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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the upcoming zombies event in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer limited-time vortex maps and even a way to use the ray gun inside of an LTM.

New update found for mw3

New update found for mw3

With that being said earlier today, update 1.36 was reportedly added to the MW3 database. According to the PlayStation size, I'm going to guess this patch is for the Christmas update, which is going to start next week, December 20th, for MW3. And of course, the war zone. I posted a major news round article as of yesterday here on the channel, talking all about everything you need to know so far about the upcoming Christmas event that will be inside the game.

There's actually quite a bit of content coming to every single game mode, including an in-game challenge event, plenty to look forward to as we end off the year on a bit of a bang.

All new event & animated camo

Now today, though speaking of events, we got the star of the Dune XP challenge event inside of MW3, multiplayer, and you could of course go ahead and play zombies, even War Zone, and it'll all count towards the progression of this event.

I know the Paul bundle is officially dropped, but some folks out there did buy the other one a couple of days ago when it went live prematurely via the 4 UT tab, so as of now you should be able to use both Doom bundles if you went ahead and wanted to cop those, but only using the Paul bundle will go ahead and give you a bit of an XP boost towards the progression of this event. Again, it's an XP-focused event that requires you to hit at least 213, 000 total XP to get your hands on a free animated sand camo and a bunch of other cosmetics before that, as you guys were able to see on screen.

Season 1 week 2 challenges added

Season 1 week 2 challenges added

Today we also got a brand new set of weekly challenges added to MW3. So you can do challenges with either MP zombies or war zones.

You only have to do a total of five challenges across any of those modes to count as having completed week two of the Season 1 weekly challenges, and the reward for doing at least five challenges this week is the Jack Bullseye aftermarket part, which is an iron site that could be used on a number of weapons.

It's not a conversion kit, but it's still a pretty cool attachment for those out there who love quick scoping with iron sights instead of an actual scope. Now it does look like some changes happened to where instead of getting our usual playlist updates, with some new patch notes on Wednesdays, now it looks like Wednesdays are kind of just reserved for the start of new events or even the addition of new weekly challenges, whereas Thursdays now are the days we get our playlist rotations and probably some small patch notes from Cod Up updates over on Twitter.

I'll keep you guys posted with exactly everything that gets added as of tomorrow since we know we are going to be getting several new healthy playlists into MW3, Multiplayer. Now if you're looking to buy some of the MW3 promo rewards, like the ones for Monsters or Little Caesars, or if you need camo grinding assistance, check out u4gm with the link down. Below.

Season 1 reloaded start date teaser

Season 1 reloaded start date teaser

But according to the in-game battle pass timer, the classified sector does open up on January 17th, which is reportedly the start of season 1 reloaded for MW3, and even worse. Zone is a bit different from how everything worked last year since MW2 season 1 started in mid-November and season one reloaded dropped with the Christmas update in mid-December.

It's a bit different this time around, which I think is actually better in MW3, since there isn't going to be much of a drought from the moment developers go on holiday break until the moment they get back to work on Season 2. Season one reloaded seems to be at least somewhat finished to the point where we're going to get a lot of content added towards early to mid-January, probably some other stuff in between as well with our weekly challenges playlist updates, and all that will then lead us into season 2, which is going to be in early February.

The new vortex ray gun mode in mp


Now I'll be posting a full news roundup about season one reloaded in the next couple of weeks, but With the mid-season One update, we're going to be seeing something called Vortex, a brand new LTM added to MW3 multiplayer, and this does involve the use of the ray gun. I'm not kidding; for the first time ever, a ray gun will be usable inside of Call of Duty multiplayer.

Now that I was bringing this up just a little while ago on the podcast, I was like, you know, Sledgehammer absolutely killed it with special in-game events during World War II 2017. I would love to see how they do that again here with MW3, especially with the inclusion of a Trar Zombies mode fully integrated into this game.

Let's see some wacky cool zombie ltms on the multiplayer side of things. So what's really funny is that as of a couple of days ago, with the launch of season 1, the ray gun did get added to MW3 files as a multiplayer weapon. Now that's clearly because of the upcoming Vortex LTM that we'll talk about in a second, but cheaters ended up forcing loading that ray gun into online public matches.

Early multiplayer ray gun gameplay!

Early multiplayer ray gun gameplay!

And yeah, people were dying from the ray gun before they'd even announced the Vortex LTM. They've teased it in a recent blog post, but no further information has really been officially provided about how this is going to work, and luckily, updates fired back by saying players illicitly accessing the ray gun in multiplayer will now inflict self-damage upon use.

It's absolutely hilarious. I mean, instead of just removing the weapon from the game's files or for multiplayer, they want to keep that in to ensure that we get a smooth launch for the Vortex LTM. They've just made it to the point where players out there get absolutely trolled for using it early, which is a great move on their end.

Exclusive preview of vortex coming soon

modern warfare 3

But aside from that earlyish gameplay that has surfaced of the ray gun being used in multiplayer, what's really interesting is that a couple of weeks ago at a private capture vanent at Sledgehammer, creators got to record early gameplay for season 1. I believe according to a lot of creators that already posted some of their articles about the season 1 maps and weapons, they also got to play the new Vortex mode, so they already got to play on the three Vortex maps with the ray gun, and they're not able to actually share that gameplay until an embargo lifts.

I'm going to guess Embargo will launch early next year, right before the launch of season one reloaded on January 17th. Maybe a couple days before that, they'll be able to share their gameplay of this new experience. Unless this experience doesn't drop with reloading, I'm sure that it will, although it is a big enough update to drop it on its own.

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