News - This Smg Makes Warzone 2 Feel Like Warzone 1. Best Vaznev Class Setup For Ashika Island

ashika island

In my opinion. I would say movement because, in general. War Zone 2 is a little bit slower all around, from movement speeds aimed on size to sprints to firing, it's all a bit slower, so I wanted to build an SMG that fell faster like Horizon One did, and I think I accomplished that with this avasnev.

SMG build, and honestly. I had one of the best games I've ever had in Version Two with it. Now, there's a lot of talk about what's the best SMG. Now, the fennec just got its second nerve, and this is the updated time to kill based on true game data on the blue line here. The lockman sub is just barely faster than the Vasnab vast numbers in red, but I just want to point out the difference is extremely minimal, and the vasov actually does have slightly better range compared to the lockman, but what really separates the vasov?

from the Lochman sub is that faster sprint to fire time, and we can give it this really fast sprint to fire, but it still has a super low recoil, and it's super easy to use, so there are three main attachments that are going to make this feel really fast, and that's going to be number one, the FSS Olav laser for faster ads and faster sprint to fire times; the true attack grip is going to help again with the same stuff; and then lastly, the sling.

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I'm using this new broadside. FCT, stock, and this is from the new broadside shotgun. If you don't have this one unlocked or leveled up, visit the marquee. R7 stock is nearly identical; you could really go either here or there, but I think the broadside has a little bit more benefits. Next, we're going with the 45-round mag; unless you're playing the solos, the 45 is an absolute must, and then lastly, for the muzzle.

I'm going with something a little bit different, the spiral V-3.5 flash hider. This is going to help a lot with recoil, but it gives us a little bit less of a penalty when it comes to our aim-down sight speed time because this gun already has low recoil as is, so I really like this combination. Now, quick heads up, in the second gameplay.

best class ashika island

I actually used a red dot or the blue dye I took off the stock for that, and I actually liked it a lot, but I will say this stock makes the gun feel a lot snappier overall, so for the most part. I think the stock's a better way to go. I'm just absolutely finessing and outplaying teams with this Vasna build, and this is definitely my best close-range game I've ever had.

So try this build out; it is a ton of fun, and like I said, it just feels more fluid like Warzone One SMGs.

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