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It's time to definitively rank all the Modern Warfare 3 light machine guns from worst to best in the previous worst to best I've included Modern Warfare 2 weapons in my rankings as well, but this article will be Modern Warfare 3 weapons only. Please don't forget to like the article. With that said, let's get started with the worst.

Modern Warfare 3 light machine gun At the number five spot, that weapon is the Bruan Mark 9. The Bruan Mark 9 is the one and only Modern Warfare 3 lmg that has notably slower mobility, equivalent to what the Modern Warfare 2 lmgs have. This is a common downside that a lot of Modern Warfare 2 weapons have, and this is the Modern Warfare 3 weapon we're talking about that has this the bruan also has the slowest aimd down sight speed in class which is not really warranted because it doesn't have a crazy time to kill or anything like that it will kill in 340, milliseconds when you factor in its open bolt delay it can take up to six shots at range killing in 425.


Milliseconds, this is the same exact time to kill as two other Modern Warfare 3 lmgs will'll be covering into this article it's literally the same shots to kill same time to kill essentially the same fire rate they have very similar range and again it's not even like that's a good time to kill it's well below average and gets outgunned by a majority of weapons, the Bruin does have a 60 round mag option to speed up its handling in Mobility.

But that attachment adds an additional 20 milliseconds to the open bolt delay, and for those of you who don't know, open bolt delay is essentially a delay before your weapon will start firing, so if you opt for the 60-round mag, yeah, you're improving some of the downsides, but you're also making your weapon kill even slower.

On top of that, the Bruins recoil is pretty bad; it's very shaky; it's left leaning, which I personally don't like; and you essentially can't use the iron size because the visual recoil is one of the worst in the game. This all just makes for a very inconsistent weapon. It's like the LMG version of the F556 assault rifle.


There's a lot of downsides for not much benefit, so many downsides that I spent a lot of time talking about this weapon, but it's a one out of five star weapon; it kind of sits on that borderline between one and two stars, but when you take into account all the weapons in Modern Warfare 3, not just the lmgs.

I don't know why you would ever use the bruan Mark 9; it is really bad. Next up at the number four spot we have the DG58 LSW, which is another, pretty sucky lmg. This doesn't have an open bolt delay but has the same exact time to kill as the bruan, which means it is slow and will be outgunned by most weapons.

The DG58 also has bouncy left leaning recoil; now it's not as severe as the Bruins, but initial accuracy with the DG can be random AF; there's no pattern to where the first few bullets go, and that makes the DG58 feel very inconsistent. Which explains why sometimes this weapon feels great and you clap people with it, and other times I feel like I'm getting tons of hit markers.

best light machine gun

This is a faster-moving LMG, and it is tied for the fastest reload. It's ADS is average, so you'd think it'd be designed to handle more like an assault rifle, but it also has the slowest sprint of fire speed for Modern Warfare 3 lmgs, and it's the second slowest in the entire class. Overall, it's just a wonky weapon; you can do well with it, but I really wouldn't recommend using the DG58.

At the number three spot is the newer tack eradicator. Now this is an interesting lmg. You can do well with this weapon with the right attachments, but at the same time, it can be an absolute struggle to use overall, though I'd say it's a pretty average weapon. It has a variable fire rate system like the SVA assault rifle does, and if you land your initial shots, the tacky eradicator can outgun the Modern Warfare 3 LMGs, and it can compete with other full-auto weapons.

However, if you miss shots or you're fighting multiple enemies, the tack is the slowest killing lmg in the ENT enre class. The tech also has a delay before it resets its fire rate, so you can't tap fire like you can with the SVA assault rifle. The recoil ramps up to be very strong when you're sustaining fire, which can also make it incredibly hard to use.

best light machine gun in mw3

However, the initial shots are very accurate. It also has a fast aim-down sight speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and reload speed. It also has a nice 75-round mag to work with. It really just comes down to whether you can land the initial shots or not and how many enemies you are fighting. I've done a dedicated article on this weapon if you're interested in how it works and the best practices for it, and I highly recommend you check it out if you're interested in using the tack eradicator, because if you do know how to use it, it can be a pretty decent weapon.

The runnerup, second-best lmg. In Modern Warfare 3, there is the PMYACH 762. I'm not entirely sure if that's how you pronounce it, so I'm going to be calling it the PKM because that's what it was called in previous Call of Duty games. The PKM is a slow but deadly light machine gun; it has the slowest aim-down sight speed, and it has a slower sprint to fire movement and reload speeds, although that's not much of a downside because you kind of expect that when you're using an LMG.

best lmg in mw3

The thing is, the PKM has consistent damage and an easy-to-control recoil. It's a four-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range; this equates to a 366, millisecond time to kill, which is slowest in class when you're talking about close-range gunfights, but from mid- to long-range, the PKM kills incredibly, quick like it's going to be outgunning a lot of assault rifles, some marshman rifles, battle rifles, and again, its recoil is pretty low, so the odd actually outgunning other weapons is pretty high.

Its first seven or so shots climb some, but then it becomes incredibly accurate to sustain fire. Plus, the PKM has a 100-round mag, which makes it great for you. You know how you'd use a traditional lmg to hold down lane suppressive fire, etc., plus it kills quickly. On top of all that, if you are worried about Close Quarters combat, one head shot will reduce your time to kill to under 250 milliseconds, which is fantastic.

best lmg mw3

Plus, you have the aftermarket kit, which turns the PKM into a faster-killing assault rifle. I try to avoid aftermarket parts for best to best, but the PKM is absolutely amazing in IT. All of its downsides are that it speeds up handling and mobility. While retaining the 100-round mag, its recoil is still manageable, and you can keep the four-shot kill anywhere in the body.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Light Machine Guns based on their stats AND my experiences unlocking Forged Camo! This video includes the Pulemyot 762, DG-58 LSW, TAQ Eradicator, Bruen Mk9 and Holger 26. MW2 LMGs are not included in this ranking, but are definitely worth using.
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