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Warzone 2 has seen several different updates go live in recent times, dating back to, you know, season one reloaded. We saw quite a few changes there. Gameplay updates go live where they've changed around core dynamics with game player core functions specifically, and those updates have happened the most post-season one reloaded.

You know, up until season one reloaded, from launch until then, a lot of the updates were quality of life stuff and gameplay fixes like I said, but something seems to have changed with season one reloaded. As we've already pointed out in the past, shout out to my buddy Maverick, he pointed out that in some blogs from Call of Duty four days apart, they specifically said in the first one that Infinity Ward was leading up to MW2.

And in War Zone 2, four days later, they mentioned that Raven was heading up War Zone 2. So, essentially, it seems like Raven is now more in charge of War Zone 2 than before. That is, if I had to guess, it's likely due to the player's sentiment and how the game has basically been received up until this point.

Obviously, it's a lot more controversial in ways than Wars than one of people saying, Okay. I like this, but I really don't like the bots, or I like this, but I don't like how the loadouts work, or I like this, but I don't like the gulag. Clearly, the data that they have on the back end and also the feedback that they get from the player-based minority, also known as the vocal majority, which is Reddit.

Twitter. YouTube comments, etc.

The warzone 2 experimental updates

The warzone 2 experimental updates

And that's why we've started to see, in recent weeks, Ravens start to experiment around with War Zone 2, which in general is very good news for future updates. We'll get to the future aspect of this here in just a bit, but just in recent times alone, we've already seen some very drastic gameplay updates.

On things that I don't think a lot of us expected them to change right away, clearly they wanted to change the loadout system with War Zone 2; they wanted to make this a lot more like a generic Battle Royale and have players rely on ground loot and chest loot, you know, getting weapons off of enemy bodies and not getting your loadout guns constantly, so you know, when the game first launched loadouts.

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I would not come into the game for free until mid-circle. Three Basically, there were only a couple of strongholds, and based on a lot of the polls that I've seen people run, most players weren't even going after the strongholds to get their loadouts. In general, a lot of people were just buying their custom guns from the buy station for five grand, so likely lining up with these public polls.

I would assume that their internal data probably pointed towards players getting their custom guns the most out of the buy stations, but they weren't still getting their custom guns as much as they would like, so of course what did they do? They went through and reduced the price of the buy station guns, slashed that price in half, and made it so that those custom guns out of the buy station were way more accessible alongside, and they also made sure that the free loadout drop event happened a whole circle earlier in the game so you could potentially get your full-on class set up with your primary, your secondary, your perks, and your equipment way earlier on in the game to promote you actively going after your stuff.

I think a lot of this probably has to do with store bundle sales as much as it does, you know, player engagement in the game with whether or not they were actually going after custom guns or utilizing those features. I think largely It is sales-based but also partially gameplay-based because at the end of the day Activision is a money-making business, you know, so I don't have doubts that plays into it, but they started experimenting with gameplay there, and then it seemed like there was positive feedback in regards to that because they've also taken their steps further and made it so that now you could actually buy your full-on Loadout drop out from a buy station obviously, the prices are kind of, you know, iffy.

If you will, 32 grand for a loadout drop is definitely steep, but regardless, the main point here is that these are changes that they were not. I know, aiming to make at first; they've gone back and sort of had to backtrack now and back pedal now to make these changes due to the feedback and the data that they have regarding them.

This is great news for warzone 2 updates

This is great news for warzone 2 updates

The state of war zone 2, so going forward, that means, again, like I said earlier, very good things for future updates and those that want to see this war zone 2, you know, evolve.

War Zone 2, and the DMZ. That would be seriously appreciated, but anyway, obviously right now all the devs are sort of on their holiday break, if you will, and we've seen a handful of mini updates go live, but nothing too crazy. We know the developers are, for the most part, out of office for Christmas.

New Year's, and all the other holidays going on, but we know that once they're back in office after the new year, they're going to be here for the long haul. There are no major holidays coming up that are going to cause breaks or anything like that. They are going to be heads down, focused on updates and content changes, especially with the direction of War Zone 2, and we've seen it in years past where just before the major holiday break they added a new update and it left the game in a state of chaos.

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You know, they dropped the Cold War integration and then went on break two weeks later, and the game was a mess with all the broken guns and the DMR being wildly overpowered, and then they dropped the Vanguard integration when they were on break, and Krampus was running around and the game was hardly functioning at all.

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There were so many bugs and glitches and crashes and all sorts of just chaotic stuff. This year, that was not the case; they did some smaller updates and obviously the Reloaded update before their break, but they didn't do anything drastic. Anything game-changing or anything that could potentially break the game, it seems like they're reserving those experiments for once they're back in full, and that's when we're going to start to see these major gameplay updates and major gameplay experiments take place to gauge feedback and see how the players feel, as they stated when they made this loadout change and introduced "loadout drops into the buy station." Not necessarily a permanent thing, they're going to add it into the game; they've already added it into the game.

I should say, and they're going to see how players are enjoying it: are the players, you know, playing for longer? Are they actually going out of their way to use these loadout drops? Is it resulting in more people jumping on the game? If so, they're going to stick around; if not, they might revert it back.

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