News - The Ram-9 Smg Is Disgustingly Good. Unlock It Now. Warzone 2 Worst To Best Reviews

Ram-9 mw3 worst to best preview

Ram-9 mw3 worst to best preview

I am not being dramatic when I say the Ram 9 is the new best SMG. If not the best weapon in Modern Warfare 3 right now, this season 2 battle pass weapon is coming out of the Gates Strong; it's essentially the Rival 9, but better, and with a time to kill that beats the WSP Swarm in most scenarios.

Don't believe me, I got the proof. If you're new to the worst two best reviews in this article. I will be deep diving into all the important stats and some best-class setups for the ram 9, and then near the end. I'll give it a rating between one and five stars, which can be used to compare the ram to other weapons I reviewed in other articles.

Let's start with the Ram 9's absolutely absurd damage. Let me make this clear: the Ram 9 will outgun the Rival 9 on paper in every single scenario.

Stats - damage & range

If you happen to live under a rock, the Rival 9 has been the best SMG to launch, so this is pretty impressive. The Ram 9 kills in five shots anywhere on the body within its maximum damage range of 13.


Being able to land your shots anywhere in the body is a huge advantage for the ram because if you're using the Rival, you'll need to land your shots on the upper body for that five-shot kill. The ram's five-shot kill clocks in At a Time to Kill at 260 milliseconds, which is incredibly fast for this game, and the only other Modern Warfare 3 weapon that beats this is the WSP Swarm at Point Blank.

However, the Ram 9 is the one and only Modern Warfare 3 SMG where head shots are actually effective in close quarters. If you combine one head shot with three shots anywhere in the upper body, that will net you a 95-millisecond four-shot kill, which is the fastest practical ttk for the Entre higher SMG weapon class.

best attachments

Now, between 13 and 20 M, you're looking at a 5- to 6-shot kill, depending on whether you can land your shots on the upper body. Damage will then drop off to a 6-shot kill anywhere on the body from 20 all the way out to 46 M, and then beyond 46 M at the Ram 9's minimum damage range, you can still get a 6-shot kill if you land your shots on the upper body, and it caps out as seven shots to kill Max, which is just absolutely insane for an SMG.

To put these numbers into perspective there are only two SMGs that give the ram a run for its money you have the wsp. Swarm, which the ram is so powerful it's going to outgun the Swarm in all scenarios except that swarm's Max damage range from 0 to 7 m, within that range the Swarm has a 40 millisecond advantage and even more so if you dual wield, but outside of that the ram is a faster killing, version of the Swarm, that not to spoil the next section of this article but you can use the Ram at assault rifle ranges which is something you can't do as easily with the Swarm.

The other SMG that competes with this weapon is the Vel 46. If you didn't know, the Vel 46 from Modern Warfare 2 has been a slightly better version of the Rival 9 since launch. Shameless plug here. But compared to the Vel 46, the Ram 9 has the advantage at mid-range, but outside of that, the Vel 46 is actually going to outgun the Ram 9. That's how powerful that how powerful that weathatis, but the Vel requires chest and up shots for a faster time to kill at all ranges, so it's going to be far less forgiving than the Ram 9 is, plus the Ram is going to be much more practical at range thanks to its accuracy.

Stats - accuracy & bullet velocity

Stats - accuracy & bullet velocity

The Ram 9's recoil pattern is actually very similar to that of the Rival 9; it has some zigzag recoil, but there isn't much horizontal deviation at all.

The bullet essentially fires within a straight path, which makes this a very manageable weapon. When you include attachments in the picture, you can quite reliably challenge someone across the map with the ram 9; you can comfortably use it like an assault rifle just like you can with the Rival. The bullet velocity is slightly below average at 500 milliseconds, but this is much better than the Rival 99's bullet velocity.

That's something you're going to want to remember because we're going to be circling back to bullet velocity towards the end of this article.

Stats - handling & mobility

As for handling and mobility, movement speeds are spot on average for the SMG class; its reload speed is also average, but you do get 32 rounds in the mag by default, which is nice and gives you a little bit more stopping power within every mag.

You also have a faster than average aim-down sight speed of 200 milliseconds, which is great but not as fast as the rival ads. This is also something I'll be circling back towards the end, so remember that last but not least, and actually the one and only downside for the Ram 9 is its sprint to fire speed; it clocks in at 178 milliseconds, which is notably slower than every SMG.

The AR9 is the only SMG in the entire weapon class that has a slower sprint-to-fire time than this, but it's still faster than assault rifles and other primary weapon classes, so don't get it twisted. This does function like a submachine gun is supposed to, as for attachments. This is the class setup I'm using:.

Class setup suggestions

Class setup suggestions

The gameplay in this article significantly improves recoil bullet velocity and mobility; it also boosts your sprint to fire speed, but this is at the cost of a slight speed penalty. This does function more like a traditional AR SMG kind of hybrid type of build; it's not as snappy as my rival 9-class setup, but you can still be aggressive with it and rush around like an SMG, as you've seen in the game.

This makes the weapon very versatile, but you could go and alter this a little bit to speed up your handling to make it more of a Close Quarters SMG if you don't want it to be something that you can shoot someone across the map with. You could swap the light barrel in if you'd like some faster handle speeds or something along those sorts.

Ram-9 rating

best smg

So that brings us to the Ram 9's rating out of five stars. The Ram 9 is easy to use. it's one of the fastest killing weapons in the game the only downside to this weapon again is it's slow Sprint to fire speed but if you look at the larger picture that isn't much of a downside, it's just like a straight up upgrade to the Rival 9 now one could argue the Rival is just as good up in close quarters combat, the time to kill is only for milliseconds apart and the Rival has faster aim down sight so maybe you can get on target quicker with the Rival and then out gun the ram but you also have to consider the ram has faster bullet travel time so, it's pretty much an even fight there but outside of Close Quarters combat the ram is going to outperform.

Review of the new RAM-9 Submachine Gun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Multiplayer. This video includes all the important stats, attachments and optimal class setups I've created after unlocking Interstellar camo for you to try.
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