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Let's go over my favorite setup for Karachi, and that's going to be on the B bomb, so you're going to want to sprint straight over to B; everybody is rushing down low now as the bomb planter. You want to have a teammate who's going to throw a smoke grenade at the bomb and then be in the smoke. Chuck a trophy down just there or to the other side and now you want to get the bomb down, now once you've got the bomb down you want to run underneath to the car here now you're going to be holding, down that alley there and to the left as well as the balcony and you can also see if anybody's pushing from there, now you're going to want a teammate above you on this head glitch like this he's going to be holding the roof as well as helping out with the balcony now you can't quite see down low but your teammate's going to help you with that and then there's a couple things you can do you can have somebody playing the statue here holding the little building by the chickens there as well as top roof.

And then you want your fourth teammate to be over here underneath the scaffolding; now he's going to be holding down the street towards their spawn like that and basically just sort of covering all angles there, so you're going to have it all covered now. Alternately, instead of having somebody on a statue here or on the tower, you could have somebody playing.

Over here in Top Chicken like this, he's going to be helping out the street as well as watching Your Flank and checking for anybody down low, or you could also put somebody up onto the roof. Maybe you could sit in this corner like this and watch over mid, or you could just play up top, watch anybody coming around, watch anybody coming like this, and also check in down here, so that's my sort of go-to.

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To setup, obviously, this is for 4v4, ready for rank play so you can get these strats done, but yeah, you mainly want somebody under the car on that head glitch there and on the scaffold, and then the fourth player, it's up to you really if you want them up here in that building or on the tower there.

Next, we have the A bomb site, so of course you're all going to want to sprint over to the A bomb site from Spawn. And now you're going to want to smoke this for your teammate, you can put a trophy down but that's up to you now the bomb planter you want to sit back in this room and hold this bottom area here behind the counter you can shut that door you know just to give you a bit of info and you're going to check that back alley as well you want to check that straight off the spawn as well and then you just want to keep sort of rotating from here to just checking the bomb briefly as well, and then the player who's with the bomb planter you just want to be looking over your teammate as he's planting, and then once you've done that you want to come inside this building and you're going to be holding down there as well as this alley top balcony as well as top AC.

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Now for the third player, you're going to just wrap straight around, and you're going to play this low corner here. You're going to be able to catch anybody off guard, so you're not always going to check this; they might if you've already used it once in the game, but you're going to hold people crossing over down low there as well, just helping out the rest of your team, and then for the fourth player, it sort of depends.

You can sort of vary it a little bit. You could actually sit in this corner here and watch from mid-air, but my personal favorite would be up on the balcony. Hold lying down here and watch anybody cross in from mid there, because if somebody does get past your teammate down in the corner of the alley, there is going to be a take him out, or you could ALS also play this sit on this head glitch here and watch anybody flanking and watching down low as well as mid, but you don't have the best of cover there and there's a few angles you can get taken out, so I would opt for this spot.

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Here, and then just a quick mention of this spot as well if you plant the bomb just on this side of a I did actually mention this in my Karachi spots, but if you come plant the bomb on the side of a close this door and then actually just peek it you can actually just see their legs if they're lying down or you could just use this for information, cuz if you planted that they're not likely going to come through bottom here but it's just a good one to get a bit of information you know if you see them cross over all you got to do is run out and then you're going to be to take them out quite nicely so that could be handy and maybe a 1 V one or maybe like a 2v2 or something that sort of situation just worth noting and having that in your sort of Arsenal ready to use in, games, now I just want to go over some ideal defensive positions.

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So pretty much you want to be rushing over to Ali, and now you want to just instantly Chow this window by a and just watch over so if somebody just holds down this area you can even sit inside of here as well just this General sort of vicinity you're going to be able to hold down a quite nicely, then your second player he's going to want to run through pillows and you can just check this with your teammate from the alley to watch anybody pushing out and then you want to go and sit in this corner down low here and now you're going to watch anybody push down there obviously above you is sort of open but we'll get to somebody covering that one next so for your third player, straight off of Spawn he's going to want to Chow through.

modern warfare 3 search and destroy tips

Mid, so sort of here or you could come around the other side as well and now you just want somebody sat in this corner like this you can watch anybody go top balcony there you can call out to your teammates watch anybody push a mid and you've just got this whole midsection locked down and then for the fourth player, you're going to want to come straight off of Spawn, from the other side so you'll be coming off of this roof up the ladder and now you just want to hold this sort of angle look over B you can sit in the balcony as well check the spots up top you can even Rush straight up top, and then Chow anybody come upstairs, and now if you can get all four of these positions locked down then you're going to be able to control the entire map you got every angle sort of covered as well obviously this is just in an ideal world and you may get taken out one of the players on the way to spots but just sort of adapt as the game goes on but this is just my personal sort of setup for defense if sort of in an Ideal.

Today we have a Search and Destroy guide for the map Karachi. Going over Bomb Plant Spots, Defensive Spots, Rush Routes and more! I hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more maps.
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