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Season 2 is finally here, and that means it is time for an updated Modern Warfare 3 Search and Destroy class article. Before we get into the article, I wanted to quickly plug in my stream. If you guys don't know, I stream on Twitch almost every single day, playing either Search and Destroy or ranked play, and we've been having a blast over there.

I'm getting to meet a lot of you guys and hang out, and even at some points, play some games with some of you guys, so if you're interested in coming and hanging out for some live streams. I stream almost every day over at Twitch. Starting things off with my main class setup, what we have here is my setup for most of my classes.

best search and destroy class

We have a camit knife secondary, a smoke or stung grenade tactical, and then a frag grenade lethal alongside the Dead Silence field upgrade. I get a lot of questions about the reason why I run the Dead Silence field upgrade, which is because it doubles and gives you a ghost it doesn't give you. All the time asking me as far as my perks go we got the Quick Grip gloves the covert sneakers and the EOD padding now the covert sneakers and EOD pretty much never changes that is 100% in all my classes they all have that on it doesn't change what does change though is my gloves now my gloves change between the Quick Grip, and the Marksman gloves and this is kind how I set it up when I run a sniper or I run an aggressive, class setup whether that be a really fast fired assault rifle or an SMG class that I'm planning on playing much more close range with I run the Quick Grip glove so that I could get my stuns and nades out faster and if I need to I could swap to my knife faster because we all know knifing is very good in this game even though they nerfed it in season 2 it is definitely.

Better now, but it is still very good, so having Quick Grip to be able to swap weapons faster for the sake of not needing to reload or like pick up a gun or for whatever reason because I'm playing aggressive is really helpful, so that's why I Quick Grip on for that reason for my Rush classes now the Marksman gloves I rock on my assault rifles.

best settings

This is my MCW. Class my hoger class my longer range setups I rock The Marksman gloves for the reduced Flinch, and while ads because that is just unbelievably helpful in your long-range gunfights if you're hard aiming with an assault rifle, the Flinch is awesome. As far as vest goes with season 2, we got the Ninja Vest, which I was super excited for because I thought I was finally going to have access to be able to change my sneakers.

Off of covert sneakers and use something else for the first time since this game has come out, unfortunately I was wrong because the Ninja vest gets rid of your gloves, and I'm going to be real as much as I want to try a different set of boots out of the Quick gloves and the Marksman gloves I just find way too helpful.

best snd class mw3

I don't think the ninja vest is worth it, at least not at this moment, so for that reason I'm still sticking with it. With my infantry vest for double time and then running my covert sneaker boots now one thing I will say is that if you do find yourself playing much more slower, and you don't find yourself needing the Quick Grip gloves, you might look into trying ninja vest out because ninja vest does give you Tac mask and dead silence combined into one which is pretty good you accompany that with some running boots and you've got yourself a pretty good Rush class or whatever boots you're feeling you got yourself still a solid class for Search and Destroy so there's definitely some options there but just for my play style personally I think the Infantry vest is just kind of more my thing but the ninja vest I wouldn't say is a bad option either, okay finally into what you guys actually clicked on the article for we have my class setup starting thing off with the brand new bp50 aka the F2000.

From MW2, and I was very happy this gun was added in, and I'm very glad to say that I'm not disappointed because the gun is awesome; in fact, it's more than awesome; it's so good that currently. I'm looking at the internet, and the CDL Pros are debating whether or not they want to use this over an MCW because this weapon is actually that good; it's a solid assault rifle.

modern warfare 2

And this is my setup for it. We've got the Lur 9 heavy barrel deer, the six-hand stop 45-round mag, the first IV grip take, and the forbearer, Heavy Stock. Next on the list is the current AR meta, the ACR, aka the MCW. In the class setup, we've got the RB claw, PSL grip, Mark II reflector, and the 16.5, long bar.

We've got the Dr6 hand stop, and then we've got the L4, our flash hider. The next assault rifle on my list is one that I still think is super sleepy, and that is the Ram 7, aka the Tar 21. I love this weapon in this game; it's super satisfying, and this setup I've got for it gives it practically no recall, and it is super satisfying to use in Search and Destroy.

We've got the fsol, laser, extracake core, Mark, heavy barrel, brew, and heavy support grip. The retort 90 grip, and, finished off, you have the 3.4 pad stock. I kind of go back and forth between this one, the fgx Imperium, aka the intervention, and the Xtrac stalker based on my mood. In this class of the article, we've got the intervention class.

modern warfare 3 ranked classes

We got the LZR 7MW, laser, field WRA-wrapped handle, and FJX blast. Bolt the kilo tack stock, and then I rock the McPr scope. That's a poor of a person preference thing, though. Run whatever scope you feel in. Depending on my mood. I'll run a crit knife secondary, but sometimes I'll also run the retti pistol if I'm feeling like playing a little bit slower with the sniper, and my class setup for the pistol goes as follows: We got the short competition.

Barrel the 710 pistol laser, the 24r mag, the Brewin mg 89 trigger, and the Retti wood grain grip. Moving on to the SMGs, we have the current meta, the Scorpion Evo, aka the Rival 9. My class setup for this weapon has pretty much stayed the same throughout mine. Is one changed recently we got the purifier muzzle, broke the Rival 6 clear shot long barrel, got the marauder stock and the Rival Vice assult grip, and then finished it off with the 40-round mag.

modern warfare 3 ranked play

Now if I'm playing ranked play and I'm playing CDL, then typically I'll run that dr6 hand stop, but if I'm just rushing in pubs. I like having those extra 10 bullets with the 40-round mag, so I kind of go back and forth between the two. If I'm playing ranked play. I'm always rocking the DR6, but if I'm playing pubs 40-round for the win.

Next up, we have the new meta SMG, which, unfortunately. I just got removed from the rankings today. I'm actually really sad. I've been using this SMG quite a bit because it's a keyboard and mouse player. This weapon feels so much better than the Rival 9 if you play keyboard or mouse. You know what I mean, but the HRM 9 is a disgusting SMG.

Modern Warfare 3 Best SnD Class Setups Settings Season 2! MWIII Search and Destroy Class Guide.
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