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We got another, quote-unquote, "major update" here in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 as well. This is a major update, which I say because this is an actual title update. If you're on PlayStation, you're going to have to go ahead and copy the update, which in most cases takes longer than the actual download, but we do have some new patch notes.

Full 1.14 update patch notes for modern warfare 2 & warzone 2

Full 1.14 update patch notes for modern warfare 2 & warzone 2

If we go ahead and open up the Call of Duty site here, you guys can see we've got the 30th of January. So first up, here is a general update. This update contains several fixes to reduce the known number of crashes. We continue to prioritize increased stability and crash fixes across all platforms, so the only downside here is that they're not getting into specifics.

With the exact crashes that are being fixed. I'll zoom in a little bit more here, so, for instance, we don't know if a certain crash when using a certain blueprint with an optic is fixed, or if a certain crash when interacting with something in the DMZ is fixed. They're just crashes in general, so it shouldn't crash as much now, but we don't know if these specific crashes that are caused by doing certain things in the game are fully updated.

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In DMZ compared to, you know. We've got quite a few things here, so they fixed an issue that showed that weapon decals and stickers are blocked. It's a pretty basic one. It fixes an issue where the spotter scope could cause target markers to persist when aimed down sights with the weapons, so this is essentially fixing the spotter scope issue where it turned into a constant hard ping, which is basically aimbot.

Right, so they've gone through and updated that, and the spotter scope should now be working as intended. They also fixed an issue allowing the sentry gun to be placed inside of a tank to eliminate enemies, so just a simple sentry gun exploit. We've talked about how the Trello board had a bunch of different issues listed for the sentry gun, and I think the recon drone as well.

I'll have to see if anything's updated there, but they've gone through and fixed all these specific ones. They've also fixed an issue where gun screens were not showing correctly in the gunsmith UI tiles, so if you're trying to inspect certain things or view certain things, they've gone through and updated that.

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So a slight menu and UI update They also fixed an issue where players could be kicked back to the main menu when creating a custom knife. On an oddly specific note, there are also a lot of issues that I'm not going to lie about. I didn't even know it existed until I started reading. Just now, they also fixed an issue in the gunsmith that could cause knife variants to display incorrectly.

Turn on those post notifications; around 57 percent of viewers watching are not already subscribers. Moving on here, they also fix an issue that prevented some players from saving a custom mod when trying to select a camo, so if you wanted a full-on blueprint, a custom blueprint. I should say, with a certain camo on there and you weren't able to actually access that before and save that before you, you should now be good to go with that and shouldn't have any issues.

There They fixed an issue that caused some players to crash when dismissing a notification, so this is actually a pretty big one. They also fixed some issues players were having with accessing and leaving the firing range. This is another one where you would go into the firing sometimes. Your game would freeze if you were to exit the firing range; sometimes you'd just be stuck on a black screen, and then your game would crash.

So obviously, the firing range is super useful for testing out your builds and all sorts of stuff there, so there were a lot of issues with that not functioning as intended. Hopefully, now that it's a seamless experience, you can jump into the firing range and not have to worry about any major issues going on there, and we also have some navigation improvements.

New menu update patch notes for mw2 and warzone 2.0

New menu update patch notes for mw2 and warzone 2.0

This is pretty solid, in my opinion. They addressed various issues with the social menu to improve navigation and functionality, so they did actually preview that in the season 2 update we are going to see a bunch of menu updates right to the social tab in the general menu UI, so it seems like maybe they're getting started a bit early with that and we've got some changes here already.

They fixed an issue that prevented some users from navigating through the friends and recent tabs after scrolling to the top row. I don't think this is going to fix this, but I do want to take note that the recent players tab is ridiculous. It shows recent players, but the most recent one is like from 47 days ago, so it doesn't seem like this is an issue that's going to be addressed, but just a heads up if anyone from Infinity Ward.

Raven, or Call of Duty is watching this article: there is a known bug currently where you can't actually see the people you're playing with in the most recent match. The only way to currently track stats is with the challenges and the calling card stuff there, so that's there as well. Finally, for the navigation improvements, they fixed a UI issue causing text to overlap in the after action report, so nothing too crazy with that one either, and then we get into the war zone side of things, and frankly, there's not a whole lot going on here.

Warzone 2 & dmz 1.14 update patch notes

Warzone 2 & dmz 1.14 update patch notes

This is obviously the end of the patch notes, but bug fixes They fixed an issue where deploying a Recon drone near water would cause some players to lose movement, so you might recall that earlier I mentioned the century gun and the Recon drone had a lot of things listed on the Trello board about various bugs, glitches, and exploits going on there.

This is one that's been going on for some time. I'm getting stuck and I can't move around anymore, so apparently the issues arise if you spawn it near water. Now that's no longer going to be a problem, and hopefully this means the other Recon drone freezing issues are also solved. I'm not sure if the one near the water was the only one, but I know it's been an ongoing problem since launch, basically, and then in the DMZ, fix an issue causing the rewards section of the faction mission to display incorrectly.

So it's a pretty valuable update. They address a number of issues impacting the functionality and navigation of equipping and previewing insured weapons, so it's oftentimes very glitchy when you're trying to look at certain things that can display incorrectly, and then finally they fix an issue where players cannot access gunsmith.

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