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It is of course the middle of the week here, which means that we have another standard routine weekly update now live in Modern Warfare 2, War Zone 2, and DMZ. Now, in terms of the actual physical update itself, this is more of that routine weekly sort of playlist update with a few additional changes here and there.

You go through that, you cycle your game, and basically you're good to go, but there is no actual download with this one, so that's nice and convenient now.

Warzone 2 mini update changes

Warzone 2 mini update changes

Although this is a bit of a smaller update in and of itself, it did actually still change a handful of things, primarily focusing on the modes available for over the next week or so, so first up here Starting with that in war zone two, we did see a brand new playlist update for the first week of February, and this will presumably go through next Wednesday, the 8th, which in and of itself is going to be a pretty big day as well because that's when we have the next major reveal coming for season two, likely the road map and all sorts of stuff there.

We'll talk more on that towards the end of the article, but for War Zone 2 this week for Battle Royale, we're looking at all these standard squad sizes. We got solos, and we got duos, trios, and quads, which are so basic, there are all the standard rules—nothing out of the ordinary. We also see the continuation of mini-Battle Royale trios as well.

Many Royale has been in the rotation for a few weeks now and seems to be a pretty popular mode. They did make the random adjustment nerfing all the loot in the stronghold buildings a bit ago, which is kind of a downside, but still, it's a much more fast-paced game and match than what we have with standard Battle Royale just because it's that condensed Zone and that smaller player counted and I know a lot of players are going to be very happy to hear this third, person is, back this week in war zone two it's been missing for a couple of weeks, so I'm glad they finally decided to bring it back, but this week we do have the third person Duos playlist, so just a two-party squad size is there, but regardless, the third person is finally back.

Are they bringing it back? I guess they classify this as an LTM, so it's going to come and go. You know, next week we might see it removed for something else, and the week after it could be back. You never really know what this is, but at least it's back for at least the next week.

Modern warfare 2 mini update changes

Modern warfare 2 mini update changes

As we move over into the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer side of things, we did see a new playlist update here as well, so the patch notes are pretty straightforward just with the playlist changes, obviously, and this week we of course have all the quick play stuff per usual, no surprises there, and we do see The Return of the Third Person Mosh Pit as well, which is fantastic.

Again, third person's been MIA, and a lot of players were not super happy about that, but it is now back, and we also continue to have shoot the ship as well, so shoot the house and shoot the shipment in one singular playlist. The CDL Mosh Pit is also good to go now; there was an issue earlier this week where it was the developer airing your game the second you went to Q and into it; that's been fixed, so no issues there; then we got the standard ground war invasion tier one stuff as well; so a pretty basic playlist update with some great news: The third person has returned, so a lot of players should be excited about that.

Other gameplay updates in warzone 2 and modern warfare 2

Now, in addition to the sort of "mini patch notes," if you will slash the playlist updates for today's update, we've also seen a few other changes go live in the game over the past couple of days, and we've got some new updates here from Infinity Ward, regarding one that's actually causing major issues for players over the past couple of days, and also some very good news for the season 2 update as well.

So initially, we were here when we had the 1.14 update go out earlier this week. Go back in and redo that over and over again, so I'm glad to see that one is fixed pretty promptly also. This channel is your one-stop shop for MW2. It does really help grow the channel, and I really do appreciate all the love and all the support.

Major news on dmz insured weapon slots

Major news on dmz insured weapon slots

Now, as you may recall, it's been revealed in some small bits and pieces here and there that the DMZ in War Zone is going to be receiving some major updates in terms of the player aggression system.

wipe all new missions obviously, we're going to be able to play Onashika. Island is there as well, in addition to Onashika and Resurgence gameplay, and one of the biggest controversies ever since the news was revealed is the fact that basically all of your progress was going to be reset, so all your faction mission progress, all your contrabands, all your keys, and even your insured slots.

It was actually talked about by Modern War Zone and Charlie Intel. They apparently checked with one of their Activision sources and confirmed that insured weapon slots were going to be reset, which set off a lot of players who were not happy that was going to be the case, and it seems like that feedback got back to Infinity Warden.

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Raven, very quickly, because Raven Actually, you know, they backstepped a little bit and backpedaled a little bit when they said four additional crossings on the DMZ are insured. Weapon slots are not going to reset with season two; details to come in this week's blog; stay tuned so this ends up confirming a couple of things.

One, we have more DMZ details coming later on this week, and whenever that blog post does get revealed, we're of course going to be covering that here on the channel, but also any insured weapon slots that you've earned up until this point are going to stay in season 2, which is fantastic news, so if you have that second insured weapon slot from getting past tier three, that one is not going to be reset, even though you're going to be going back to tier one in season two if you made it through tier five on all the factions and got Slaughter, the third insured weapon slot.

Slaughter the third insured weapon slot, or whatever you want to refer to it as Also will be staying despite the fact that we'll all be on Tier 1 for all factions on February 15th, when season 2 launches, so definitely some good news for those players that grinded out that here thus far, and if you're close to actually getting one of those, you definitely want to make sure you finish Tier 3 or Tier 5 on those factions before the reset because of that. Physical progress won't carry over, so definitely keep that in mind now.

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