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Worst to Best is a series where I rank all weapons within a class after I've unlocked forged camo and have a considerable amount of experience with each weapon. This article is all about shotguns, including the ones from Modern Warfare 2. Now shotguns feel a bit underpowered in this game, so the most important shotgun stat to me is the damage output and the consistency of that damage handling mobility, and all that other stuff comes second, and I say that because it is impressive how some of the Modern Warfare 2 shotguns fail to offer anything that I just mentioned, so starting us off at the number nine spot, the worst shotgun in this game is the Lockwood 300 from Modern Warfare 2.

This shotgun has straight cheeks and is limited to two shots, which doesn't even guarantee you a kill. The dual trigger slug rounds don't even improve the Lockwood 300's performance; in fact. I think they actually make the weapon worse, and that was a setup that was sniping people from across the map in Modern Warfare 2 and in War Zone just a few months ago.

This weapon is shockingly bad, and that's all I have to say about it moving on to the number eight spot we have. The Bryson 890, this shotgun, isn't much better; it's a hit-marker machine. I get more one-shot kills with semi-auto shotguns than I do with this pump-action shotgun. Moving on to the number seven spot is the Bryson 800, which is literally the same as the Bryson 890 except this one reloads shell by shell instead of a magazine, and the Bryson 800 has slightly better range in damage.


I want to emphasize slightly that this is still a hit marker machine; the fire rate's even slower, and even with a faster fire rate attachment, this thing still fires incredibly slowly. I'm not sure if they forgot to buff the damage for these shotguns or what, but this is yet another pure garbage weapon.

At the number six spot, we have the expedite, 12. And once again, as you can see, the XIT I 12 isn't much better than the pump actions. This does have similar damage, which is actually good because this is a semi-auto weapon rather than a pump action, and it has double the fire rate of the Bryson, so when you don't hit that one shot kill, you still have some chance of getting the follow-up shot off before you get killed, and honestly.

I think this does give me more consistent one shots than the pump action D. It's crazy how bad those weapons are, but don't get it twisted in Expo 12. It's a horrible weapon; it's not worth checking out. The number five spot is where we finally get into the usable shotgun, so at the number five spot we have Modern Warfare 3's Riveter.

best shotgun

This is a full auto-spray and prey shotgun that is incapable of getting a one-shot kill; it can take anywhere from two to five shots to kill, depending on your range. The issue I have with this shotgun is that it just tends to be inconsistent. I believe that's because the Riveter will fire just four pellets at a time.

For comparison, all the Modern Warfare 2 shotguns will fire eight pellets at a time, and the way shotguns work in this game is that the damage is spread across the number of pellets fired, so when you fire fewer pellets, that means you're going to be dealing higher damage per pellet, and that also means if you miss a pellet, you're going to be missing a large chunk of damage.

So in the Riveter case, I think this is the reason why it tends to be inconsistent outside of point-blank ranges. The Modern Warfare 2 shotguns just deal crap damage. I guess I don't know what the problem is with those, but the shotgun coming up at the number one spot is a good counter example for pel count if that's not making sense for you yet, but as for the rifle.

best shotgun in mw3

I just don't really know what to expect when I pull the trigger. It does have a 30-round mag option, which is nice, and you can literally just spray and prey for seconds at a time, but this is an okay shot. I do think it's below average, and there are better options out there. Next up in the number four spot is the MX Guardian, which is surprisingly decent.

best shotgun mw3

The key to this weapon is that you do not want to use it in full auto. I actually think the MX guardan performs worse than the Riveter but when you have this in semi-auto the MX Guardian puts in work it cannot one shot kill but it's a pretty reliable two three shot kill and it has a fast fire rate so you can be racking up those kills very quickly, what holds this weapon back is the max range where you're dealing tickle damage or your bullish just don't even register is pretty short it also has one of the slowest aim down sights and Sprint to fire speeds and specifically for the aim down sight stat there aren't many attachments that are going to be helping you speed that up so you have to resort to hip fire and the MX Guardian has the worst hipfire stats in the entire shotgun class.

This, in my eyes, is a textbook-average shotgun that you can do well with when you know how to use it. The third-best shotgun in Modern Warfare 3 is the KV Broadside. The KV Broadside is another semi-auto shotgun that is similar to the MX Guardian. If you remove the downsides that weapon has and up the damage a bit, the KV Broadside cannot take one shot, but it does have much better range.

This gets you consistent two- to three-shot kills. It can take more than three shots, but mostly you're getting two to three shot kills with this, and I prefer to hitfire the KB broadside with my build, but one thing that this weapon does have going for it is that it boasts the fastest aim-down sight speed in the entire class.

best to worst

This also has one of the best sprint-to-fire times, so you can make this an aim-down sight shotgun so you can up your chances of Landing more pellets and getting more consistent two-shot kills. I just can't help myself with equipping that large 25-round mag and just spraying down multiple enemies in multiple gunfights with hitfire, but the KB broadside feels really good, unfortunately.

The shotgun at the number two spot, in my opinion, renders the broadside in every shotgun we've reviewed so far irrelevant; it's that good. Moving on to the runner-up, second-best shotgun in Modern Warfare 3, that weapon is the haymaker. This is a good semi-auto shotgun; it actually reminds me of the Brey from Black Ops 3.

If y'all played that game back in the day, it's a very impressive shotgun. It deals great damage, has great range, and is able to one-shot kill in close quarters. I found myself surprised at how often I land myself a one-shot kill with this. Yeah, it happens way more than you'd think. I also love how consistent this shotgun is; it rarely takes more than three shots to kill, plus it has great attachment options.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Shotguns including MW2 weapons based on their stats AND my experiences unlocking Multiplayer Mastery Camos! This video includes the Lockwood 680, Haymaker, Riveter, Lockwood 300, Expedite 12, Bryson 800, KV Broadside, MX Guardian and Bryson 890.
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