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Season three of Warzones is here. If you're new to the channel, consider it. Let's jump into the loadouts that you should be using now before we get into the no-nonsense of what you should be using with weapon builds. What changed exactly for the sake of some of our weapon pools?.

What weapons were adjusted in the season 3 update?

What weapons were adjusted in the season 3 update?

One of the big things was the explosive ammunition changes, where the weapons of the Victus XMR. McPr300, and FJX Imperium can all one-shot players to the head now, so the one-shot meta is kind of back, but beyond that, notable weapons for changes include, on paper, the nerf of the ISO Hemlock spoiler, alert, it's still really good, and the buffs to the STB-556.

In all areas except for the mid-range damage, the decrease in the attack 56 headshot multiplier further decreases the rpk kicking it while it's down, and the headshot decreases to the Vel and Vasnav, so what? We have a few weapons that are now in our top 10 that weren't before, but your strong contenders are still very strong contenders, so you'll see a lot of familiar builds here with this if you've followed along since, well, kind of the launch of War Zone 2 in November in some cases, but this update didn't knock too many weapons out of contention but instead made more weapons viable by bringing the outliers closer to the pack of weapons, so a lot of the long range fights don't feel all that great Earth rifles anymore and such by comparison, but when you compare the ISO from season two to season three overall.

The best iso hemlock loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The best iso hemlock loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

Individually, on that, it's a situational difference that will be noticed in only some scenarios, so that said, let's start with the ISO since we were just talking about it. It's still a great choice for your arsenal. For the ISO, Hemlock, I'd recommend the Harvinger D20 and the Fielder T50.

The 45-round mag, the Phantom grip, and the Amop V4 are still, honestly, some of the best pickup and used weapons you can end up using within War Zone 2 within the season, but that'd be the build that I would recommend next to the Vel46.

The best vel 46 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

Is still one of my preferreds within War Zone 2, especially for close quarters engagements, but even though the Vel ended up having some headshot decreases, it can still absolutely get the job done just because of that fire rate and the mobility to forge you, but for this I'd recommend the VLK laser 7 milliwatt and the Lockshot KT 85.

The X10 drop grip, the Schlager soldier grip, and the demo RXT stock—that's a build we've talked about before but one that I will still stand by then.

The best vaznev-9k loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

For other close-quarter situations, the vasnav, 9K still again, is pretty good. Yes, the Velot did have a headshot decrease, but it was kind of minimal in that regard.

You're not going to notice it too much, but it's still a great weapon that you can end up using in regards to close-quarters engagements. For this, I'd recommend the FSS OV laser, the Casone 381, and the 45-round magazine.

The best stb 556 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The best stb 556 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The Markiv R7 stock and the true tack grip, along with Now that we've seen those weapons before, one that is a bit newer here in the introduction is that I'm still not entirely sure where I fall with this in regards to top 10 placements. As always, when we discuss these, there's not really anything definitive.

One to ten listings: I think this is probably one that has made its way into the top ten, but it might not be a top five weapon per se just yet. I'm still ironing out my preferred build here, which this but that being the STB556. Again, I see on paper quite a few bumps to the weapon itself, but for this, I'd recommend the 24.4-inch Bruin S620 barrel.

The Edge 47 grips the 42-round magazine. Unfortunately, that's still the maximum you'll end up getting. You have the single-tap mod, but that only takes it down to 10 rounds. The Bruin q900 grip and the Amop V4 optic now this felt good in medium to close range but does not really hold up over distance too much also again 42 rounds at Max becomes a semi-hindrance, so it's one that is definitely I think making its way into it here but maybe like at an eight, nine, or 10 position but it's a new welcome face I think to The Meta overall next , espresso from the future here is going to drop something in while editing I actually want to throw in an M4 class I realized I didn't do this here looking back and editing it through and it's honestly a weapon that is very good and statistically speaking, the average Put this above the ISO Tac 56 and the STB now, so honestly.

The best m4 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The best m4 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

This one was kind of a sleeper, but looking back at it, it's pretty solid for this. I'd recommend the amount for the Hightower 20-inch barrel. The Harbinger, D20, and the F-Tac Ripper 56 underbarrel and the 60-round magazine Try this one out; it's flying onto.

The best taq-56 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The radar went a little bit beyond that, going back to some familiar faces.

The TAC 56 is still a great weapon here, even though we did see that headshot decrease. For this build, I'd recommend the 17.5-inch Tundra Pro Barrel, the Echolus 80 muzzle, the 556 High Velocity ammunition, the 60-round mag, and the FSS Combat grip.

The best chimera (sniper support) loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The one that I've been playing around with a lot here since the update is one that is a phenomenal sniper support weapon, that being the Chimera, one that still can get the job done in close quarters but also can challenge those mid-range engagements.

Of course, if you're taking a sniper and using it as sniper support, you're going to have those long ranges covered if you are accurate, so for this build. I'd recommend the 10 inch SA Phoenix Barrel. The lockshot KT 85, the Edge 47, the 45-round magazine, and an optic of your choice if you want to play for a bit more long range You can end up using something like the Amop V4, but if you want to play for something a bit closer, you can use the Kronen Mini Pro.

I will say that one thing that I have been playing around with a little bit is taking off that lockshot KT 85 muzzle and changing it out for that d37 grip for a little bit more recoil control. Your handling is barely touched by this, but it offers a little bit more control if you need to challenge something medium- to long-range, but again, interchangeable.

In that regard. I definitely recommend.

The best pdsw 528 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The best pdsw 528 loadout in warzone 2.0 season 3

The Chimera, though, but next I want to talk about one that, because of the Vel and because of the Vasnev and Nerfs here that we ended up getting, shines a bit brighter than it did before. It was definitely an option in season two, but I think it's now absolutely one of the main contenders for the SMG.

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