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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It's your boy Brotherhood gaming HD here today, and in today's article, cheaters can ban you now here within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which is why I'm making this article. It's because there was a tweet by the name of It's Haa, and he ended up posting a tweet a while back saying, This is very, very bad if true.

Cheaters have allegedly gained access to developer tools within Call of Duty and can act to activate bans and shadow bans on other players in their lobby. With the simple click of a button. And this is why I'm making this article today, because if this does tend to be true and the hackers do have the capability and tools of a typical developer within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and from Sledgehammer Games, they are just technically able to ban anybody within their lobby, whether it's a hard ban or a shadow band, within Modern Warfare 3.

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And this is a bad thing if it is true mostly because of the fact that there are some people out here in the Call of Duty Community that might hop on the game every now and then, the casuals or there might be some hardcore players that are really good at the game, but some of the cheaters here with the Call of Duty Community they're just really sore losers, and the fact that if you're literally whooping their ass Parton my language there, but if you're literally there whooping them in the game like five or six kills in, and you've killed this same cheater slacker.

Over and over and over again, and they do have this development tool; they can permanently ban you just because of the fact that they're just dog water at the game; they can't accept the fact that there's better competition, even when they rage hack, and this is really sad, mostly because I know Activision Sledgehammer Games is trying their damnest out here to literally mitigate hackers, but this is going to be a consistent battle back and forth between the hackers and the developers, and Raven basically all the developers with it underneath the Activision and Microsoft umbrella here.


It's a very concerning thing, mostly because of the fact that there are even very popular YouTube content creators and streamers and because these hackers have these tools at their disposal. At their disposal, if I like it, I'm going to link back to it if it tends to be true. These hackers can literally ban these streamers and SL content creators from the game, and that will pretty much push their channel in a different direction going forward to play Apex Legends.

Fortnite is another FPS shooter within the realm that will compete with Call of Duty. But the thing is, there's really no way around this entire situation, and if you do end up, try trying to go to Activision Support about this. They won't be able to help you or anything, mostly because of the fact that they saw that you were permanently banned from the game, but the thing is though, they never authorized, this banned overall they never authorized this ban overall.

They authorized this ban because of the fact that like I said, they were getting their butt whooped, back to back to back, and they literally ban an innocent player or an innocent person within the Call of Duty Community just because they're bad players and they can't be any good at the game, so they got to have their little wall hack.


their little Aimbot, all this freaking hacking BS, and this basically tops them to be a higher priority and a higher threat here within the Call of Duty Community. And let's be honest here, that is a lot of power for a hacker to have here within Modern Warfare 3. That's the type of thing that's technically like the dev status level—the fact that the devs can ban you but the fact that these hackers have found a way to obtain.

These types of programs SL software onto their hard drives. Computer, it's going to get bad, it's going to get worse, and people are probably being permanently banned right now or Shadow banned, and they don't know why, maybe because there was a hacker in their lobby and they didn't like the player that they were playing with, so they ended up Perman banning them from the game or they ended up, you know.

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Shadow is banning them and putting them in cheater lobbies so that they can deal with the cheaters, but it's been your boy brotherhood game. If it does tend to be true, do you think this is the equivalent of [__] part of my language there again, or should Activision. HD everybody, please don't forget to subscribe, like, and hit the bell notifications, and I will catch you in the next one.


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