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best controller settings

Today we are checking out my controller settings here in Modern Warfare 3. These are literally the best settings you can run on your controller. I'm going to show you guys my personal settings that make me the player that I am when it comes to Call of Duty and, overall, give you guys the best settings to help you guys aim and just never miss a bullet.

When you are playing the game, guys, do enjoy it and don't forget to drop a like. It's basically where you shoot with R1 and L1 and slide with R3, so you want to make sure you have that on. That's just how I personally feel more comfortable playing the game. In my opinion, that's going to be off.

I think that came default to the game I have on the flip, which OB, like I said, is a tical flip you do with R1 and L1. Personally, I think that's a lot better than R2, just because it's more instant. Layout is going to be on default, as is controller vibration to have that off. Vibration is just weird nowadays, and it's just not comfortable in my personal opinion, so I turn that off for my dead zone.

best controller settings mw3

It's literally based on what stick drift you have on your controller. In addition, now you can test your stick drift. As you can see, I really have a lot. I didn't realize that, but I have a lot, so you can raise this up and down, but I have it on five, but the left stick and the right stick are going to be five as well.

I have a lot of these defaults because that's just how the game came, so that's just all maxed out, and these two down here are also default as well for the aiming, T, for the aiming tab, Now. My sensitivity is going to be 77 for each, and for the advanced Horizon 2 Stick, you can change that to one; it's probably defaulting to 120, so put it to custom, change it to what you want to change it to, and then put it back to your regular settings, and it will lock it right there, so the 77 sensitivity.

best mw3 controller settings

And the horizontal to and vertical stick sensitivity as well is on one; the ad multiplier as well, that's going to be on default to one; same with the sensitivity multiplier, all these are going to be default. I didn't change any of these settings at all; they are all going to be standard to how the game came, but I did change my aim response curve type to Dynamic; it's the strongest assist in the game to where you can literally never miss a bullet, so if you aren't using Dynamic, turn it on.

I guarantee your aim will be a lot better and is a lot stronger, and a lot of these settings right here are going to be default as well. I didn't change; one of these is obviously going to be on; aim assist is a type I haven't set as the default. I didn't mess with any of these this year, nor did I mess with them last year.

That was the default; I didn't want to mess with that, so a lot of these right here are just going to be the default as well, with the third person and the modering sensing sensor aiming I didn't touch that because, obviously. I really don't even know what that is, so now for the game Play tab, you have automatic tactical sprint.

I figure that's just better—one for my thumb and two for my controller. So my controller isn't breaking faster; it can last a lot longer. Slime into Sprint, and that's on. I think that actually is a new setting or might be old; only I don't know I have it on. Auto-move forward That's off a lot of this stuff right here.

best mw3 settings

I didn't change the only thing I did change with this tab going to be the slide. SL di Behavior, I put it on slide only because I don't use dolphin di and I don't care for dolphin dives, and once you put it on slide only, slide canceling comes a lot smoother. That's just how I personally like it when it comes to the sliding animation, and a lot of these settings right here are going to be default as well, so I'm going to just scroll past so you guys can see them.

Everything is the same, obviously, when it comes to the interact tab and stuff like that. You either have it on multiplayer or T to reload the war zone, which will be prioritized, Interaction, and yeah, that's pretty much it. A lot of these things are right here. I got you guys with insane gameplay as well, just proving why these settings are good.

best settings

Don't forget to like, subscribe, and enjoy this game. Playay, dominance, SEC, and hold, they're taking. Charlie, we're losing Alpha; hostile mosquitoes are online; we're taking Bravo; all objectives are held by the enemy. Charlie, secure, we're losing Charlie, secure objective Bravo is a hostile UAV in the area; we've lost all objectives.

Do not let it be for long. We control Bravo's enemies' security. Bravo, enemy taking bra, taking Charlie, we have taken the lead, enemy securing Bravo, we are losing alha. Advan UAV is being attacked by Alpha; we've secured all objectives, but the B is not overly friendly. By friendly on, you're halfway to mission completion and securing OB.

Charlie, we're taking Charli enem securing bra. Alha is compromised. Get it secure; we've lost Bravo; they're taking Bravo; they're taking Alpha-friendly UAV online; we're losing Charlie objective; Bravo secures objective; Vigilant enem taking Bravo, we are losing. Alpha objective Bravo is compromised; get it back friendly; inbound enem taking Al securing objective Bravo OverWatch is ready for T-friendly approaching.

Target control: Bravo, enemy

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