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So I recently changed my settings, again on the controller in Modern Warfare 3, and the reason I did that is because I always like to try and find the best settings in the game to either make me really fast in the game (my movement is insane) or to actually make my accuracy a lot better, and this time I changed a few things.

It actually makes my accuracy a lot better but also gives me better movement and better control in my accuracy as well, so I'm going to give you guys these new settings that I put in. You guys are definitely going to want to use these; some of them are the same as always, but some of them are definitely different, and we're going to get right into those.

So I want to talk about, obviously, controller settings if you're on a PC. I apologize; not much has to do with PC here, but we'll get into some graphics and stuff like that afterwards.



best controller settings mw3

To flip all right because I do want to flip L1. And R1 with L2 and R2, and the reason I'm doing that is because I'm playing on a PlayStation controller. I have no back paddles I have nothing to help me out that doesn't matter when you flip it but I'm just saying like I'm just playing on a basic controller okay it's blue but it's a basic PlayStation 5 controller, now the reason I flip it is because these triggers here on the PlayStation 5 are haptic I mean you could turn it off but it's just it they take a lot longer to actually push down, sometimes they fight against you so could feel like a real trigger and stuff like that you can turn those off like I said but they just take a lot longer to actually activate in game if you touch it just like that it's not going to do much whereas these ones the second you touch it activates in game it changes your gun shoots you ads the second you touch it it's Mill seconds faster but it does make a big difference, when you're actually talking gunfights and stuff so I definitely do that now stick layout preset I leave it to default no reason to change that and something that's really important.

best mw3 settings

Is the controller vibration I see a lot of people playing with this on, guys don't do that don't do that when you're in gunfights and stuff I know I get it like sometimes when you get shot at you want your controller to vibrate and stuff, but there's other cues in game that will show you that you're getting shot at your screen will turn red and there's going to be a little arrow somewhere on that little circle of blood on your screen that points what direction the enem is coming in and then if you know how to read that you can see exactly where the enem is shooting you from and you don't need controller vibration once it's on and you get into a gunfight and you're controllers, vibrating while you're trying to maintain your accuracy, you're going to be a little less accurate so I don't like it honestly now here's what I said you could turn this off definitely do it and then dead zones so I changed my dead zones again, and this right here.

best settings

Is something that I'm going to be playing around with a lot, currently this is my favorite Dead Zone settings that I've used all right so we're going to turn the test s whatever we turn it on if you want to test it and stuff but we're just going to turn it off at the moment now I have my left stick at zero obviously because this is going to mean that the second you touch it your character starts to Sprint in game we're going to talk about turning on your Sprint always Sprint, turned on and stuff like that afterwards, but right now just set it to zero and trust me you're going to be a lot faster then the left stick maximum you're going to set to 40 so that once you actually do push your stick up you don't have to push it all the way up to activate anything you just have to push it less than halfway, and it's going to be fully activated everything's going to be good and you're going to like that there now I see people saying.

I got stick drift, and I used to be someone to tell you guys all the time, If you have stick drift, turn this up. Don't turn it up, guys. Especially if you have a controller, that has back paddles and you never have to take your thumb off the stick, do not, put this up at all even if you have sck drifts trust me the reason for this is because when you're actually in a gunfight again or when you're trying to maintain accuracy and keep your shot centered at all times or you're keeping your accuracy your Crosshair centered while running around the map and stuff you're not moving your thumb it's always on that stick you're always going to be there it's always going to be moving and you're always controlling it, whereas if you turn this up you have to make more movements so BAS basically with it at zero if you touch it just a millimeter, it's going to activate in game if you have to adjust your accuracy in a gunfight. Just by a little M millimeter it's going to activate in game if I put this up and let's say you have stick drip and you put it all the way up to 20 for example and then we go ahead and test it if I do a little micro adjustments, look how much I have to move it right there it starts here I have to go all the way like that that's a lot of movement I don't know if you can see it on screen that's a lot of movement just to activate it so when you actually get into a gunfight and stuff it just works against you so I don't recommend turning that add on as well so definitely 040 00, that's what I have it set to and that's I like the best triggers you don't want to ever put a dead zone on these no point whatever so that's going to be it for controller let's get into aiming and let's talk about some fun stuff here so I definitely did change my Sensitivity.



I normally play on 12 for my horizontal and 13 for my vertical, but I just put it down to 9 and 10, guys. I've been a lot more accurate than I've ever been before, okay? So I don't know if it's just because I changed it, and I'm just hoping it's a placebo effect. Maybe I don't think so. To be honest with you guys, I'm just a lot more accurate.

The higher your sensitivity, the more your screen moves like crazy, and the more you have to adjust when you get into an actual gunfight, the lower you put this, and if you see that you're the type of person that misses a lot of your first initial shots right before your ads because you should always be shooting, as you ads or before your ads in up close, gunfights.

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