pre-aiming. Pre-aiming is just essentially aiming in an area before someone's going to even go there, so say you're going to predict someone to be in a certain location. You're going to pre-aim for that, like I'm doing while going around the corner.

But I'm going to show you an example. What I'm going to do here is pre-aim for the ticket. He went into the garage, and then simply picked up the kill there and went into the garage. Well, I'm going to show you guys pre-firing, so pre-firing is shooting before an enemy is there. Say there's like a common spot on the map, so this guy is going past the forklift to the garage cubby I'm going to.

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