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Worst to Best is a series where I rank all weapons within a class after I've unlocked Mastery Camos and have a considerable amount of experience with each weapon, and this article is all about the marksman rifles, not just the Modern Warfare 3 ones. I'm including the Modern Warfare 2 marksman rifles as well, because some of them are decent and some of them are entertaining.

But with that said, we're going to read Rapid Fire through the first half of my list. These are some of the worst weapons in the game that don't deserve much time. At number 12, the absolute worst spot is the Tempest Torrent from Modern Warfare 2; it has slow movement, slower handling, and a slower time to kill, which is slower than the worst lmgs in this game, and it has an unusable recoil.

It has a large jump after the first shot, then it ends up bouncing all over the place, and it feels impossible to land three shots at the number 11 spot. Also, one of the worst weapons in the game is the EBR14. Now this has some decent handling, a fast reload, and low recoil, so it's relatively easy to use, but the time to kill is 420 milliseconds, which is painfully slow for Modern Warfare 3, and you'll feel this in game.


This weapon is just not worth your time. At the number 10 spot, we have the SP 208. And at the number one spot, we have the Sab 50. We're talking about both at the same time because they're both action-marshman rifles from Modern Warfare 2. They both were very popular in Modern Warfare 3 because now they're both near useless in Modern Warfare 3 because now they can only take one shot, but only to the chest and up, and it's only between Z and 10 m, which is not very long at all.

You want to be better off using the longbow if you want to use these weapons. The two-shot kill you'll be getting more often than not with the SP and the Sab takes nearly a full second. The last of the garbage on this list, but at least this one is somewhat usable, is the Lockwood Mark This weapon has fast handling and fast mobility, but the range has been severely nerfed from Modern Warfare 2, so now it can only take one shot to the chest up to just 6 m and one shot to the head up to 50 m, which is nice, but if you're not accurate, you're going to be looking at a two-shot kill primarily with this weapon.

best marksman rifle

But what's nice about the Lockwood though is that it has a fast fire rate, so your two-shot kill with this Lockwood is going to be twice as fast as those Modern Warfare 2 bolt action rifles we just talked about, so this weapon is less of a struggle to use, but I really wouldn't recommend using it. Let's get into the good stuff, or at least the usable stuff in this game.

At the number seven spot, we have the crossbow. This is a bit out of place in terms of its star rating, but I settled on placing it here on the list because it's a bit of a unique weapon and it's kind of hard to fit in a list. I would give this an honorable mention, but the crossbow is 100% better than those Modern Warfare 2 Marman rifles we just sped through.

The crossbow does deal less damage in Modern Warfare 3; it will be a one-shot to the chest only within 50 m, but the explosive bolts will be a one-shot kill anywhere to the B. Let's move on to the number six spot, where we have the MCW 6.8, our first Modern Warfare 3 Marksman rifle. This is easy to use, but it is very underpowered.

best marksman rifle in mw3

This weapon is unable to take one shot to the head, and it will take a minimum of three shots to kill. It can take up to four shots to kill at extreme ranges. This also has a slower fire rate, which simply means it's going to have a slower than average time to kill, which is why this weapon underperforms.

Compared to the other Modern Warfare 3 marksman rifles, you also only have 10 rounds in the magazine, which is very inconvenient. In my opinion, this will work for other weapons that can twoot kill, but when you're taking three shots to kill with this MCW. I mean you're looking at a maximum of three kills per mag, and you have a lot of reloading, it's very inconvenient.

This weapon does have fairly low recoil though, so it is easy to mix in a head shot to get a two-shot kill, but again, you're going to be better off with the other Modern Warfare 3 Marman rifles; they're just easier to use because of the McW's damage, and its fire rate just puts a hard ceiling on the potential for this weapon.

best marksman rifle mw3

Next up in the number five spot is the LMS from Modern Warfare 2. Think of this weapon as the MCW we just talked about. It also has a tad more recoil, but it has faster handling and a faster time to kill. Now, the time to kill is still below average and close to mid-range. It's not anything to brag about, but what's cool about this weapon is that it will be a three-shot kill anywhere in the body at all ranges, so beyond 40 m, you're looking at a 3060, millisecond time to kill, and this is going to be outgunning a lot of weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

The only marksman rifles that outperform this at this range are the weapons at the number one and number two spots. It's an interesting weapon; I've been able to do some really cool stuff with it, and I definitely recommend you try it out. At the number four spot, the last of the Modern Warfare 2 Martian rifles is the TAC M.

best to worst

This was a pretty bad weapon in Modern Warfare 2, but ironically, it saw no change to its damage or shots to kill whatsoever. In Modern Warfare 3, it will be a two- or three-shot kill, depending on whether you're landing your shots on the chest. The two-shot kill clocks in at 250 milliseconds, which, believe it or not, is the fastest time to kill for a marksman rifle in the entire game, right now faster than the Modern Warfare 3 marksman rifles.

And also, one shot to the head can reach 48 meters, which is very impressive. The TAC M also has better range, bullet velocity, reload speed, and sprint to fire compared to the top Marshall rifles. will be getting to in a second, you may be wondering why this isn't higher on the list. The downside to this weapon is that it has a slower aim-down sight speed for your semi-auto Marshman rifles, which makes it feel slow and clunky.

class setup

And has a significant jump in terms of recoil after the first shot, which makes it very awkward to use, and I find that the tacm can be a bit inconsistent, so overall. I think this is an average weapon. It is very rewarding if you learn the recoil and land your shots, so I definitely recommend you check it out and see if it clicks with you.

That brings us to the number three spot for the third-best Marksman rifle in Modern Warfare 3, which is Modern Warfare 3's DM 56. This is a great weapon. It is snappy, it has fast handling, and it actually has the fastest aim-down sight, Sprint Through Fire, and reload speed in class. It is also the only Modern Warfare 3 Marsh rifle with 20 rounds in the mag, which is lovely because it takes three shots to kill within its maximum damage range.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Marksman Rifles including MW2 weapons based on their stats AND my experiences unlocking Multiplayer Mastery Camos! This video includes the KVD Enforcer, MCW 6.
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