News - Warzone 2: Broken" Damage & Hit-reg Explained. Does Skill Based Damage Exist

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There's been a lot of talk recently about War Zone 2, with the game feeling wildly inconsistent, the hit rig feeling weird, and damage over range feeling weird, and this in turn has led to a lot of player theorizing. No, it's not something that has just blatantly broken with the game, potentially, in some way or another. Is it just the difference from what we're so used to with war zone 1 not being the same here in war zone 2, which I want to sort of try and explain here with now the fully available stats for war zone 2 ?.

Broken damage in warzone 2 has been tested

Broken damage in warzone 2 has been tested

Weaponry, so do keep in mind that when it comes to actual damage and players being manipulated live, which is not a thing, we've gone through this a year ago in Caldera when players first thought it was a thing, and it was statistically proven and tested thoroughly by players like true game data like Exclusive Ace and others that it's not in game.

Tony's also gone through and tested this year as well with super high stat accounts and super low stat accounts to prove that the damage values are identical on all accounts, but that does not mean there are no inconsistencies. In the game, with the servers being absolutely atrocious and hitting reg feeling off, there are some actual in-game factors here that are going to attribute to that, so we are here on, Sim, GG.

Bullet velocity breakdown in warzone 2 vs warzone 1

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And they completely data mined these stats here for Warzone 1, obviously we talked about them a lot, and they're back doing it again here in War Zone 2, and they actually just made it available so that we can see different attachments, different stats, here in the game between MW2 and War Zone 2, and what this does is allow us to see the velocity stats for any given weapon, plus when you build them out, how exactly they compare.

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So I've got a handful of weapons here from Warzone 2: the cast of 762, the RPK, the TAC 56, and the Ralph, four of the top meta weapons here, and I'm going to compare these stats on the muzzle velocity, which is what we want to focus on right here, to some of the top tier guns from Warzone 1, which we'll go through here in just a moment, so let's go through and basically build out all these weapons for the max velocity, because keep in mind that velocity is what's going to make your weapon feel like it's hitting consistently over range with bullet lead and bullet drop and your aim is going to affect how consistent a gun feels, so having a high velocity is crucial for a gun feel like it's aiming is going to make your aim is going to make your aim is going to affect how consistent it's got a low velocity, you might be aiming on a player's chest, but you're actually hitting their lower torso, or you're hitting a limb, you know what I'm saying, so cast off 762; its base velocity is only 590, which is not phenomenal in the grand scheme of things.

I can zoom in a little bit more here so we get a more clear view of this. So I'm still going to build this realistically. The Custovia dx90 is a suppressor that I'm always using because it offers control. You can see it increases the velocity a bit. The barrel in this case is the 584 on the 762, which also increases your velocity, and of course we're going to go for the high-velocity rounds on there as well.

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I have to sneeze. So, now that we've gone through and added those on there, we see that our velocity goes from 590 up to 1096. So a significant improvement, but we'll see how that compares to old wars on one weapon here in just a moment. Let's now do the same thing for the RPK. Here, we're going to go on and install a good suppressor, and in this case, again, it's going to be the Custovia dx90.

Now, admittedly, the barrels here kind of stink. The only one that's increasing velocity according to SIM is the 597, and it's only by 21, so it's not worth actually throwing on there for the grand scheme of things, but we do want to again put on high velocity, and we go from 700 milliseconds, which is mediocre, to, you know, not bad.

Next up, we've got the TAC 56, whose base velocity is 590. Yet again, we're on the lower end of things, especially for long-range fights, so let's go ahead and throw on the Echolus 80s suppressor here. This will help out with the velocity some. We've got the Tundra Pro Barrel that'll help out with velocity, and again, we're going to go for high velocity rounds, and we go from 590 all the way up to 12 40 34, which is actually pretty significant.

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You're over doubling the velocity just based on those three attachments, which is again a significant increase. Then, we go to the row here, which actually has a 730 base velocity, which is not bad at all. We're going to put on the Nilsound 90, which is my go-to suppressor, and we're going to put on the Rhino barrel, which is a significant increase.

And we go from 730 up to 1539, which has the best velocity out of all four of these guns, which would make a lot of sense because, in game, the route does seem to be one of the heaviest hitting and most consistent guns we have in the velocity stats. Back that up here, so we've seen those basic velocities there between these four guns.

Don't worry; I'm going to have a chart here in a bit. Let's now go over to Modern Warfare 1, or Modern Warfare 2019, in the war zone 1 statistics section, so that's where we have these four guns. I've got the automaton, the XM4, the growl, and the STG, one from every single era of War Zone 1, and some top-tier meta guns, and again, we're going to go through an add-on for the best velocity stats.

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So based on the automaton being at 860, which is already better than anything we saw over in War Zone 2, we're going to put on the MX silencer, the BFA barrel, and then also lengthen it there for the better velocity, and we go from 860 to 1430. Right away, so after a very significant increase from war zone one, we go back to the XM4 base velocity again, which is 850, which is very solid here.

We're just going to put on the agency suppressor and the task force barrel, obviously; we don't have a magazine to help out with that velocity, so we're stuck with just the two options here. But even so, we go from 850 to 1530, which is again very, very solid and one of the higher ones in comparison to anything that we saw over in War Zone 2.


On the grow again, we're starting at 850 base velocity and we can only put on two attachments here, the monolithic suppressor and the Archangel barrel, and we go from 850 to 1601, nearly doubling the velocity just based off two attachments individually, then lastly we've got the STG, which has a base velocity of 835 in this case, so slightly better than the other ones, and here we got the MX silencer, the 760 barrel, and again we're going to throw on lengthened on there too, so we go from 835 to 1438.

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