News - Warzone 2: This Secret Update Completely Changes Meta Loadouts

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I still probably sound a little bit sick, but I'm getting closer and closer to hopefully being over this. But again, I do apologize if I sound a little bit weird today. Well, what we're focused on this time around is a very interesting change that definitely went under the radar (pun intended), and that has a pretty big effect on a lot of your loadouts here in the war zone.

So obviously, with the way it works in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2, the mini map is very basic, and if you are shooting an unsuppressed weapon, you do not show up on the minimap; if you are shooting a suppressed weapon, you do not show up on the minimap if there are no red dots when you are firing a gun, unless, of course, there is a UAV in place, in which case, whether you are shooting a suppressed weapon or an unsuppressed weapon, you will show up as a ping on that map afterwards.

which is still a very weird system and makes suppressors kind of useless in that sense, but that's not the topic for today. Instead, the topic for today is how they've actually gone through and stealthily removed all signs of weapon gunfire in War Zone 2, which obviously has a lot of impacts on what you want to be running in the muzzle category in particular.

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I'll find action. I'll find that player shooting that unsuppressed weapon. So that was sort of the alternative, if you will, to not having red dots on the minimap. Now, is it a complete replacement? Absolutely not I admit that I rarely look at my compass to find weapon fire because it seems like if I can see the weapon fire on the compass.

I can probably hear that weapon being shot just by myself, and I can tell which direction it is and I can head towards that regardless. So while the red dots were showing up on the compass, they weren't the most useful thing in the world, but at least they were there. It does give meaning to using a suppressor and wanting to stay silent or at least a little bit more quiet without a suppressor, however.

Call of Duty: Raven, Infinity Ward I'm not sure who made the change, but there was a secret update, and this actually happened a few weeks ago. I was really hoping that after the break something like that would happen. They would go through and realize we've changed this, and we should probably fix that because it was never mentioned in any patch notes; it was never mentioned anywhere officially, but they have actually gone through and removed the red dots from the compass here in War Zone 2, so now if you shoot a suppressed weapon, you're not showing up on the radar, and you're not showing up on the compass either.

However, if you shoot an unsuppressed weapon, you're not showing up on the radar, and now you're also not showing up on the compass. To me, that seems like a very strange change, but more importantly, it completely changes how you might want to build a loadout now.

How this change affects meta loadouts in warzone 2

How this change affects meta loadouts in warzone 2

I'm sure if you guys regularly tune into the loadout articles that I post, you know that basically on every single gun, regardless of range (close range, mid-range), long range doesn't matter. I'm pretty much always running a suppressor on my weapons, and the main part of that is yes, to stay off of that compass.

I don't want my red dots to show. Obviously, if you're someone who is playing very aggressively, you don't want to have your red dots constantly showing up there because you could get third-party attacked very easily, and in this game, that's pretty much a straight trip to the gulag or back to the main menu without a doubt because of how the health works in this game right so obviously that stealth factor is like priority number one, but then of course some other suppressors also have some nice additional bonuses.

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Certain ones give you really good velocity, like the Polar Fire; others give you control, like the Custovia; others give you some slightly better range, so there are some good bonuses on those suppressors right now, but the main focus of them is now being completely negated. I've got you covered with the latest going on between news, updates on class setups, and tips.

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Should you still run suppressors in warzone 2?

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There is still a use for suppressors. I will say that I don't think completely outright that this update has made suppressors completely useless; however, it is now a much larger conversation at hand should you be running this, and you really have to take that into consideration. You are planning to use a weapon because, as I said, for long range, using one of those suppressors that offers better velocity or slightly better control and slightly better range is something that I would still personally use, so if I'm using an rpk, a rail, a cast-off 762, or something like that for long range, that is the primary long-range weapon.

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I think that's still a solid choice. Yes, you could use a compensator that's going to help out with horizontal and vertical control, and that's still going to be a good option, but obviously for long range, if you can capitalize on better velocity to make your hit rate feel a little bit more consistent in the weapon and a little bit easier to use, or if you can get those extra few meters out of damage range, that's still a really good choice.

Don't get me wrong, but for some mid-range and for some close range now where velocity is not really a big deal and we're adding a couple of extra meters of damage range, it isn't always a huge deal. I feel like this update has made suppressors completely useless, so, you know, on your rifles, on your LMGs, on your snipers, you'd still want to be running that stuff, but for close range on your pistols and on your SMGs, especially.

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