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I'm ranking all the gloves in Modern Warfare 3 from worst to best based on how useful they are. Typically, I do this worst-to-best series for weapons, but I thought I'd switch it up a little bit since the perks are much simpler than weapons. There are currently six gloves in the game, and at the number six spot, the worst gloves, in my opinion, are the Marksman gloves.

These reduce idle sway and Flinch while you're ad, and honestly, it's not that useful of a perk. The idle sway reduction is negligible. You can compare them side-by-side here. I'm not seeing any difference at all with Flinch. There's not much Flinch in this game to start with. This is a side-by-side Flinch with an assault rifle, and it's making a difference, but it's not making much of a difference.

I would say these are actually useful. You can get the same Flinch reduction, if not more Flinch reduction, with commonly used attachments. The only exception here is for sniper rifles. The sniper rifles have much more Flinch, and the Marksman gloves have much more of an impact. Flinch can easily throw you off target with a sniper, so the Marksman gloves are actually useful in this case, but it is a very niche perk, and that is why they're at worst on this list.

assault gloves

The other gloves just offer more overall value. The second worst at number five are the ordinance gloves; these allow you to throw equipment farther, and you can reset the fuse timer on throwback grenades. These gloves also have the hidden perk of using equipment like lethals and tacticals faster.

What I'm about to say goes for all gloves, including the Marksman gloves. You know each of them has their own use cases. I don't think there is a completely useless pair of gloves, but some are definitely more handy than others. The fuse reset on the ordinance gloves is pretty neat. This will only work for Frag and Thermo Barck grenades, and really, you only run to this on objective modes where nades are going to be concentrated in one specific area.


Players can also cook their grenades, and there's trophies in the game, so you're not going to get much use out of this, and throwing equipment further is nice, but it's nothing extraordinary. I actually think this is more helpful for field upgrades than throwables. I'm a thorough enjoyer of the ACs field upgrade, but throwing that field upgrade is like throwing a block of lead; the ordinance gloves allow me to throw it where I actually want.

Next up at number four are the Commando gloves, which allow you to reload while sprinting. They're pretty straightforward and fairly useful for aggressive classes, while these gloves aren't revolutionary. They do give you more flexibility in gunfights in that when moving around the map, they greatly reduce mobility penalties for slow weapons like LMGs, which is always a plus, and with reload canceling back, you can quickly slip behind cover if you ever get caught mid-reload to either finish your reload or you can cancel it real quick and then keep your momentum going back into the gunfight.

They're pretty nice pairs of gloves, and I use them here, and they're depending on my overall loadout. At number three, I have the scavenger gloves; these allow you to resupply ammo and throw knives from dead players. Now, back in the day, scavenger was the perk because Mo was hard to come by, and that was the only way you could resupply Ammo.


It kind of lost value over the years with the addition of munition boxes, but that doesn't mean scavenger isn't useful; there's always a need for Ammo. I mean, if you run out of it, you're completely screwed, and I'd argue that scavenger is more useful in Modern Warfare 3 than the past few games because there are some great field upgrade options available that I would like to use over the Munitions box, plus if you play aggressively, these gloves eliminate the downtime required to drop and interact with the Munitions box, so you'll never need to worry about Ammo as long as you're moving around the map, and that's a pretty nice bonus to have.

best gloves

Runner up The second-best pair of gloves, in my opinion, are the assault gloves. I've dedicated an entire article to these gloves because they are pretty amazing. They will speed up your ads while jumping, and depending on the weapon you're using, this can range from eliminating the small ad delay you get while jumping to removing a couple hundred milliseconds off an ad time like an attachment would.

The gloves also increase your accuracy while jumping, which sweaty players will absolutely love. These gloves are going to be hit or miss, depending on the player. Some players will never jump, and these just straight up aren't useful for them. Some players jump in every gunfight. I think these gloves, as long as they aren't banned, are going to be the go-to pair of gloves for ranking in competitive game modes.

I mean, the accuracy bonus alone can make or break a gunfight, and its helpfulness will exponentially increase the further away your target is. That brings us to the number-one best pair of gloves in Modern Warfare 3. Those gloves are the Quick Grip gloves. I've also made a dedicated article for this perk, and I highly recommend you check it out.

best gloves in mw3

These gloves will increase your swap speed on 90% of weapons in this game, and they have the hidden perk of faster equipment use speed, just like the ordinance gloves do. These gloves are incredibly versatile and will always be useful, especially if you're rocking an overkill class with two primaries.

The assault gloves are going to be best for competitive play, but if you're not using them, quick grips are easily going to be the alternative. Plus, outside of competitive play, I mean, these gloves are just useful for players of all skill levels, where assault gloves are going to be useless if you don't jump shot at all.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III WORST to BEST! In this video, I'm sharing my opinions on the Glove Perks and ranking them! This includes the Quick-Grip Gloves, Ordnance Gloves, Commando Gloves, Scavenger Gloves, Marksman Gloves and Assault Gloves.
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