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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the 50+ free rewards in Modern Warfare 3 new surprise updates plus even more. Drop a like, and also as a reminder, we got plenty of brand new coverage going up over on detonated dcom, expanding on all the content you're seeing here on the channel just in the form of articles on the website and plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

We want to thank every single one of you for all the support on today's 100th episode of the Bomb Show podcast, which is linked. Up until now, there have been a lot of changes that have happened ever since then and especially some changes ever since we started the Bomb Show podcast. During, I think, Cold War season 3, I really appreciated all the love for the podcast, and it of course is going to continue, so here's to the next 100 episodes.

Unexpected announcement for mw3

Unexpected announcement for mw3

But it was also confirmed that PlayStation is now sending out messages to folks who own Modern Warfare 19 or MW2 to save up to 30% off when buying MW3 on the PS Store.

I don't believe we've ever seen an offer like this for previous Call of Duty titles, right? the ability to get a discount on a newer one from having owned previous titles in that subseries. I mean, could you imagine if they're like, Hey, you guys can get a discount on Black Ops 2024 if you own Bo4 or Cold War?

I can't imagine seeing that in the next few years, but this is definitely something interesting that might just be an offer for the holidays, considering Christmas is around the corner. Below are the comments.

New modes & playlists revealed

Now, earlier today, we got a really interesting playlist update for MW3. We'll talk more about War Zone tomorrow morning, but in regards to multiplayer, we got confirmation of what the next playlist is going to be, which is going to be dropping on Wednesday.

I think it's Wednesday, so 5 days from now we're going to be seeing a Mosit playlist featuring Afghan high-rise, meet, and even terminal, so we get one new DLC map there in that MOS pit. We're also going to be seeing All or Nothing, a confirmed LTM that we're going to be getting here in season 1; it'll probably be permanently added to some party games in MOS pit or somewhere in the quick play even after this playlist does go away, and we're also going to see The Return of Rusm, 247, of course featuring Shipman and Rust, so that again is going to be coming with our next playlist update on this upcoming Wednesday.

But today the first Mastercraft bundle also went ahead and was released inside MW3. There's quite a bit going on in the Cod scene today, and again, I'm breaking everything down in the best way that I can over the course of this weekend.

First mastercraft now live in mw3.

First mastercraft now live in mw3.

The first Mastercraft 4 MW3 did end up dropping for 2,800 Cod points. We also have the Cybercat skin as a part of this pack and three blueprints, one of which is a mastercraft for the WSP Swarm, a dual-wield mastercraft, and we of course have tracers and dismemberments as a part of this bundle.

If bundles aren't your thing, I get that. I respect it just going over because it's part of the news. I'm just a bit concerned with how many bundles over the course of this game's life cycle will end up costing upwards of 2,800 to 3,000 Cod points. Arguably some of the most expensive bundles in COD history have been in games like MW2 and now MW3, so I'm curious what that sets up for the future and how expensive bundles will eventually get.

40+ free rewards for dec & january

Upwards of like 50 plus now. I'm going to admit that about 20 of these are XP tokens, but you still rack up those XP tokens as often as you can, so from December 8th, which is today, up until I think it's like January 28th, there's quite a few CDL opportunities that I'll put on screen so you guys can see several weekends in which you can go ahead and just link your Activision account to your YouTube and go ahead and get some drops.

That's right, we're looking at a bunch of different cosmetics, from calling card emblems to loading screens, and even two blueprints that you're about to see as well, so take advantage of these while they're still available. It was confirmed, though, that CDL will be exclusively streamed on YouTube this year.

I'm not sure why that's the case, but if you guys want to get those viewership rewards, you're going to have to rely on just the YouTube connection between your Activision and your YouTube profile. There will still be twitch drops, as we'll talk about in a little bit, but in regards to CDL, it'll just be over on YouTube as a reminder as well. There will be plenty of CDL coverage over on Donated, To, and Release season 1 reloaded at some point in the middle of January.

You can now play as these skins

You can now play as these skins

A couple days ago, the CDL bundler for MW3 also went ahead and was released for about 2,000 Cod points. And again, this bundle does come with upwards of four operator skins, hence why it probably costs this much.

We also have some animated coloring cards, an emblem, and a bunch of other cosmetics there, as you can see, and it's cool that we get four operator skins: two for Ctek and two for Specr. For those out there that just want to change things up a little bit, you have access to four CDL skins now, and that's typically what we see every single year, or at least in a lot of the recent ones, and at some point relatively soon we're going to end up seeing those team packs and the team skins also end up dropping inside of the MW3.


Item shop images have already surfaced on Twitter of what all the team skins look like. We can't show them on screen for obvious copyright reasons, but they are very easy to find with a quick Google search or a quick search over on Twitter. Now, what I also wanted to go over is that the first Universal R is also making its way into modern warfare.

First universal wrap coming to mw3

So this is something that we saw added. I believe it was at the start of season 5 for Modern Warfare 2 a universal rap bundle, essentially a blueprint, that once you buy it, it'll actually auto-unlock all the attachments for that weapon, kind of similar to the point of a weapon vault except the universal wraps are a lot more viable for post-launch updates, whereas a weapon vault probably takes a lot longer for the studio to make, hence why instead of doing a weapon vault, which is like the same-looking blueprint for multiple weapons in several classes, you just get one blueprint in a bundle with interchangeable attachments that keep the same look.

I think that makes sense again for post-launch bundles. So one of these is going to be dropping; maybe in season 1 it could be reloaded; it could be season 2, but images have already surfaced online of what appears to be the first weapon vault, which is going to be a blueprint for the hogar.

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